Ys Seven coming to PC this summer

Nihon Falcom’s 2009 game Ys Seven [official site] is making the jump from the PSP handheld to PC. We’ve been slowly catching up on the series on PC, and the next one will actually launch on the same day as its western console counterparts, so it’s nice to fill in the gaps. I’ve not played any Ys but do hear good things from folks who do enjoy grinding through Japanese action-RPGs. Here, watch these teensy folks scrap:

Xseed Games say that our version will have “all the features of a modern PC release, including full HD, a smooth 60fps framerate, plug-and-play controller compatibility, and achievements on applicable platforms such as Steamworks and GOG Galaxy.”

It’s still a port of a game made for the PSP so don’t expect anything mega-fancy but hey, it’s coming and it has the number that people like. As a learned scholar, bon vivant, and citizen of the world, I myself know that 69 is the “nice” number but sure, it’s fine to get excited about 60 if you’d like.

Ys Seven is due some time this summer. Presumably Xseed Games plan to release it before September 12th, which is when NIS America will launch Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (yes, they have different publishers).


  1. wcq says:

    It’s a really fun hack ‘n’ slash action RPG with smooth gameplay and great music. The story’s nothing to write home about, though.

  2. dystome says:

    It’s crap, in a funky skillo sort of way.

  3. Pich says:

    Ys Origin is great, if you want to get into the series you should really try it.

    • Ghostwise says:

      That’s scheduled. Current projection will have me reaching that part of my backlog by 2023.

  4. Ethereen says:

    Poor Adol. How many women has he gone through now? The only one of these I’ve played is Ark of Napishtim back on PS2, but there were a few broken hearts even then.

    • SirKnightbot says:

      To be fair, Adol is usually the one breaking hearts. The only woman he pines for is Adventure.