Hitman introducing player-curated Featured Contracts

The final Elusive Target of Hitman Season One [official site] has now been offed but developers IO Interactive are introducing new ‘live content’ as we hold our collective breath hoping they’ll announce a second season. IO have started drafting players to curate playlists of Featured Contracts, which could prove pretty interesting. More live bits are coming this month too, but IO say not to expect a game update in August or September. “That relative calm will give us time to prepare for some exciting announcements,” they tease. Is one Hitman Season Two? Please be Season Two.

So! Looking over the month ahead, August 11th with bring ten new Featured Contracts along with the sixth Challenge Pack. Those five challenges will be in Hokkaido, offering a unique item as a reward. Later in August, the first player-curated Featured Contracts will hit, man. IO yesterday explained:

“These contracts will function in the same way to the Featured Contracts that you’ve come to know and love in the game, with one big twist: one of our players will curate the list. These player-curated contracts will offer a fresh twist to the style of contracts that will be featured in the game and give all players a chance to get an insight into how some of the prominent members of the Hitman community play the game.”

The first curator is Brazilian streamer Mendietinha, who IO say “lives for discovering new routes in contracts and the ultimate rekky”. Expect the unexpected and plan carefully, I suppose.

This is all relatively minor news, I suppose, but I am comforted hearing that Hitman is keeping rolling. After former owner Square Enix ditched IO Interactive earlier this year, things looked pretty bad.

IO say they do have more game updates in the pipeline, so their “exciting announcements” could simply be some nifty additions but oh, I would very much like news on new-new bits.


  1. jezcentral says:

    Please, please, please be season 2.

  2. Matys says:

    Just got started on it recently and still only on the third level. Evidently it’s been a long time from Blood Money or I need to relearn my patience. First thing I did was turn off all the guides, but levels are so sprawling its hard to find which is the exact way you’re supposed to accomplish things. I’ll find an awesome opportunity inside the mansion only to find out it’s tied back to the beginning of the level making me feel like I might as well start completely over. So far I’m having a easier time just pulling the gun on some targets but it’s never as fun.

    • Thirith says:

      I wouldn’t turn everything off but find a good balance between handholding and leaving you entirely alone. I’m not home at the moment, but from what I’ve just seen online, I’d probably suggest setting Opportunities to minimal but not off. This page has some tips: link to reddit.com

    • dStick says:

      I’ll find an awesome opportunity inside the mansion only to find out it’s tied back to the beginning of the level making me feel like I might as well start completely over.

      I bought into this Hitman when the first episode was released and bought all the others in one month intervals. By doing so you automatically replay each level multiple times in different ways. So what you’re describing is how you should play it!

      For reference; I usually started with exploring the level a bit, getting the easy disguises and then following the opportunity I found first. Then got my mastery in that level over Mastery Level 10, and then did a Suit Only run which completely transforms the way you look and play in a level!

      There’s no shame in starting over! Just more game :-) Every play extends your knowledge of the map and before long you can plan everything out in your head. Once you can, you’ll start on the escalations where you can’t use quicksaves and a whole new game opens up once more!

      It is my favorite game of 2016, rebought it for PC in the last sale and am enjoying it again immensely for the second time. If only they would release the Illusive targets as a standalone pack, I’d be even happier!

    • goodpoints says:

      I had a very similar experience as a BM player trying to play with most of the guides and UI elements off. Unfortunately though, the levels of Hitman ’16 are designed in ways that are reliant on those player elements, particularly the Opportunity hints.

      Many of the Opportunities are just so obtuse as to be highly unlikely for someone playing without Opportunity notifications to discover and work out the correct sequence of triggers. (the stuff related to the church in Sapienza comes to mind) A lot of that is because Opportunities are not adequately hinted at through environment design, background dialogue, etc. like they were in BM. The reliance on proximity triggers in ’16 vs. the partial use of timed events in BM also compounds the issue. In BM’s Paris opera mission the player’s first few runs are probably pretty clumsy, but since the opera starts eventually regardless of where 47 is, you can pick up missed opportunities as you watch the events unfold. The little camera overlay window that would show key moments like the shooting scene did a really great job in hinting at additional opportunities without making it too obvious.

      There’s an option in Hitman ’16 to only display the Opportunity title and not the details, which is how I play, but it’s an imperfect remedy to a fundamental design problem.

  3. Chris S says:

    I should have come here before commenting on ‘hitmanforum’, full of bloody idiots who play with all the aids off (no doubt only after they’ve learnt the levels back to front, or out of sheer bloodymindedness).

    I always liked Hitman, but the sprawling you see is unfortunately characteristic of this game. I feel they’ve simply tried to make everything bigger and better, and it’s had an unintended negative effect on the gameplay.

    As one result they’ve had to introduce an opportunities tracker, otherwise people just get lost. The above poster is correct that clues are obtuse, which leads you to believe it was designed this way. Looks like they were being hemmed in by their own design choices, and it loses the organic feel – which is very important.

    I think it would have been a much better game if they reduced the mission scope, loosened up the locales and gave you some space between guards and a bit of room to breath, and got rid of the excessive interaction spam – including the very poorly thought out idea of traversing the map hunting for a friggen screwdriver for God’s sake. Who thinks that is a good idea??

    Anyway, good game.