Rainbow Six Siege optimising all maps

I remain surprised and impressed by Ubisoft’s long-term committment to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege [official site]. As part of the ‘Ongoing Health‘ chain of tweaks and tune-ups, they’ve announced plans to optimise all maps, including going over textures and replacing skies. They want to make everything run better, see. They’ve starting with the map Kafe Dostoyevsky, which should be live soon-ish, and will continue on others over the year to come.

Here’s this on tidying up textures and meshes:

“Over the course of the next year, we will be reworking the textures of every single map. We are starting with Kafe Dostoyevsky, our most expensive map in terms of memory-budget. We have been going through all the textures and meshes of Kafe, smoothing, optimizing, and standardizing everything we could. In essence, we are streamlining and reducing its overall memory footprint. [. . .]

“This is a first milestone that will allow us to optimize stability and frame rate, while maintaining visual quality.”

As for skies, Ubi say that Siege will switch to using HDR image skyboxes. They had borrowed some procedurally-generated sky technology from Assassin’s Creed, but that proved slight overkill when each map is only ever seen at two static times. They say the new method “allows us to have more artistic control of the ambient lighting, as well as increase the overall quality of lighting in general.”

Meanwhile, they’re tweaking lighting to be friendlier to players. Specifically, the exposure effects which make it hard to see through a hole into a place with different brightness. Holes to lighter places won’t be blinding white, to darker they won’t be inscrutable shadow. It’s less realistic but they say it’s what players want.

Anyway. There’s more but I won’t repeat everything. Go read the blog post for that. Another two posts on other optimisation efforts are promised.


  1. Spacewalk says:

    Dostoysexy indeed.

  2. ZEUSxFTW says:

    The exposure change is CRUCIAL. Very excited for both the retouches and that stupid exposure. Love this game and am excited to see the long term changes and fixes they make.

    • ChiefOfBeef says:

      The whole reason why streamers and serious ranked players were lowering settings; to see in and out of holes made in window and door barricades. That might still not change, but for more casual players should make a difference.

  3. that_guy_strife says:

    There’s a balance to be struck. The current exposure is absolutely unrealistic. Most times you look inside or outside, everything past 3 meters is simply blinded out. Game breaking.

    If they can also move on from P2P (yes, P2P networking is present event in ranked, in the forms of matchmaking and voice chat), I’d see myself returning to this otherwise somewhat-interesting title. It’s impressive that this is the only online FPS that rubberbands every other game for me since BF 4’s launch. I guess I’ll need to wait another few seasons for the business model to be reworked (again)though.

    I have to say, I’m in no way impressed by the work put in, although slightly surprised that a Ubisoft-published title is getting more playable. They usually just toss in a few more features, then a towel on top. I spent 80 $ CDN on this at launch, and 18 months later it’s still not much more than 5v5 deathmatch beta.

    • Bedeage says:

      And yet here I think this is the best, most imaginative FPS since Ace of Spades. Also I have no rubber-banding issues.

      R6S is not perfect by any means, but it’s head and shoulders above the competition in terms of gameplay.

      • that_guy_strife says:

        One thing that was a huge disappointment to me, in terms of gameplay, is the destructibility. It boils down to memorizing which walls can be punched through to open new routes, and which ones will simply give LoS – or can’t even be touched, be it to destroy or reinforce. It’s even worse with floors/ceiling. Feels like wasted potential – maybe it was a necessary competitive balance decision, but it made me have less fun.

        More focus on objectives would be great as well – add tacticality to the simple hide-n-seek gameplay I’ve experienced for 120 hours in unranked. Just IMO.

        • goodgeorge says:

          I’m not aware that there are walls that are only partially destructible. Apart from the walls that are blocked in a way that makes it impossible to place a breach charge on them. I’m also pretty sure that you can see from the material is the wall or floor destructible or not. Some walls and floors most likely are not destructible for that exact reason you are thinking.

          It’s probably possible to make the game more tactical, but in my opinion it’s quite tactical already. This games really stands on its own and isn’t just another mindless shooter. The game might not be what you are looking for, but for me it has a really nice and quite unique balance.

        • Doomlord says:

          Are you seriously griping about the amazing amount of destructible environments? Wow. A new low here. Siege offers pretty darn thorough destructibility and modeling. I can’t imagine whining about it like this.

          • Slazia says:

            “Are you SERIOUSLY griping about the amazing amount of destructible environments? Wow. A NEW LOW here. Siege offers pretty darn thorough destructibility and modeling. I can’t imagine WHINING about it like this.”

            Real friendly.

          • Unclepauly says:

            Welcome to the internet Slazia. Have a poke around and you’ll find this was mild at best.

  4. Maxheadroom says:

    Started playing this at LAN nights with a few mates, but the only way we can play against each other is with a Custom Game and that doesn’t reward renown.

    Is there any way we can play regular games with normal rules against each other and still get renown/xp?

    • Agnosticus says:

      I don’t think so. They don’t want you to farm renown. Soon you even won’t be able to get renown for playing t-hunt solo, cause of some farming bastards!

  5. Bobtree says:

    I’m really looking forward to the lighting rework.

  6. Jord68 says:

    Oh my god they’re finally fixing the lighting! Thank god, that shit is so annoying.

  7. TheSplund says:

    Good news, an FPS improvement for Favela is long overdue.