Slow stabber Immortal Planet is out now

immortal planet

I wrote about isometric action-RPG Immortal Planet [official site] two months ago when a release date was announced: based on early gameplay footage I liked what I saw, but I wasn’t sure about the combat, which looked repetitive. Well it’s just come out for real now, and the launch trailer suggests the swordplay might be more varied than I first thought.

It’s a ‘Souls-like’ (drink) game based on slow-paced melee combat. You’re not going to rush in whirling your sword around your head and hope for the best: you have to dodge and block enemy attacks and manage your rapidly-depleting stamina bar, as well as strike when enemies are tired. I like the aesthetic, and it’s from the creator of turn-based stealth hack-and-slash Ronin, which was rather good.

The new trailer is below. It looks like there’s actually a good range of attacks and dodges to use, as well as lots of different weapons (there’s a sword that transforms into a trident at 00:31):

Each level has a single checkpoint, so you drop in and start exploring. If you die, you go back to the start and lose experience, but you can pick that experience back up at the spot you died. There’s “multi-stage struggles” with bosses at the end of the level, too, and lots of options for character customisation.

Here’s a little more on the combat, which seems to be the standout bit:

“Patience and focus are much more important than reflexes. Block, dodge and tackle enemies while managing your stamina. You can see enemy stamina and exploit it to stun them when they are exhausted.”

If that more cautious approach tickles your fancy, it’s on Steam and GOG for £9.89/13,49€/$13.49, which includes a 10% discount until Thursday.


  1. Chromatose says:

    Getting some very strong Hyper Light Drifter vibes off this. Looks great! Love that art style.

  2. Arlyeon says:

    I’m in the process of actually writing a proper review of this game- but feel free to check out a let’s play of the game proper + The nightmare mode. (Link @ Bottom). Combat wise, Phys builds are interesting, but magic and item builds have a -lot- of flexibility and variation comparitively (Though it’s difficult to run a build -purely- off magic without a fair amount of setup, and items moreso.

  3. Arlyeon says:

    @Samuel Horti :: So, given you folks reviewed Immortal Planet, and I recall you folks had a rather scathing Interview with peter Molynieux over Godus – I was wondering what your thoughts were on this particular development Pertaining to Immortal Planet.

    link to