Top-down shoot-o-brawler Redeemer spurts out

Hello there! Welcome to Wednesday morning on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, and with the time just coming up to murder o’clock we’re looking at Redeemer [official site]. Released last night, it’s a top-down shoot-o-brawler where you can blast fools’in the face or even stealth-kill them, but that seems a waste when you can also rip off their arm and use it to beat other baddies to death. It’s that sort of video game. Observe:

Yup, it’s a top down bash-a-masher with dashes of Hotline Miami, a smidgen of Sleeping Dogs in the contextual environmental kills (lots of fans and blades in this monastery), and uh, like, loads of blood. Hammer people! Shoot them! Punch them! Parry them! Kick their spines in! Feed their heads into blades! Murder! Murder! Murder!

It does look like it could be a lark.

Oh! I almost forgot the all-important story: blah blah story blah blah megacorp wants you blah blah cyborgs blah blah retreat to become a monk blah blah oh no it’s murder o’clock blah blah redemption??? And that’s the name of the game.

Redeemer is out on Windows through Steam for £9.34/12,74€/$12.74, which includes the 15% launch discount available until the 8th.


  1. Pogs says:

    No kittens in this one then?

  2. Faxanadu says:

    Are we gonna have a new Hatred controversy? Whatever happened to that, I wonder.

    • Talsted says:

      Why would there be? The controversy in Hatred was over killing innocent/unarmed people. In this game you’re fighting armed bad guys and monsters, like just…well, every other game out there.

      • Faxanadu says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot that excessive violence was OK as long as the victims are bad people, or working for bad people.

        • Frair says:

          Or, you know, actively trying to kill you.

        • Talsted says:

          So what you’re saying is, you don’t actually understand what the controversy over Hatred even was, and you’re going to double down by pretending moral superiority. Good for you! Lemme know if that works for you.

  3. PrestonFranklin says:

    Always bugs me when games like this don’t have co-op. Makes sense with what the cinematic “glory kills” filling the screen every 20 seconds. Been trying to find something like SNES Goof Troop or Zombies Ate my Neighbors recently. Maybe I should just emulate them. Anyone out there know of any decent top-down co-op games(other that Diablo III)?

  4. wcq says:

    Gotta give it to ’em: “Violence Awakened” is a strong runner in the “Silly Subtitles”-category.

  5. OmNomNom says:

    Liked the look of this initially but I see they do that annoying Anime style juddering stop when you hit something. Ruins it a bit for me :(

  6. racccoon says:

    Yeah it is more hatred lines than anything, which was quiet brutal game to play and at times you felt kind of wrong, then you remember its just a game. I never finished it.