Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption looks Soulsy and maybe also a bit Zelda-y


“Adam must face the incarnation of his greatest sins as he unlocks his memories and sacrifices to atone. But will Adam attain redemption or will he wallow in his past?”

Is this:

a) a description of the protagonist of boss battler Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption [official site]?

b) Adam Smith going through his chat history the morning after a pub trip?

Trick question because the answer is c) BOTH.

“Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is set in a dark and forbidding realm with a twisted past and deep lore. Inspired by the Souls series, Shadow of the Colossus, and with a dash of anime styling Sinner promises to be a thrilling and challenging experience.”

As someone who doesn’t play Dark Souls I would say it looks very Soulsy – tough bosses and lots of forward rolls – and as someone who does likes weird organic growths in games I would say I like the stalks/tentacles at the 28 second mark. They pop up again later in the trailer in a bit which reminded me of the Dark Link section of Ocarina of Time. Actually a fair few of those enemies look Zelda-ish.

Apparently the dev team at the Dark Star studio includes “a former Ubisoft art director, a Blizzard technical artist, and a Konami senior programmer” although I can’t see any info about who they are specifically or which games they worked on at their former studios so it’s hard to tell much from that snippet of info.

There’s a touch more about the game itself in the missive I was sent, though, so I’ll pop it here for the curious among you:

“Adam, a fallen soldier on a quest to save his soul, will face eight abhorrent bosses, the first seven each based on one of the deadly sins. Before each clash, Adam must make a sacrifice to enter combat and choose a stat to level down. Each fight will be tougher than the last and force players to carefully choose their actions in battle, aided by a variety of unlockable weapons.”

So a loose biblical theme and a level down mechanic which pops up in games every now and again, both on purpose (as with something like Farabel) and through players’ self-imposed challenge runs in stuff like Dark Souls.

“The action is framed by a desolate afterlife in which Adam seeks to restore his memories and atone for his sins. How he interacts with each boss will ultimately decide his fate in one of multiple endings.”

The press release pegs the release date for PC and console versions of the game for Q1 2018 whereas the publisher’s website goes for Q2. Games usually take longer than everyone thinks so I’m going to assume Q2 – that’s late spring, early summer in human chat.


  1. Josh W says:

    Many pub trips result in a silent hooded protagonist the morning after, possibly extending to a few indecipherable shouts and grunts.

    • KingFunk says:

      I spent much of my last hungover Saturday battling an ugly recurring nemesis in a grimdark land with no sympathy for humans. And then I booted up Shadow of Mordor.

  2. beleester says:

    You can’t say “inspired by Shadow of the Colossus” and then not show the protagonist climbing on the giant bosses. I mean, come on.

  3. FreshHands says:

    Concerning last night’s chat history I only have this to say:

    “There is no shame, there is no guilt, the only law – say what thou wilt”

    Concerning this video, my opinion shall remain clouded in mystery.

  4. fish99 says:

    Very Soulsy indeed.

  5. April March says:

    So you level down instead of up? That’s a very interesting concept. Also the only thing in this game that drew my interest.

    I don’t think it’s very Zelda at all. The only Zeldy things are that it’s a bit cel-shaded and there’s a shield with an emblem in the middle.

  6. dreadguacamole says:

    The main character sort of looks like a sentient blob of weapons, doesn’t he?
    That sounds like a fun take on souls-like games: you roll through levels to find weapons which you then incorporate -katamari damacy*-style, and then go find a boss to bump against.

    (*: Wonderful End Of The World, to use the non-union PC equivalent)