Telltale announce more Batman, Walking Dead, and Wolf Among Us

Episodic storytellers Telltale Games have announced a trio of new seasons for some old games. More Batman, more The Walking Dead, and more The Wolf Among Us are in the pipeline. Batman’s second season will start in August while the others are expected in 2018. Click on for a blast of Taletellers gabbing about the games.

So! Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series, as it’s called, is a five-part episodic series starting on August 8th. Folks who played the first season will get to have their decisions carry over to the second. As for what it’s about, Telltale say:

“In this latest chapter, both Bruce Wayne and Batman will be forced into precarious new roles. The Riddler has returned to terrorize Gotham City, but his gruesome puzzles merely foreshadow an even greater crisis. With the arrival of a ruthless federal agent and the return of a still nascent Joker, Batman must navigate uneasy alliances while Bruce Wayne undertakes a perilous series of deceptions. Which of Batman’s new allies will you choose to trust? And how deep into the darkness will you let Bruce descend?”

I still find it so weird that Bruce Wayne ends up tangled in so many of his friend Batman’s adventures. Hey Brucie baby, maybe it’s time to find some chums who don’t hang out with thieves and murderers.

Moving into 2018, we’ll get The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – The Final Season, which they stress is a working title. It’ll star Clementine once again. Telltale’s Walking Dead games have lost their way but maybe moving towards some sort of conclusion will get their botties in gear.

Arriving in the second half of 2018 will be the yet-unammed second season of The Wolf Among Us. The first was our favourite adventure of 2014. For those who missed it, Wolfamongus is based on the comic book Fables, where fairy tale characters have fled from a war in their magical world and ended up living secretly in New York City. Wolfamongus focuses on Bigby Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf who’s become the sheriff to keep the peace and keep the secret community secret.

Telltale don’t say much about Wolfamongus 2, mostly that it “will begin a fresh story arc” and that Bigby and Snow White’s voice actors are both returning.

Less good about today’s news is the fact that some website named Rock, Paper, Shotgun only hours ago declared that it looked unlikely we’d be getting more Wolfamongus any time soon.

This is why I’m wary of information that doesn’t come from a fancy official announcement with ©s and ™s all over. Inferences that seem natural in the context of human conversation are often meaningless when the humans are puppeted by the macabre spectre of The Marketing Machine, who exists to tantalise and deceive. I should’ve known better. What a fool I am!

Still, I would happily have been proven a bigger fool if Telltale had announced a new season of Tales from the Borderlands too. I would like more of that. Sadly, it’s still but a dream – as far as anything with ©s and ™s is concerned, anyway.


  1. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    More Puzzle Agent would be nice too.

  2. Halk says:

    Unlike the other The Walking Dead seasons I’m not going to get the new one at launch, simply because I have to assume that it’ll be over after 5 hours. Not to mention that The New Frontier had more technical problems on my end than the other season combined (the combined value being 0).

  3. spacejumbo says:

    Any word on a new TT Game of Thrones?

  4. msimionescu says:

    So will we have a season 2 of Wolf or not? Alice is giving us conflicting information:

    I expect an apology for misguiding the reader.

    • Vilos Cohaagen says:

      An apology? I hope you jest. Sounds like Tellatale have been literally telling tall tales. Why would RPS or Alice apologise and what for? They’re just presenting the information as it is available.

    • W@yt00muchAcid says:

      Get a grip, yeesh.

    • Erinduck says:

      I am very sorry for the quality of your posts.

      There’s an apology for you.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    More Wolf-a-mongoose! Good. I really enjoyed that game despite being completely unfamiliar with the comic (though I’ve since picked up a few of the books). In fact, I’d say it’s my favourite Telltale game. While still pretty dark and dramatic I found it less emotionally draining than Walking Dead and also I don’t like zombies anyway so fantastical noire is more my kinda thing. Plus it had really stylish art direction and great music.

    • Crocobutt says:

      Hell yeah! Whiff A Man-Goose (stretching it!) was awesome. Noir story of popular fairy tale characters? They’re going back to the grit with it, considering old tales used to be dark and gory. They’re cautionary after all.

  6. TomxJ says:

    … and more Borderlands?


  7. demicanadian says:

    Don’t you worry. Rememeber how first Bigby game got treated like an unwanted child because they got GoT and Borderlands (iirc) licenses? It’s still going to be second class citizen. (and I do hope I’m completely wrong)

  8. Imperialist says:

    Tales from the Borderlands, in my opinion, was probably the best Borderlands game, and also the best of all of Telltale’s series.
    It just had such a beautiful mixture of character, comedy, and feels…
    Dissappointed that the perpetually dull Walking Dead and Batman series will move forward, as the former has been running the longest, and it seems the latter just came out.

    • Mandrake42 says:

      I actually liked the Batman game. While I don’t think it was the best Telltale game, it was still quite good and I liked the twists and turns they took with the Batman mythology. I honestly look forward to seeing where they take it next. Walking Dead season 3 was pretty bad though. The first season was great, the second good, but the third just felt tired.

  9. onodera says:

    More Wolfamongus! I know just the song to celebrate these news with: link to

    I must say I liked the game more than the original comic books. Bigby is somewhat of a Mary Sue in the books, I like the more troubled Bigby from the game. And of course, there’s too little unresolved sexual tension between him and Snow in the books.

    The book (the spin-off, to be precise) has one of the best moments in a comic book, though. I’m talking about Jack realizing it’s not someone else’s half-finished bowl of porridge.

  10. int says:

    Gimme some Sam, and gimme some Max!

  11. Konservenknilch says:

    I miss when they made the Sams and Maxes, and ToMI. The latter not having a sequel is apparently more the fault of Lucas/Disney, but still.

    More Wolf is nice though, loved the first one.

  12. Booker says:

    Actually the Telltale Batman is constantly rubbing me the wrong way, because they always talk about him as being these 2 people, which Batman isn’t. Batman is Batman, when he runs around as a somewhat douchy Billionaire he’s only putting up this front so he won’t be found out. So essentially Telltale even advertises that they don’t get Batman right.
    It’s actually not as bad in the game itself, but it keeps bothering me, how they keep talking about it. It’s sad, because the basic idea of Bruce Wayne doing stuff in a game without always wearing the suit isn’t bad at all.