Join a 1337 warez team in b00tl3g kr3w

Join a 1337 warez group and distribute some top bootleg games in b00tl3g kr3w [Itch page], a splendid little free game out now. Fire up your expired trialware IRC client, get chatting with your kool krack krew, read the NFO, slam that warez into an FTP, then have a little play yourself. It’s a short game so I won’t say too much but I laughed like a drain at these bootleg games. It’s funny and it’s free so hop to it.

b00tl3g kr3w is a simple warez-releasing game. Our role in the krew is to upload and test the games, which we do. We muck about on a virtual Windows 95 desktop, chat a little on IRC, upload some sweet juarez, then play the strange bootlegs. Short, stylish, funny.

It’s made by Marben, the creator of Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015, during a game jam with the theme ‘bootleg’. That jam was organised by Awful Jams — formerly the SAGameDev Challenge on the Something Awful forums — and has a fair few other games I like the look of and must try over the next days.

This is great as a jam game. It’s short, focused, and lasts exactly as long as the joke is funny.

I wish we saw more funny games, and I specifically wish we had more short funny games. I mean, I broadly think most video games should be 30% shorter, but I do especially want short comedy games. They allow jokes that are hilarious for five minutes then would become unbearable, jokes which simply cannot work as long-form games. I laugh every time I remember Skeal but I’d hate for it to go on for fifteen hours. I’m delighted when a comedy game has a tight routine or even a few quick sloppy gags.


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    SoundDust says:

    The guy who made this has a project called “140 games or less”, where people tweet bad game ideas for him to make. I’m now browsing through the entries and can’t stop laughing..

  2. foszae says:

    “Laughed like a drain” is the first Britishism i’ve had to Google because i’d never heard it nor could parse what it meant

    • poliovaccine says:

      *Every time* it’s said, *someone* is met with confusion haha. I think it’s just not the greatest or clearest of all potential flavor phrases.

      But I get it, or at least I think I do. I picture someone laughing so hard their head is thrown back and their yap is wide open so as to resemble the drain of a sink – straight up and open at the top. I could easily be wrong about that, for how weird it is, but then, the language has def seen weirder.

      • Mrice says:

        I always thought it referenced that loud gurgling burbling sound that drains make when water flows through them. Sounds a bit like a laugh

    • Phasma Felis says:

      I still can’t figure out what “to go pear-shaped” is supposed to indicate. I mean, yes, it’s bad, I get that, and certainly there’s no shortage of things that you don’t want to be shaped like a pear, but I’m not clear why pear-shaped is notably worse than, say, banana-shaped, or pineapple-shaped.

  3. rootfs.ext2.gz says:

    That was brilliant.

  4. FrenchTart says:

    Absolutely amazing :)

  5. poliovaccine says:

    This game is exactly the sort of easter-eggy thing I’m always hoping to find when I go clicking around the computer desktops of ingame computers in games like Prey.

    Btw: is it really necessary to burn the ISO to a disk and then install from the disk? Why shouldnt you just be able to mount it to a virtual drive?

    • Harlander says:

      Well, the instructions are
      “mount ISO” then
      “burn to disc”

      so.. uh..? Hmm.

  6. racccoon says:

    on bootleg, I remember this time, i think this sum’s it up.. link to