The Foxer

Male Sparkuhl Bowerbirds were foxer setting long before Roman and his ilk arrived on the scene. At the start of the courtship season, these handsome electric-blue glade dwellers set about constructing elaborate woven collages with hidden themes. Objects incorporated range from the natural – feathers, flowers, seeds etc. – to the synthetic – sweet wrappers, scraps of newspaper, used condoms… Themes tend to be historical, scientific, or arts-related. Jan Hugens, a Dutch ornithologist who has been studying Amblyornis Sparkuhli for over 30 years, reckons the most successful males construct puzzles that bamboozle for at least two hours. Female Sparkuhl Bowerbirds hate to be patronised, apparently.

^ A portion of a Doom-themed hive foxer

The 127-cell honeycomb below is a fancy form of wordsearch in which every cell is used, and words can curl and zigzag but never overlap. Each hive foxer has a unique theme but Roman respects the defoxing community far too much to disclose it prior to defoxing.

*       *       *


Last week’s collage theme: Hitchcock’s Rear Window (defoxed by AFKAMC)

a Albert Canal (unsolved)
b David O. Selznick (AbyssUK)
c P-38J (Flown by Jeff and Tom Doyle during the war) (AFKAMC)
d Don’t Mind the Trunk (unsolved)
e A961 Zinnia of the Belgian Navy (AbyssUK)
f Arthur Conan Doyle (Artiforg)
g Cover of Stellar 7 (AbyssUK)
h Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks (Gothnak, Little_Crow)
i M202 FLASH rocket launcher (Stugle, Arioch_RN, Artiforg, unacom)
j VX nerve agent (JustAPigeon)
k Sgt Pepper logo (AbyssUK)
l Kelly tool (unsolved)
m (shrinking orange circles feature heavily in the climactic scene)


  1. Gothnak says:

    Some possibles:

    H9: QUEST
    I2: LIONEL

  2. Stugle says:

    Female Sparkuhl Bowerbirds might not want to be patronised, but I have no such compunction. Honeycomb Foxers are hard and leave me feeling inadequate – well, time to sit back and let the professionals go to work. :)

    • Gothnak says:

      Start with the uncommon letters like X and Q. Also, take a snipping tool copy of the foxer, and start drawing on it to see which letters have been used :).

  3. Stugle says:

    C4 could be RADIO

  4. Stugle says:

    F1 upwards spells ‘NAIVE’, which feel apropos. :)

  5. Stugle says:

    A6 begins NEXUS.

  6. Stugle says:

    QUEST can also be QUEEN, and you can add RED to that, so maybe RED QUEEN?

    • Gothnak says:

      Might make h12 impossible, with a SST or CST

      • Shiloh says:

        Possibly CHEST below QUEST starting J10?

      • Stugle says:

        Obviously there’s an obvious connection between the Concorde (SST) and the Red Queen. Obviously.

        No, you’re probably right, I didn’t consider the surrounding letterscape and the need for future words to work.

  7. phlebas says:

    CRISIS starting at D10
    NETTLE starting K1

  8. Little_Crow says:


  9. Stugle says:

    H2 can start COAST or COASTER

  10. Gothnak says:

    Gah trying to do this on a small laptop instead of my usual 2 widescreen monitors is no easy task!

  11. Shiloh says:

    H2-D3 CASTLE

    • unacom says:

      A visit to both comes highly recommended. Especially on the second weekend in October, during the traditional “Nessmoort” (Nutmarket).

  12. Shiloh says:

    D2 PATTON (closes off that side)

    Battle of the Bulge vibe maybe?

  13. Gothnak says:

    F1: NATAL
    E7: CIVET

    (No idea)

  14. Gothnak says:

    D10: CRIXUS

  15. Gothnak says:

    H6: HATTIN (As in the Battle or Horns of Hattin)?

  16. Gothnak says:


  17. Gothnak says:

    how about things starting with SEA?

    C6: HORSE
    C7: SHORE
    G5: DEVIL
    H9: QUEST

  18. phlebas says:


  19. unacom says:

    C6: Sure (Sauer)-if we were going with the Luxemburg-theme.

  20. mrpier says:

    For the record, I still don’t think that is a Kelly tool in the previous foxer, as Kelly tools don’t have the spike. :)

  21. unacom says:

    A1-B4: Nepheris -I´m unsure, though.

    • Gothnak says:

      Doesn’t leave great letters at A2…

      However, Nepheris (Carthage), Vianden, Golchen (The word straight across the middle), all are between 5-11 Latitude :p.