Run as fast as you can: Super Cloudbuilt out now

Super Cloudbuilt

Cloudbuilt was a speedrunning game in the most literal sense: you ran, wall jumped and skidded through dreamscape levels as fast as you could. If you could get over the difficulty (Ben reviewed it and broke a cupboard door in frustration), then it was very good. This week it has returned in an updated and expanded version called Super Cloudbuilt [official site].

The levels are bigger, with more routes to get to the end. There are now proper enemies: in the original there were land mines and turrets and the like, but now there’s folk running around trying to gun you down. There’s all the visual enhancements you’d expect, too, and the mechanics have been tweaked to make them more friendly to newcomers.

The emphasis is still very much on getting from point A to B as fast as you can, but the grander scope means that players will have more of a chance to explore, and there’s more focus on the story this time around.  Here’s what developers Coilworks and Double Eleven say:

“[We] reevaluated the game from the base mechanics up. The result stands as a definitive edition, making the experience more intuitive to new players, while adding increased depth and variation, allowing you to choose between taking your time to explore and focusing on blistering speeds and high scores.”

And here’s the launch trailer:

If you loved the original, or were keen on it but never picked it up, then Super Cloudbuilt could well be worth a look. Here’s some more of Ben’s thoughts on the original:

“The feeling that lingers after playing Cloudbuilt is a sense of accomplishment. Beating a level you’ve been trying for half an hour, an hour, three, is fist-pumping, arm-raising, Daniel Bryan-tier elation.

“Perfecting a run through a segment, free-flowing from wall-run to jump to climb to blast that enemy is pure joy. It will make you believe you are a god, the time spent swearing and feet-stamping slipping away. I can only imagine how it feels to shave a completion time to within an inch of its life and top the leaderboard – but I’ll go with ‘gamegasm’.”

The early Steam reviews look good, and everyone’s saying it’s a more polished version of the original. You can pick it up on Steam for £14.39/17,99/€$17.99, including a 10% discount that lasts until Tuesday. People who own the original Cloudbuilt have received 30% discount coupons.


  1. Keasar says:

    A small correction, there are no folk-like enemies that runs around and tries to gun you down. That was way too advanced to program during development for our small team. What we have added though are a new type of flying drones that will chase you and shoot at you.

    Sorry if any hopes were suddenly elevated, hopefully our next title will fix that. :)
    -The level designer at Coilworks.

  2. Deathmaster says:

    Cloudburst was excellent in short sessions, the game is so intense that playing it for more than an hour would cause my hands to cramp up a little. (which few games do)

    I’m glad to see a ‘better than the original’ version, I’m going to strain my hands on it real soon.

  3. Jerykk says:

    Only a 30% discount for owners of the original game? That’s a bit weak. If they aren’t going to provide the updated version for free, at least offer a meaningful discount. For example, owners of the original Pressure received an 80% discount coupon for Pressure Overdrive.

    • Tomo says:

      30% discount seems reasonable to me. It’s not a full-priced title anyway. The devs have got to make some money to earn a living from all their hard work!

  4. Kasjer says:

    Never heard about original release, which is a shame! This looks like a baby with genes of DeFrag, Prince of Persia games and a little bit of Vanquish.

    How does this play with a controller? Steam says it’s fully supported but I’m concerned that game will be harder without a precision of a mouse. Yup, I can play with k+m but since my PC is hooked up to TV and I’m gaming on my couch, controller is preferable for me.

    • baldrik says:

      Dev here: Making the game work well with a controller was one of the things we wanted to get right when making Super Cloudbuilt. It’s been something we’ve taken into consideration when reworking the mechanics and updating the levels; to make sure it plays well with a controller while still keeping the same amount of opportunities and freedom open to the player. Overall the feedback we have been getting about the controls have been positive.

  5. wombat191 says:

    haha so a game that DOES cause gamer induced violence.. dont let fox news find out

  6. roybot says:

    As a super novice player of the original cloudbuilt I have to say its one of the real gems of the parkour genre. Awesome artstyle, incredibly deep mechanics, and despite the rough initial learning curve the cloudbuilt remains up there with mirror’s edge to me in the pantheon of speedrunning games.

  7. Tomo says:

    Cloudbuilt was pretty awesome, but I didn’t have the skill to get near to finishing it all. It was one of those games where I hit my skill limit, went on YouTube to see a solution to a level, and just wept at how good the rest of the Internet is at the game.