Communal Combat Mission: Turn 7

Every year The Flare Path runs a communal Combat Mission skirmish in which RPS readers attempt to outwit and outfight CM’s decidedly dangerous AI. Turns span 60 seconds and rarely go according to plan. Late-war and Eastern Front, this year’s scrap takes place in a German-held Baltic port. Six turns after leaving their deployment zone, the commenter-controlled Soviets are endeavouring to secure two bridges leading to the town centre and docks.

Flare Path, the battle-scarred OT-34 flamethrower tank, begins hurling HE at the building at p15 (The target is too far away for arson).

As the SU-76M noses into the gap at w17 it spots – and is spotted by – a stationary south-facing Pz IVG positioned between rail line and river at k11.

Two giant bony fingers – the Panzer’s 75mm KwK 40 L/48 and the SU-76’s 76mm ZIS-3Sh – turn to point at each other.

The 75mm finger stops moving first.



In the room where Batrakov crouches, dust billows and chandeliers dance.

The depleted German infantry squad on the corner at t16 decides to make a dash for the smouldering warehouse at s14. Two unfortunates are cut down as they cross the street. The rest – three men – make it.

Are the two knots of Germans that have just emerged from s14 fleeing from hungry flames or making a concerted bid to drive the Ivans away from the southern end of West Bridge? Under fire from multiple directions within seconds of leaving cover, if counter-attack is what they have in mind they’ll be lucky to succeed.

In the house at t27, the sound of chattering MP 40s stops abruptly. The enemy SMG squad has been neutralised, but one of Myshkov’s squads has lost two men in the process.

West Bridge and its environs (ETA for Batrakov’s smoke screen: turn 10).


The house at East Bridge. Company commander Gurtiev (moved northward by Yours Truly this turn) and one of Myshkov’s squads are firing on the Germans at West Bridge. In a few seconds Renko the sniper, having sneaked into position in the NE corner of the building, will begin searching the surrounding scenery for potential targets.


  1. Tim Stone says:

    Turn 8 orders here, please. Commenters are cordially invited to suggest moves for the following 7 units (a maximum of one unit per commenter)

    *BA-64B armoured car
    *Lt. Ryumin’s recon platoon (two splitable squads + HQ)
    *Lt. Batrakov (mortar spotter)
    *OT-34 flame tank
    *Lt Myshkov’s pioneer platoon (three splitable squads + HQ)
    *Renko, the sniper

    Assuming orders are forthcoming, the summary of turn 8 will appear on the RPS front-page at around this time tomorrow morning.

    • opowell says:

      Ryumin’s platoon holds position, waiting for the smoke screen and for the Eastern flank to advance.

    • xcopy says:

      Renko continues his maneuver.

    • Wilson says:

      For Myshkov’s platoon – the squad firing on west bridge can continue to do so, one squad to the NW corner of the house, 2nd floor, and one squad to attack across the street to R26. Myshkov himself move to NW corner on ground floor.

      Going to trust Renko and the T34-85 to handle the NE area.

    • Electricfox says:

      I think Comrade BAth Green Park-64B had better stay put and wait for the smoke too.

    • Rituro says:

      So much for Otto crossing the bridge any time soon. No way am I letting our last major piece of armour become Panzer fodder.

      OT-34 to hold position and provide fire support for gunning down any infantry foolish enough to remain with sight.

    • gi_ty says:

      T-34/85 move to s,28 facing northwest. Can he squeeze in between those two buildings at their corners?

  2. alh_p says:

    Eбать indeed! Swearing in foreign is ok on RPS, right? ;)

    Poor little Suchka! In retrospect, perhaps that position was too near the hot and spicy end of this kebab. What a dastardly PzIV Ausf though, fancy turning to face the action and spoiling our fun. What a rotter.

    • Stugle says:

      Since I had no real idea what that meant until I looked it up, we can consider it educational. :)

  3. Electricfox says:

    Clean up on aisle two! :S

  4. backwardsdog says:

    Batrakov wants to call in HE fire on the Krauts in the warehouse at s14.

    Continuous shelling for at least two turns after initial splash. See if we can kill them or at least keep them so suppressed that they cant set up crossfire positions with LoS to the bridge.

  5. heretic says:

    Wow… that was brutal, what could we have done better there? Should we use infantry to spot these tanks before inching forwards?

    Still, even if we know where the tank is, how do we engage? Just coming into line of sight seems to end in disaster.

    Would the correct action here have been to use the T34 to circle back from the east side and try to mark that Panzer?

    Actually no… looking at the map this was a very well placed Panzer, hardly anything we could have done it seems…

    • Tim Stone says:

      The SU-76 was a tad unlucky. It was probably a second or two from firing when it was hit (see gun position in penultimate image) and if it had arrived at w17 sixty seconds earlier it would have caught the Pz IV as it was moving east-west across j13. Easy meat.

  6. wombat191 says:

    possibly laying smoke on the pziv before getting something in position to take it out.. its a major threat and can halt the advance dead if not dealt with

    and to keep in the mood of my first post from turn 1.. everyone else left CHAAARGE!!!! :D