American Truck Simulator closing Highway 1 due to real-world landslide

I like American Truck Simulator [official site] because it’s a dreamland version of the USA, one which looks a bit like the country does in movies but is quite separate from reality. This will soon change. Developers SCS Software have announced that ATS’s next update will soon close a section of its virtual Highway 1, reflecting the the real Californian landslide near Big Sur in May. If you want to haul cargo round that way in American Truck Simulator, you’ll need to take a detour.

SCS say that the virtual road’s reopening “will depend entirely on real world events”.

A section of Highway 1 actually reopened this week, shortly before SCS announced the virtual road closure. But don’t worry, accuracy aficionados: Highway 1 is still not fully open in real life, as a new bridge is still being built to the north.

No firm word on when this next update will launch.

It’s weird, this. On one hand, it is neat that SCS are updating their virtual world to reflect real-life events and I do like ‘living’ worlds. On the other, I quite like that American Truck Simulator doesn’t reflect the real world, that it is this idealised dreamy version.

I will miss Highway 1 rolling along the coast but oh, I’m sure I’ll be happy as long as every third car I pass is still a vintage convertible with tail fins. Everyone knows that most Americans drive Chryslers that seat about 20.

Update: Oh hey! Patch 1.28 has just entered open beta testing. The main feature is the double and triple trailers.


  1. Little_Crow says:

    It’s a shame they’re closing in game what is apparently a gorgeous drive.

    Was meant to be driving this route in September, the Mud Creek landslide is a real embuggerance to our plans.

    However, not as big a pain as it is for the folk who have been practically cut off by that and the Pfeiffer Canyon bridge replacement

  2. MiniMatt says:

    Top B52s referencing :)

    • Jonnyuk77 says:

      I’d laugh at that but it’s like an age defining custard pie to the mush… splat, you’re an old, old man.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Couldn’t you just drive over the landslide? The slope looks manageable enough, in videogame physics terms.

  4. MisterFurious says:

    “I like American Truck Simulator because it’s a dreamland version of the USA, one which looks a bit like the country does in movies but is quite separate from reality.”

    Yeah, in reality there’s a lot more garbage along the side of the roads.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      there’s a lot more garbage along the side of the roads.

      Look mate, I know the Yanks can be noisy and crass, but let’s not be rude about them eh? After all, it’s not their fault.
      Although they did vote for Trump, so maybe it is their fault after all.

    • oyog says:

      Are we talking New Jersey roads or Wyoming roads?

      It’s a big place. We have a lot of roads.

      Personally it’s not the trash that bothers me so much as the Pro Life billboards, though I won’t need to drive through Kansas again anytime soon so I guess that won’t be too much of a problem.

  5. Viral Frog says:

    I’ve not been playing ATS lately. I want more to see in the game. What’s there right now are all places I’ve been to in the real world numerous times, with the exception being CA. I want my home state of Utah to be introduced so I can see those beautiful mountains, forests, the great Salt Lake, salt flats, red rock arches and deserts again. I haven’t been back to Utah in over 2 years now. I’m really missing the scenery.

    • FCA says:

      I’ve only been to Utah twice, but I agree. Utah is the most beautiful state to drive through and admire the scenery.

    • gi_ty says:

      Well hello there fellow Utahn! I spent a large portion of my youth roaming over the gorgeous terrain here.Then I moved around a fair bit only to come back. It’s crazy how much you miss the vistas when your away! Nothing beats those gorgeous mountains!

  6. walrus1 says:

    ATS got boring fast and I don’t think a detour away from one of the most beautiful roads in the game will help.

    SCS needs to add some greenery and more trucks ASAP.

  7. popej says:

    We drove that road in 2014 during our honeymoon. It was good.

    That is all.

  8. defunct says:

    I lived near Big Sur in the 80s. It’s a beautiful piece of coast.