Sunless Skies blasts off into early access on August 30

Sunless Skies [official site], the starfaring follow-up to lose-your-mind-and-eat-your-crew-adrift-on-an-underground-sea trade-o-RPG Sunless Sea, will hit early access on August 30th. That’s the word today from developer Failbetter Games, who say that early access helped them shape Sunless Sea and they’re hopeful it’ll work out well for those dark skies too.

Failbetter stress that the early access launch “will not be in a complete state, and will go through changes ahead of its full release” but if you wish to shoot into spooky space sharpish, you’ve only got a few more weeks to wait. Failbetter say:

“Mechanically, players can expect a broad skeleton of gameplay features to be available. You’ll be able to explore the skies, dock at ports, interact with stories, trade, fight and die. Opening the game to players in Early Access will provide us with crucial feedback and data to help us create a game that’s delicious, delightful, and dangerous.”

Sunless Skies will hit Steam Early Access and GOG’s Games in Development on August 30th. It’ll cost £18.99/$24.99, though will launch with a 10% discount for the first week. Failbetter expect to launch the full and finished game in May 2018, or so they say on Steam.

You can follow development more closely on Failbetter’s roadmap.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Sunless Sea was one of those games I really wanted to like, but found baffling and unpleasant to play. I loved the narratives, hated the mechanics.

    I expect Skies will be the same way. I’ll probably still buy it.

    • Alberto says:

      The devs themselves have expressed in videos the will to improve the things most needed (and the ones they mention are well pointed). So, hey, it can be Even Better!

      That said, I love the original game with every one of its flaws. My captains turn out too reckless -hem- so I’ve yet to uncover so many storylets.

    • Quite So says:

      I bounced off of it the first time, but my second attempt a few months later went much better. I ended up enjoying the tone and literary focus of the systems, but do think there were some frustrating elements that could be improved.

      Combat was only ok at best, and often irritating. Travel was slow, which I understand as a mechanic, but it’s boring to wait 5 or more minutes to get somewhere in late game. The biggest improvement for me, however, would be streamlining the interface to make dealing with quests and cities more intuitive.

      Overall though I ended up loving the game, and am looking forward to Sunless Skies.

      • Alberto says:

        I just hope for an in-game notepad to keep track of who needs what in what island. It’s been years since I played with pen and paper next to the keyboard

  2. mcgiants says:

    So, does that mean those of us who have signed up to play test the alpha since RPS posted they were looking for testers… should drop our hopes now of being chosen now?