LOTRO walks to Mordor this month in sixth expansion

LOTRO Mordor

It takes a long time to travel to Mordor. 10 years, apparently, because a decade after MMO The Lord of the Rings Online [official site] released it’s getting its sixth expansion, transporting players into the shadow of Mount Doom.

It’s a big one, too, adding more than 300 new quests and a new allegiance system through which you can align yourself with one of the factions trying to get a grip on Mordor. It’s out 31st July.

It will cost you £29.99/35,99€/$39.99 to tack it onto the free-to-play main game. Which is quite a lot of money for an expansion, if you ask me – although it’s the same price as the last expansion, Helm’s Deep, which came out in 2013.

There are two more expensive versions that will net you a new High Elf race, extra character slots and exclusive cosmetics – have a gander at them here.

You’ll be able to buy the expansion from the in-game store, but only after an update due this winter. That’ll cost you 2495 LP, and 1000 LP for the High Elf race.

It’s always been a game I’ve been curious about but never played. It’s got very positive reviews and a massive, massive world map, but the prospect of starting something that big from scratch terrifies me. This is probably more one for those who already have the game, and just want more of it.

I can’t offer you a trailer, but I can offer you an hour of gameplay from Mordor, posted on the game’s official YouTube channel late last month:

Fans of the game, will you be walking to Mordor?


  1. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Fan would be a strong word, but I did really enjoy my time questing from humble origins to Rivendell, via Bree, Hobbiton and a variety of beloved LOTR locations. I always loved the scale of the thing. It took time to travel from one area to the next in a way modern open world’s skip through. Reaching key locations like Weathertop felt like genuine achievements. Rivendell was such a goal that having reached it I lost touch.

    Seems entirely fitting it took 10 years to add Mordor. I’m sorely tempted to dive back in and head my Aragorn-esque hunter in that direction.

  2. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    I wonder if my six years dormant account is still there

    • GenialityOfEvil says:

      Probably, mine was. I stopped playing after it went free to play. My entire kinship just kinda melted and I couldn’t be bothered to find another one. Didn’t like that they forced existing players to buy all the areas again either.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        I’m able to log into their website and it looks like the account’s intact. Going to download the client and check on my characters.

        My favorite thing about this game (besides being LOTR) is the way playing instruments works. Had a lot of fun jamming out with other players.

        • Sparkasaurusmex says:

          So after downloading and installing I’m running into error after error trying to get the client to run. On a good note I was able to find my old characters and transfer them to a new server for free. I don’t know how much effort I’ll put in to attempting to fix the problem with my install, though. I’ll try to download through Steam instead of the Turbine website and see if that helps. (Currently, after fixing a few other problems, I’m having “Game error 201” pop up when I click Play in the launcher)

  3. dylan says:

    I had no idea this was still going, but I had a ton of fun playing the lute outside of the Prancing Pony back in the day. They did a terrific job bringing LotR to the classic “theme-park” model of MMO, and if I had even a small chance of enjoying that genre anymore, I’d probably return to this game first.

  4. Banyan says:

    For those who just want to try, the hobbit starting area from the Shire up to the Old Forest and Bree, is about a most perfect experience for someone whose first experience with Lord of the Rings was obsessively reading the books. There is friggin’ quest from Tom Bombadil to gather flowers for the River-Daughter, which takes two minutes and caused severe nerdgasms.

    • Gomer_Pyle says:

      Man, that sounds awesome! Maybe I should give it a go …

  5. daver4470 says:

    It’s a very pretty game. The mechanics are all pretty well-thought-out, although questing is more complex (and sometimes confusing) if you’re used to the relatively straightforward WoW model. It used to be a lot worse, though…

    The main negative to the game is that there was a major schism when the game went FTP several years ago; the changes and the influx of… ahem… certain types of players drove a lot of the oldtimers who had been there since launch away. And class balance leaves something to be desired. And it’s ten years old, so the eye candy in the older regions can be a bit dated.

    But it’s really a very, very detailed and well-made LOTR experience for fans of the books. A lot of really nitpicky and detailed lore is in the game, and most of it is actually true to canon. As it’s now free, there’s really no reason to not check it out to at least see if it’s your cup of tea.

  6. Creeping Death says:

    Recently got back into the game. Played it from launch then dropped it around the time of rohans addition. Considering my character is only level 82 I’ll be waiting until winter to grab the Mordor expansion with LP as it’ll probably take me that long to work through all the content (and I have 30000 LP spare, may as well use it for something)

  7. Imperialist says:

    FYI even the base version of the expansion gives you a boosted character, to 105 i believe. So as a newbie, jumping in you CAN get in on the Mordor action.

    LOTRO is an interesting beast. Its an old school MMO that has retained most of its old-school elements. The scenery is, imo, some of the best in the genre (at least, starting around Mines of Moria). The zones have such a feeling of scale.
    With the new avatar update, at least character models will look acceptable for 2017, and i think they plan to move to a 64 bit client and update some of the animations and sound effects.
    $39.99 USD is generally par for the course as far as xpac prices go, and looks worth the price to me. Legion upped WOW’s expansion price to a staggering $60, and arguably has meaningful content worth half of that.
    Its a long road if you start from level 1, but i personally think the journey is quite worth it.