Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP hits open beta this summer

The promised PvP multiplayer mode for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands [official site] will arrive in autumn, Ubisoft confirmed today, and be preceded by an open beta test this summer. If rolling around invading a country with the lads isn’t enough japery for you, you’ll be able to team up to shoot a squad of four rival blokes. With the scale, vehicles, and different playstyles of Wildlands, 4v4 could be a pretty interesting prospect on a big-enough map. Unfortunately, Ubisoft have named the mode Ghost War, which has me hoping for something quite different. Still, at least they didn’t name it World War G. Here, watch this:

Or if you’d rather read Ubi’s words than watch their faces:

“In Ghost War, two groups of players will team up to take part in a four-versus-four team deathmatch experience that builds on the tactical squad play from the main game. Teams will choose from a roster of varied classes that fill specific roles on the battlefield, as they navigate large-scale, open maps and take down their enemies. Ghost War will also integrate new PvP mechanics, including suppressing fire and sound markers, to create a true military strategic, team-based multiplayer mode.”

Before all that, Ubisoft have launched a patched focused on helicopters. All helicopters now have different characteristics (speed, agility, and such), new default helicopter controls are in, take-off physics are more realistic, they should ‘splode better when they crash, and more. Check the patch notes for full info. That’s live now, launched this morning.


  1. Ephant says:

    I feel like they could make a shit-ton of money by adding a Battle Royale mode.

    • CloneWarrior85 says:

      Not that we need yet another hash of the same gametype, but i would actually enjoy an entire map dark-zone type of gameplay, maybe with a bit dark souls invasion type (random player/group invades us and tries to either wipe us (rogue), or help us).

      Since the game dmg system isn’t like division, people wouldn’t be big bullet sponges and could actually work really well.

    • renner says:

      The first time I played PUBG, I thought “this is what the new Ghost Recon should have been.” Maybe scrap the RNG looting aspect and get right down to tactical brass tacks. It would be a cool way to do to Ghost Recon what R6 Siege did for Rainbow Six.

      (I know there are some folks out there that aren’t a fan of R6’s new direction, but it might be my favorite shooter of all time.)

  2. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    8 people are very very excited.

  3. Buuurr says:

    I think this is going to be the best aspect of the game. If they do it right, it will be great. If not, horrible.

  4. Cim says:

    Can’t believe they finally added a way to aim with the helicopter’s guns. It’s almost like a real proper game now.

    • Buuurr says:

      I can’t say anything but it is going to be real awesome soon. Like, super awesome.

      • that_guy_strife says:

        Well, you can say that about any Ubisoft title from the past 10 years …

        I’m still waiting on Siege’s Ranked to get out of beta.

        • Buuurr says:

          Nah, NDA. It is awesome. The closed beta for this is fun. Real fun. When it goes open beta and then live, Wildlands is going to be loved. The PVP aspect is amazing.

  5. that_guy_strife says:

    I love that he feels he has to specify that it’s free.