What are we all playing this weekend?

Is this week at Saturday already? They grow up so fast…

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: I’m going to spend some time with grappling fest Fire Pro Wrestling World. The plan is to create a stable of RPS wrestlers and then lead them to glory against the best that the independent circuit has to offer. Graham “The Hammer” Smith will be our leader.
Alec: I’m sticking with Iron Crypticle, the highlight of this week’s Unknown Pleasures. It’s exactly the kind of game that fits into the small gaps between taking a child to birthday parties and picnics in the park and explaining to them that we can’t actually do any of those things because it’s bloody raining again. DID YOU KNOW: if you already own Iron Crypticle’s predecessor, Iron Fisticle, you get it as a free upgrade. Check yer Steams!
Alice: I shall be Plunking that Bat, same as every weekend. My wrist is caning after a week at the keyboard but I’m too damn foolish to stay away. I quite fancy being up some hills in the rain too, and this weekend looks set to deliver that opportunity.
Brendan: I’m still building my underwater space castle in Subnautica. I have something called a “Moonpool” now and I intend to look at it long and lovingly. I might go deeper into some jellyfish caves, where I will suffer an intense and insufferable unease in search of small bits of shiny metal.
Graham: I’ll be playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, no doubt, by hopping in for cheeky games before bed. I love it so much. But I’ve also installed a handful of other games that I’ve been meaning to try from across the past year – Little Nightmares, Inside, Mafia 3, Edith Finch – and one new game, Edmund McMillen’s just-released platformer The End Is Nigh. I hope I like one of them.
John: [John is fired, of course. He always is. I’m starting to think he tries to get fired as the weekend nears so he can skip having to write this. He always comes crawling back pleading for his job on Monday morning so, really, it’d be a lot easier to simply tell me WPAPWPWAPWPAWPPTYWT. -ed.]
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing Football Manager 2017. I should also visit the lumber yard. If there’s time I will try to fit in a spot of assessing some ancient Greek statues.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Ghostwise says:

    I may be able, potentially, hypothetically speaking, to make some progress in Grim Dawn. I think I’m almost at part #4. As a guess.

  2. dangermouse76 says:

    Going Skyrim SE but choosing the heavy armour 2 handed only route this time. Never done that before. But also I never take a companion, so this time I’m bringing a mage along that I met near Dawnstar.

    I had a great moment with where an Orc comes running straight at me axe raised and screaming for blood.

    I get my sword half way up in the air and out of nowhere an ice bolt flies past my ear and slams the Orc up against the wall dead.

    So we are good friends now.

    • brucethemoose says:

      I was thinking about Skyrim SE, but apparently SKSE STILL isn’t out for it yet. That means the modding community hasn’t really unified behind it, and after so long (when alot of prominent modders are already gone) I’m not sure it ever will :(

      Technically I’m in the middle of a Fallout 4 playthrough, but now none of my auto or manual saves from the past few hours will even load, and I’ve gotten tired of shooting in the dark trying to figure out why.

      Bethesda Game Studios, please implement a crash log in the next big release… For God’s sake, if anyone’s games need it, it’s yours.

      • Ghostwise says:

        Are you already using the bLoadDebugInformation=1 string and so on and so forth in the .ini ? (assuming it still works in FO4).

        • brucethemoose says:

          Oh don’t even get me started:

          forums. nexusmods. com / index. php?/ topic / 5704802-constant-interior-system-freezes-tried-everything

          (Just remove the spaces. Thank the spammers.)

          But yes, I use all the debugging ini toggles. That’s just for papyrus though, doesn’t help if some other part of the game is causing CTDs or freezes (which seems to be the case).

          So the last thing that happened (and isn’t mentioned there) was discovering and running around Institute for a few hours, problem free. This only works at 1080p, entering it at 1440p gives me random system hangs.

          So I tried to load several saves from there… And now the game refuses to load anything from inside that place. Tried it once with a vanilla game and a default all-low ini, still wouldn’t load.

          I’m pretty confident dropping to 720p or tediously scrubbing a save would do it, but frankly I’m tired of wasting hours troubleshooting the game.

          • Ghostwise says:

            IME the best way to enjoy Beth games is to spend hours choosing, comparing and installing mods. Then never play the game.

          • brucethemoose says:

            Yeah, the mod shopping is the best part.

            And that’s exactly what happened last time I tried Skyrim.

      • Harlaw says:

        SKSE not being out yet is not so much a sign of the modding community not having unified behind Skyrim’s Special Edition (though yeah, there is some fracturing going on due to the Creation Club news among other things) as the – really small! – team working on SKSE being swamped by their real-life jobs among other things.

        I think Special Edition is worth trying out. Most mods which didn’t require SKSE have been ported over, as well as some which did require SKSE but which had that part of their functionality stripped from them (Chesko’s survival mods come to mind). At this point I’d take a good look at your mod list for Classic, see which mods haven’t been ported yet that you really can’t do without, and weigh whether the lack of them would impact your gameplay enough that you’d sorely miss them.

        I’ll probably be making the (semi-permanent? Maybe) switch over to SSE myself, once Beyond Skyrim: Bruma’s SSE version is out.

        • brucethemoose says:

          Oh no, I don’t blame the SKSE team or anything, nor do think they’re intentionally delaying it. I was just saying the fact that the wonderful extender exists for one and not the other has created a little disunity.

          Cool, I may try it then. But I still need a cooldown after my Fallout 4 issues.

          • Harlaw says:

            Oh, yeah, I get that. There are definitely a few mods I’ll miss in the Special Edition. Losing stuff like SkyTweak and Legacy of the Dragonborn is gonna hurt, for example. But at this point I’m willing to take the hit for SSE’s reduced hassle in getting a modded game stable.

            I’ve never played any of Bethesda’s Fallout games actually, though if they have half as many issues as the TES games I can imagine the frustration. :p I did pick up Fallout 3 and Fallout NV from GOG though; I might give those a go, once I’m in the mood for some post-apocalyptic fun.

          • brucethemoose says:

            Both are great. Ironically, both take themselves a little less seriously than TES in fun way. NV in particular has some great writing (whereas 3 has that great BGS environmental detail).

            The base gameplay is also better than TES, IMHO, but obviously all that goes out the window when you start piling mods onto either.

      • dangermouse76 says:

        No SKSE is a bummer, but I usually only add stuff that does not need it.
        I have the original installed as well for the Bruma mod.

    • JakeOfRavenclaw says:

      It’s Skryim SE again for me too this week. Currently playing a summoner mage, which I hadn’t done before. Being able to sneak around spamming minions into rooms full of enemies feels pretty great. Also I’d forgotten how damn weird the College questline is; at one point a character stops time in order to tell you to go talk to the big glowing ball of light that lives in the basement (where you can also summon a pirate dremora who will give you a map pointing to his treasure…This game is great).

      Also getting some Brand Synergy going on with Elder Scrolls Legends. As I mentioned in the review thread this is my first CCG, and I’m really having fun with it so far. One of those times where I’ve been like “Oh, *this* is why people love these games,” as some crazy plan comes together at the last minute and I somehow snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat.

      • Premium User Badge

        subdog says:

        Conjuration gets so ridiculously broken once you can call out double dremora lords. It honestly gets sort of boring at that point.

        • dangermouse76 says:

          Combined with raise the dead and a companion in tow.

          Ridiculously broken…. Or hilariously entertaining?

  3. Captain Narol says:

    Hex, Eternal, Magic Duels, Hearthstone, Shardbound, Smite Tactics, Warbands Bushido.

    Still trying to figure which ones I prefer and will focus on the long run as I clearly don’t have the time to grind them all everyday…

    • malkav11 says:

      Hex is the best of the lot in my opinion. And the new set’s added quite a few interesting mechanical wrinkles.

    • welverin says:

      You won’t be playing Magic Duels for the long run, WotC announced a few weeks ago they won’t be supporting it any longer.

      After a week focusing on reading and a week being sick, I’m back to playing Breath of the Wild.

      p.s. Limber yard?

    • Captain Narol says:

      Indeed, Hasbro/WOTC shamelessly dropped adding new content to Magic Duels. However servers are still running and I have cards yet to collect so I am enjoying it while it last.

      IMHO, it’s a better game that MtGO with a format of its own and I’m quite angry at WOTC for dropping it, that’s why I am exploring competitors by now.

      Eternal and Hex are currently my favored options for the future.

      Eternal, like Duels, has a very player-friendly economic model and you can collect cards fast just by playing, that’s cool. You can even play draft (and keep the cards !) using in-game money !

      Hex has more content but a also a far more expensive economic model… The strong points of Hex are its great PvE campaign (shandalar-style !) that you can play for free and it has regular sealed format tournaments (Pay-To-Enter), which is my favored format.

      However, the ranked constructed PvP in Hex is too much Pay-To-Win for my taste as the game is not generous in free cards…. I spent a lot of money on Magic cards in my past and I don’t want to do the same again for any game.

      There is also Shardbound, that is still in alpha state by many aspects but already more interesting than Smite Tactics in a similar niche. I really dig the mix of Turn-based tactical combat on a battlefield with traditional CGG mechanisms so I’m gonna follow it closely.

  4. brucethemoose says:

    Trying to get my space/factory building fix.

    Played Empyrion for a few hours, and it isn’t doing it. Same with modded Minecraft, I just can’t find a good MP server like OTE used to be (I’m open to suggestions).

    I thought about going back to StarMade, but there’s a big ship systems overhaul in the pipe. That’s an OCD thing of mine, I hate buying/doing things that are about to receive a big update.

  5. OpT1mUs says:

    Might and Magic VI, and probably some Gwent.

  6. Herzog says:

    Rising Storm 2
    Finally getting the hang of it. Enjoy playing the sapper or shotgun class. Playing aggressive and throwing smoke for the US. Being sneaky and laying traps with the Vietcong. Tripwire together with id just make the best weapon feeling in fps gaming.

  7. turth says:

    Been playing No One Lives Forever recently and I have to ask y’all: why do you think this game is good? Because I’m at 2/3rds of the way through this game and so far I’ve experienced 1) mediocre gunplay, 2) mediocre stealth, 3) occasionally sprawling, frustrating levels (with no map!) and dialogue that self-indulges a little *too* much.

    The story and characters are fine but everything else seems like a half-baked Deus Ex.

    • Ghostwise says:

      Because we know better than you, and we look incredibly cool in our designer clothing, daring haircuts and young chiselled bods.

    • fish99 says:

      I seem to remember the gunplay being decent back when it was released, but time moves on and it’s 17 years old now. It’s mainly the story/characters/humour/music that made it good though, and I seem to remember the levels being quite interesting and surprising in their variety.

      It doesn’t need a map though.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      I wish I could hug you right now, was feeling so lonely hating this game alone in the past week.

      I too am playing NOLF in this weekend (NOLF 2 specifically), but my god, the first one is almost awful; the stealth is non-existant, the AI is the worst possible (enemies detecting you behind cover, with magic eyes on their backs), the gadgets are useless most of the time, and the majority of said gadgets you only unlock AFTER a level that they could have been useful.

      You said it is a half baked Deus Ex, well, I agree; also, it’s a poorman’s Goldeneye 64.

      I have three tips for you: first, NOLF2 is better; the stealth still sucks, and the AI is still infuriating as hell, but the gunplay and gadgets are better; second, play it as a shooter, ignore the flawed gadget and stealth system entirely; third, tossing coins to divert enemies attention is useless, as in most games where you toss rocks to try and achieve the same outcome.

      • Unclepauly says:

        You’re still lonely though, and yes NOLF 2 is awesome.

    • malkav11 says:

      The writing is the main draw at this point, but some of the systems stood out back in the day and of course there just aren’t a lot of goofy 60s spy games out there.

  8. Minglefingler says:

    Dark Souls. Should kill Seath today and the Four Kings are already down so I guess I’m not a million miles from the end. Although I still have to do the dlc. I’ve never finished a Souls game, a state of affairs which I resolved to fix after finishing my last run in Bloodborne. I’m now considering whether to jump into Dark Souls 2 when I’m done with the first game but surely three of these in a row would be madness? And I were were to do that then I know that the part of my brain that hates me would start to whisper about Dark Souls 3 being next.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      Dark Souls usually grows on everyone after you kill Capra Demon. The game doesn’t get harder than that, and it actually gets better. I’m sure you’ll finish it!

      And no, there is no madness in playing all three in a row, actually the franchise tastes better if you do that! I strongly recommend!

      • fish99 says:

        OnS and Manus are definitely harder than Capra Demon. Probably Four Kings and Artorias too. Once you kill the ads, Capra should be straight forward.

        • Vandelay says:

          The problem with the Capra isn’t that he is hard, it is that it is a poorly made and unfair fight. Having him alone in that narrow alley is bad enough, but chuck in a couple of dogs that easily stagger you within seconds of passing the fog gate makes it one of the few moments in the game that argue against the regular mantra of Dark Souls being harsh but fair.

          Having said that, I only recently realised that dashing with your shield up means you can roll rather than accidentally jumping, making the run to the stairs at the start of the fight a little less reliant on luck. The fact that you have to run to the stairs at the start of the fight is still ridiculous though.

          • fish99 says:

            Sure you can die getting to the stairs, but within a few goes you should make it, then lead Capra up the stairs, wait, drop off, kill dogs, then it’s straight forward. You can even get drop attacks on Capra IIRC. It’s a fight about keeping your cool and observing the environment.

            People get stuck on OnS for hours.

          • Fnord73 says:

            If you have invested in pyromancy and healing, then Capra is not so hard, burn the dogs and roll. Or magic. Or firebombs. Or even arrows. But he is hell if you only have melee.

      • geisler says:

        Not sure i agree in my case. I’ve played all the games to almost 100% completion (missed some optional bosses in DkS III). Once I’m done with one Dark Souls game, that’s it for me that year, i get pretty much burned out. In the case of DkS II (i hate to jump on the hate bandwaggon here) I’m done with that forever, won’t ever touch SotFS for a 2nd playthrough. The itch to play the first one again is always there though.

    • floogles says:

      I take a big break after finishing a souls game because: I’m exhausted, I’m still obsessed, nothing else excites.

      But I slowly realise other games are in fact good, and then eventually get the souls urge again. For me it’s better this way, because then I can experience souls-ecstasy all over again without burning out on it.

  9. second_hand_virgin says:

    Grinding endlessly in Neon Chrome (and trying to find a new soundtrack for this game), relaxing in Hard West.

    • keefybabe says:

      Play some Peturbator in the background, or some Garth Knight.

      • second_hand_virgin says:

        Actually light techno works it’s magic, I’ve made beautiful mayhem from 1 to 22 level to the beats of one and only Ikonika: link to youtube.com

  10. Harlaw says:

    I might finish up my first playthrough of The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion this weekend. I’ve explored all of Toussaint and done all of the sidequests except the last bit of Wine Wars, so all that’s left is roll through the rest of the main story.

    But because having no more Witcher left would make me sad, I might just play Shadow of Mordor instead. Picked it up last week after trying it in the free weekend and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The story is pretty basic and watching paint dry would be more interesting to me than Talion’s character – a dude motivated by the tragic deaths of his wife and kid, now where have I seen that before? /s – but killing orcs turns out to be lots of fun.

  11. caff says:

    Else.heartbreak() and Divinity Original Sin which hope to complete before number 2 comes out.

    However, I’ll probably end up playing Rocket League a lot and forgetting the above.

  12. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Finally getting around to Firewatch. Going to use it to try and get used to the Steam Controller I bought on a whim. Maybe some Hitman too.
    Definitely some Son O))) at the Ritz later.

  13. Kreeth says:

    Japanese weekend for me: Nier Automata on pc, Tokyo Mirage Sessions and/or Xenoblade Chronicles X and/or Paper Mario Colour Splash with my daughter on Wii U depending on what we feel like on a rainy afternoon.

    They’re all fantastic games btw

    • Grim_22 says:

      I absolutely adore Xenoblade Chronicles X, but there’s no other game that embodies the word ‘contradiction’ as it does. At the same time it manages to be the most beautiful and the ugliest game ever, the soundtrack is both the best I’ve ever heard and just absolutely abysmal, and the story is so bland and generic yet have these absolutely amazing moments.

      God, I have to play it again. Ugh.

  14. fish99 says:

    Same as last week. Finished the Forza 6 main career and nearly finished the Porsche DLC stuff, but that’s still a small percentage of the content on offer, so I’ll be carrying on with that.

    I do want to dive into The End is Nigh and The Infectionus Madness of Doctor Dekker though, and I still have Witcher 3, Bloodborne NG+ and Gears of War 3 in progress/on the backburner.

  15. Sic says:

    Graham, how did you fare with Caveblazers? When did you stop playing (if you ever did)? Did you finish it?

    I just wanted to say, I had the exact same experience as you had. I found it filled with potential, but extraordinarily flawed. But, after playing it ~24 hours total, something finally clicked.

    I still find it filled with potential, but extraordinarily flawed; now, however, the weight has shifted, sitting squarely on the former characteristic.

    I think what changed was that I got good enough to consistently get down to around level 5, at which point our hero is really starting to fill his coffers with proper loot. This is where the item system starts to shine.

    The biggest flaw of the game is that it doesn’t properly balance the difficulty in the early levels. It takes a good while to muster the skill to push through the early plodding of the surface levels, not to mention to understand all the bosses (which, apart from Medusa, are actually quite easily beaten, given an OK ranged weapon).

    Even though I don’t feel threatened in the early levels to the same extent as before, I still feel it’s missing just a tad more relevant items. It’s a bit too adamant about everything being RNG. It would have benefited from a treasure class system, and adding a few more chests with guaranteed items in them in the first two levels.

    There are other flaws, of course, but the main thing, for me, is that it gets a lot more fun the more one gets to properly interact with all the systems it has for making your character better. Blessings, items, blood shrines, it all meshes at a certain point, namely when you have a lot of it. That doesn’t happen until a bit later in the game. It should be a lot easier getting to that point.

  16. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    Antihero and I’m Zeusing an Arma 3 Gendarmes mission (no mods req but does require Apex) on Sunday evening (7pm BST). Speaking of which happy to have additional players. Steam group Delta14Arma.

  17. Lumière says:

    Prison Architect, another run one year later. It’s amazing how they continue to improve this game over the time, at this moment I have 70 hours of game and still there are things to discover.

    • poliovaccine says:

      Really, though! I used to looove The Escapists, but wished it had some aspects of Prison Architect (namely the more intuitively parseable/evident systems – The Escapists could sometimes be guesswork unnecessarily). I also used to looove Prison Architect, but wished it had some aspects of The Escapists (namely the single-player prison break mode). At some point, that straight up happened. The two games mated, and The Escapists proved to be the recessive gene of the bunch, and now Prison Architect has officially made it obsolete. They really do give you more game than they were obliged..!

  18. Vandelay says:

    I’m still VRing with my couple of weeks old Vive. I’m slightly regretting the purchase after seeing the price difference of the Oculus just a week later, but I definitely have no regrets about buying into VR. The experience of slipping into the headset and going to another place does not get old and every new experience is filled with more wonders.

    Yesterday, I tried out a couple of VR short films (using with Revive) – Henry and Dear Angelica. The former was lovely. I particularly enjoyed the way it asked you to sit on the floor beforehand, just making you feel like a real kid again. The story itself was charming. It probably would of worked equally well in 2D form, but being in Henry’s little house was cool. Dear Angelic on the other hand used the VR incredibly. Genuinely one of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen. Highly recommend it. The way the drawings appear all around you is just mesmerising and I couldn’t see it working anywhere near as effectively in another medium. I hear Oculus have shut down their film making studio, which is a great shame. I hope others take up its place and continue delivering things like this.

    Gamewise, I will likely continue with Subnautica. I’ve grown to like it more over the week. There are still annoyances with its half done VR implementation, such as the UI being positioned a long way to the edges, subtitles not even being visible, text generally being unreadable (although now improved that I have download some advanced Vive settings mod that lets you up supersampling) and performance being average (I can’t stop it displaying on my monitor too, which I assume is causing quite a performance hit.) But, the sense of immersion when you dive into the water, swim through coral or find some large alien creature is still spellbinding and worth putting up with the issues.

    I still have a bit of money to spend from the voucher that came with the Vive. I’m tempted by either a space SIM (maybe Elite,) or a driving game. I don’t have any fancy peripherals though, so would only be using a controller. Any recommendations?

    I also still have my Viveport free month that I haven’t activated yet, but might hold onto that for a little bit longer.

    • Grim_22 says:

      For a space SIM in VR, there’s no game like Elite: Dangerous. Pure magic – also works great with a controller if you don’t have a HOTAS, so go for it I’d say.

  19. batraz says:

    I’ll be playing ” House party”
    Just joking, sorry ; long war 2, rookie/iron man, really, because I’m such a little man. Please don’t die, toy soldiers with silly nicknames !

    • dylan says:

      Too late; we’re all dead and you’re 30 hours into the campaign.

      Your best squad.

  20. Ben King says:

    I picked up the solitare game DONSOL by Hundred Rabbits. Those developers appear to have fallen out from between the pages of a William Gibson book fully formed. Their YouTube channel documenting their circumnavigation of the Pacific is kinda charming. I’ll spectate while my girlfriend plays Horizon Zero Dawn, then between bouts of that and dungeon solitaire I’ll be playing Subnautica again. Finally RE-DISCOVERED one of the critical locations I lost when it’s beacon vanished so I can finally get cracking on constructing a cool base. I almost want to make a house party joke as well, but… just… can’t.

  21. Zenicetus says:

    I bought the Nuka-World DLC for Fallout 4 in the recent sale, it’s the only DLC I never played. So I had to re-install F4, and find my old saves from a backup just after finishing Far Harbor. Now have to remember how everything works, and see if I want to reinstall whatever mods I was using. I’ve heard this DLC isn’t very good, but the completionist in me wants to try it anyway.

  22. Viral Frog says:

    Likely a lot of Spelunky with my oldest son. Probably some Overwatch when all three of my sons aren’t yanking me in every direction (after bed time, probably). Been meaning to get back to Caveblazers as well. I wish that had local co-op, my son would really dig it.

  23. cpt_freakout says:

    That’s a great header image!

    I might get some local multiplayer action going today (Overcooked, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, maybe something competitive), but if all goes wrong, I’m definitely going to finish War for the Overworld this weekend, which I’ve been long overdue with. If I finish it super fast, I’m gonna continue with Torment Numenera. So much stuff to play!

  24. malkav11 says:

    The big push this weekend is going to be finishing Mass Effect Andromeda. Having largely ditched sidequesting, at this point I’ve finished all the loyalty missions and colonized/100% viabilitied all the planets you can so I -think- it should mainly be a straight shot to the end with intermissions to chat w/ everybody and maybe do a few more sidequests that let me spend time with my party and crew (e.g. Movie Night) should they crop up.

    I’ll also definitely be dipping back into Hex for the usual weekly draft and perhaps some more singleplayer, and assuming I finish Andromeda, I also have Nier: Automata and Titanfall 2 and perhaps an Ubigame of some sort on the agenda. (AC4, Far Cry 3, or maybe even Watch_Dogs? I know, I know, it’s largely the same formula, but heck, it’s one that works for me.) I’d also consider putting in a level or two of Doom 2016 but I suspect that Andromeda’s going to be enough wear and tear on my arm/hand that spending hours with a FPS afterwards might not be healthy and I may tilt towards gamepad games like Nier or AC4.

  25. FlyingWhales says:

    Mostly some XCOM: EU and Furi, with maybe a bit of Factorio thrown in for some downtime between the two. I’m determined to actually finish both games, so I’m sure some destressing will be necessary.

  26. MonkeyJug says:

    Want to finish all the missions in Fire Pro Wrestling World – currently at number 31 (of 50).

    I also want to ‘git gud’ at either Caveblazers or Nex Machina and can’t decide which to persevere with.

    I’ll also be playing the game entitled, ‘Resisting The Urge to Play Dead Cells’ cos I’ve fallen in love with it, but, like Slime Rancher, I want to wait until it is out of Early Access before playing more of it.

    Oh, and Kopanito… Always Kopanito.

  27. GenialityOfEvil says:

    I’m replaying Human Revolution, trying to Ghost through as much of it as possible. Also just got Silent Assassin on the last Elusive Target in Hitman. Only took almost 2 hours.

  28. Gomer_Pyle says:

    Most likely War Thunder. I haven’t really plated anything else lately. Send Help.

  29. Rainshine says:

    Alternating between XCom 2 and CK2, as each one frustrates me. No enemies in sight at the start of the turn, three of my guys in overwatch mode? Fourth guy moves, by the start of my next turn two guys are unconscious, one bound, and the last one panicked. I guess I didn’t really want to take any more turns anyways.

    CK2 — at war, my whole pitiful 3000 man army raised. 125% on the warscore, but I can’t even surrender if I wanted to, because the guy’s ally in Russia (we’re in Scotland) or something has been invaded.
    Then my army vanishes, and I only have 250 guys left. No fight, just poof. Maybe troops desert now, I don’t know. Or maybe it has something to do with the five wars that have been simultaneously declared on me, one by a guy who loves me and his kid lives at my court.
    Anyways, silly stuff!
    Stardew, my main relaxing game, I feel like I’ve kindof finished — married, finished upgrading the community center. I think all that’s left to do is rep/gold grind?

  30. lglethal says:

    Playing Tomb Raider, really enjoying it!

    Will probably also fit in some Total Warhammer…

    Too many games, not nearly enough time to play them all…

  31. DeadCanDance says:

    Prey… always prey.

  32. Seyda Neen says:

    My modding fire has been re-lit, so I’ll be playing The Elder Scrolls Construction Set for Morrowind, working on a project I haven’t touched in two years that I’ve been on/off with since 2012. It’ll get finished this time! (it won’t)

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Best of luck to ya! And don’t forget to keep the scope manageable — I started something back in the day, then restarted it and actually got a lot of texturing work and graybox-level mesh placement done, then abandoned it forever because my plans were hopelessly grandiose and vague. It was fun, though, and I learned stuff during the process, so it wasn’t useless for me. The only mod I actually finished/released sprinkled JDooby’s towering “Pelagiad Forest” trees all over Seyda Neen (the port town; not you). Simplistic and totally inappropriate for the region, but I liked the atmosphere it lent nonetheless.

      Hope to see you post about a release one of these weekends. :)

  33. poliovaccine says:

    It’s got to the point where sometimes I post in this thread just to consolidate a plan, cus when it comes to actually staring down my library and making a decision, I… I just…. it’s too much to assimilate, it’s all I can do to keep from reverting to the fetal position and sucking nervously on my own umbilicus. I mean maybe not that bad, but apart from choosing a beer at the freezer, it’s about the hardest that I think all day.

    • nitric22 says:

      I must say I feel the weight of indecision as well. Maybe I’ll play: Right Click…”Uninstall”. Whenever my installed library climbs into double digits I feel I spend as much time viewing my Steam Library as actually in-game.

    • geisler says:

      The trick is to pick one and stick with it until it is done. I see a lot of people in these comments playing more than 5 games at once. In case of single player games, bad idea. I’m not sure how they keep track of all the stories and mechanics and actually get somewhere.

      Personally i focus on one and get it done (if it’s fun enough to finish of course), even if it takes me months.

      • second_hand_virgin says:

        it’s easy, really: one “story game” as a main course, and few “skill games” (twin stick shooters or bullet-hells prefereably, but platformers also will do) as a side dishes.

  34. geldonyetich says:

    Still working my way through Dark Souls: Prepare To Die edition.

    Last night, I finally got to the roof of Sen’s Fortress. Then the giants used giant balls of greek fire to light me on fire and kill me.

    Alright, lets try that again… oh, hey, the same black knight is up here that I met in the Undead Parish. He’s not too hard. I probably would have beat him if I didn’t choose a very bad time to drink my estus. Back down to the base of the fortress I go.

    10/10, will die again.

  35. Cyrus says:

    I’ll be finishing Ryse: Son of Rome.
    I’m having a hiatus from Witcher 3 over the summer, looking forward to continue the adventure during the early fall.

  36. Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

    I will probably still be playing Hitman on PS4. Yesterday I completed a very difficult side mission in the last level. One of the objectives was to steal some documents in the director’s office, without ever being seen doing something suspicious (and no saving allowed). It took me about 3 hours. It was very satisfying when my plan finally worked.

  37. Ejia says:

    Cookie Clicker just had a new update! So… it’s going to continue running in its own tab as it always has.

  38. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Games: Devil Daggers, ESO, and Steam VR beta fiddling, so far. To The Top and/or Superhot VR if I have time later.

    Music: The lovely, lovely theme song of the RPS Electronic Wireless Show (I could listen to noodling in that vein all day) and the sliiiiightly peppier theme of the Blender Institute Podcast, interspersed with hours upon hours of their corresponding spoken words. I’ve accumulated an unpleasantly large backlog of two podcasts, but today’s a good listening day.

  39. one of moms boy toys says:

    I’ve been playing Town of Salem, but it’s pretty frustrating at times.. Never finished Owlboy so maybe that’s my calling

  40. parsley says:

    I’d planned on playing Overwatch, but I ended up playing Ninja Pizza Girl and Burly Men at Sea instead. Nice little bits of story there.