Weather watching in The Long Dark

The Long Dark

While playing the sandbox survival mode of The Long Dark [official site] I often feel the urge to share the beauty of the in-game sky and weather effects, or just the really lovely sense of time passing. Screenshots conveyed some of the magic, but not really the desolation or the subtle shifts so instead I’ve opted for videos. They’re from different times of day and different weather and light conditions. It’s only a fraction of what’s in the game but the video has the added bonus of you not needing to wonder whether you’re about to die of hypothermia or wolves or food poisoning or any number of other things!



  1. FalconsBlewA25PointLead says:

    Those are gorgeous visuals – it really stirs up all my memories of growing up in northern New England and those bone-chilling winters. The spring-time bird songs are really jarring though. Those sound like chickadees and friends, and you don’t hear those until at least March. Took me right out of what was otherwise an incredibly immersive scene.

  2. Niko says:

    I hope to see aurora borealis one day.

  3. Ghostwise says:

    The best thing about dying of food poisoning is that there’s a chance you’ll poison the wolf that then eats you.

  4. Ben King says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this one’s weather and day/night more than most anything else that has similar systems in it just because of how meaningful it is to gameplay. I think I disagree about how PRETTY it is visually, but it does a great job conveying the necessities through visuals audio and a handful of super readable icons. After surviving a handful of dreadful storms outside, lost, and freezing I get really uncomfortable about the notion of that gentle breeze possibly picking up into something more serious. Same with the transition into night time- I just DON’T go out at night unless I’m super familiar with an area, and even then I better really be desperate for something. Seeing the sky gracefully transition into evening puts the fear of cold in me and sets me packing for shelter. I know that sunup is not necessarily the same thing as WARM, but it’s still nice to think about going fishing or twig hunting with the aid of light. I’d love to read an article about the sound of the game, or man- just those 4 basic character stats that make such immediate sense. The Long Dark is great:-)