Icons: Combat Arena wavedashes to autumn open beta

The Super Smash Bros. fans at Wavedash Games have finally announced their own Smashlike, Icons: Combat Arena [official site]. They’ve gabbed about it for ages but now we have a name, a little look at it in motion, and word that it’ll launch into open beta this autumn then be free-to-play. Icons is a platformer fighter in that Smash Bros. way, with pugilists leaping around — and trying to knock each other off — the fightfield. Here, have a peek in the first gameplay vid:

That’s Smash as far as my Unsmashed eyes can see, and Smashfans seem to think the characters seem familiar from Smash too (in moves, not look – Smash being crammed full of Nintendo characters). That’s no surprise, as several members of Wavedash Games formerly worked on Project M, a mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I suppose they’re now free to make the Smash they want without wondering if Nintendo’s lawyers will get shirty and shut ’em down. And they can do it for a living, which is nice.

Much of Icons is unknown for now, mind. Specifics of how it plays and how its free-to-play model will run are mysteries to be revealed at a future date.

You can sign up for the beta over here to register your name. Smash isn’t my style but I might sign up just so no one can steal Xx420blazedasher69xX from me.


  1. Ghostwise says:

    Hey, that’s a Skrull warrior lady, and Pip the Troll !

  2. DingDongDaddio says:

    Yikes. That art is uninspired, to say the least. Sub-Paladins levels of wannabe Pixar characters. They are stealing move sets too? That Marth knockoff can’t even get original animations? Bleh.

  3. stringerdell says:

    This looks horrible.. like someone surgically extracted every last drop of charm from the original

  4. Kyle700 says:

    Too early to release this. It looks very unpolished and early. It’s already easy to play melee on a computer using dolphin, unless this game gets much ore polish i don’t see the point

  5. Chromatose says:

    That kind of ‘stylised’ character art has been done to absolute death now. Every single esport-focused game just looks like this sanitised homogenous slurry of pastel colours and sharp contours.

    I’d say I almost miss 2006 with bald musclemen shouting at everything, but then that’s basically what every tank class is in half these games anyway, just with more pastel and less chainsawguns.

  6. Viral Frog says:

    I don’t think this game looks too early for an open beta in autumn. But I definitely don’t think it looks good. They couldn’t be bothered to really differentiate it from Smash Bros? It looks like a re-skin with no charm. I’ll stick with Rivals of Aether. May not boast a huge roster, but the aesthetic is much different, it has loads of charm, and the gameplay is similar yet different enough that it doesn’t feel like a re-skin.

  7. Xelos says:

    I missread it as Icons: Wombat Arena and was intrigued for a moment. The picture didn’t help, she looks wombat-ish enough to support that title.

  8. Truemas says:

    The animations look stiff, the sound design is just barely present and not punchy enough. The characters seem to consist mostly of clones from Smash Melee. Also i find the aesthetecis not compelling for the most part (with the one or the other exception). In its current state, it can’t match Nintendo’s polish and i see no reason why someone would want to play this over smash.

  9. ggggggggggg says:

    i hate LoL and Overwatch for making every single fucking pc game look hideous

  10. flashlight_eyes says:

    I’m a longtime competetive Super smash brothers melee player, and have to say im not very excited by this. The characters look uninspired, and are boasting move sets AND ANIMATIONS directly lifted from melee.

    Melee is great but I dont see a need to hold it as the absolute blueprint for all future games. Can’t we try new character archtypes/new mechanics? The genre is largely unexplored.

    The only game I have seen that gives me hope is “Earth Romancer”, but its been done by a small group. It includes meters from fighting games that can be used defensively/offensively. Hopefully its able to do what this game cannot.

    link to projectxamsara.com