Path of Exile launches expansion The Fall of Oriath today

The free-to-play Path of Exile [official site], Adam’s favourite action-RPG, will launch its ‘The Fall of Oriath’ expansion tonight. This is a big’un, adding Act Five to finish the story and whacking in five more acts based on the regular five to replace the higher difficulty levels. That’s a whole lot of monstermashing. The update is due to go live at 9pm so why am I telling you now? 1) Because I hope to have finished work before then. 2) Pre-loading has begun. 3) Because the huge v3.0.0 patch notes are now live so clickheads can spend the next six hours poring over them.

Act Five, The Fall of Oriath, will send players back to the land they were exiled from in the first place. “Caught amidst the slaves revolting against their Templar oppressors, you are all that stands between the innocent lives trapped in Oriath and the divine wrath of High Templar Avarius,” Grinding Gear Games explain.

After that, players will be sent into Part Two. Replacing the ‘Cruel’ and ‘Merciless’ difficulty levels, Part Two revisits the five acts to see how they’ve changed since you first swept through. They’ll visit some new parts of the lands, while some familiar areas will be changed by what you did.

Another big feature of the expansion is the ‘Pantheon’ system, which lets players beat up gods to earn godlike powers. Nice. And obviously Fall of Oriath also adds new enemies, items, skills, and all that other action-RPG stuff.

If you want to get in and start crushing Act Five as soon as possible, you can download most of it in advance. That’s for the standalone client, mind, not the version on Steam.


  1. Faldrath says:

    The Steam version should allow patching 3 hours before it goes live, so everyone should have plenty of time.

    I’m excited! I predict nothing but PoE for the next… month? or so. Let’s just hope the servers don’t melt down :)

  2. Wounder says:

    Is there an RPS guild for PoE? I played in the 2012 beta for a time, didn’t find anyone, came back about a month ago and am apparently too old to figure out the lingo for game/trade/builds. I suppose this means if there is an RPS guild and it’s super serious, stay very quiet.

    • Faldrath says:

      Yep, Rock, Paper, Exile. Message me (Faldrath) in game and I’ll invite. I assume the guild has been pretty dead for the last couple of months since most people (myself included) didn’t want to burn out before the expansion. We’re not serious at all, but some people are very knowledgeable about the game, so new people can benefit.

      I won’t be online today until the launch, though. TreasureGoblin can also invite people if he’s around.

      • Daymare says:

        Oh, I would’ve joined if I wasn’t in a tiny guild composed of RL friends.

        Afaik guilds are account wide?

      • Wounder says:

        Thanks for that!

      • Wounder says:

        Lol. “There are 22787 people ahead of you in the queue.” I don’t think you’ll be getting a message from me today :)

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    9PM GMT in real, God-given timezone is uh… 5PM? Neat! I can play this tonight when I get home from work!

  4. Purdurabo says:

    If you are thinking of giving this game a try for the first time you should definitly find one of the 3.0 league starter build guides on youtube and follow it unless you think you will enjoy making and failing at a dozen builds first before ever reaching mapping.

    Also google “neversinks lootfilter” and install that to make the loot explosions bearable.

  5. Horg says:

    For new players thinking of trying out the game today, be warned that the volume of loot this game throws at you can be intimidating. Also, the loot and skill system isn’t really like other Diablo imitators, so it can be quite hard to figure out what to keep / sell / throw away.

    Your first consideration is the currency system. This is a combination of consumable ”currency orbs” which are used to modify items, which will drop as you play at various rarities depending on the orb, and the item vendor system that provides various valuable outputs when vending specific combinations of items to NPCs. A full list of orbs and recipes can be found here:

    link to
    link to

    For new players, it’s worth picking up all orbs, scrolls, and anything with ‘% quality’ on it, especially skill gems and flasks. White items, skill gems and flasks, when sold in bulk to a vendor so their combined quality is over 40%, will return a useful currency item (just don’t sell quality gems you plan to use).

    Selling unidentified items generally isn’t worth it as these mostly only return transmutation shards, which aren’t worth anything. Identified rare items sell for Alteration and (sometimes) Alchemy shards which are much more useful, so save identify scrolls for rares you don’t want.

    Later in the game, selling a full set (an item for every slot on your character) of unidentified rares, all above ilvl 60, will provide you with Chaos orbs. These are the primary trading currency of PoE and this recipe is a reliable way to build up wealth to trade for end game items.

    Most items that drop will have a number of coloured sockets, which may or may not be linked. Any item which drops with a red, green and blue socket all linked together will sell for a Chromatic orb, which are worth collecting.

    On the topic of sockets, it’s useful to know what item level to expect 4 / 5 / 6 link items to start appearing. 4 links can show up above ilvl 25, 5 links above ilvl 35 and 6 links above ilvl 50. 6 link items are extremely rare drops and highly valuable either to use yourself or trade. 5 links are fairly rare, but common enough that you can buy one fairly cheaply or find one eventually. For new players it’s a good idea to plan your skill build around 5 links. 2 handed weapons and chest items are the only ones that can hold 5 and 6 links.

    Moving away from items for a bit, you will occasionally find friendly NPCs with repeatable randomised quests as you move through the zones. These are the Forsaken Masters, and by completing their quests you can gain access to a hideout. You need to get 1 Master to level 3 before you can claim your hideout, so it’s worth thoroughly exploring maps early on to see if a Master spawned. The hideout provides you with the masters crafting services and gives you access to their daily missions, which rapidly accelerate Master experience gain. Haku and Elreon both make good starting masters. Haku modifies armour, which is the bulk of your gear, and Elreon does Jewelry. Elreon levels very quickly but Haku is marginally more useful for crafting and also levels reasonably well.

    Back to items, to make your early game life easier it’s a good idea to use some of your currency orbs to upgrade some basic items to at least magic quality. Use Transmutation orbs on Coral Rings and Leather Belts for a good life boost. If using a weapon based skill, whenever you see an upgraded base item type starting to drop, it’s worth using some Alchemy orbs to get a roll with some bonus damage / attack speed modifiers. For spell builds, look for spell damage / elemental damage / cast speed / crit. From the end of act 2 onward, you need to start paying attention to resistances (75% cap), so roll other item types for those, as well as looking for bonus life.

    Finally, skills and passives. Skills are acquired from skill gems which can drop, be given as quest rewards or bought from vendors in each act once you complete certain quests. Slot them into your item sockets to use them. Support gems need to be linked to skill gems to function and modify the skill gem. The general idea is to focus a build around 1 or 2 main skills with a 5 / 6 link support set up, and several secondary skills with 3 / 4 links. Try out as many skills as you can until you find one you like, you can always buy new gems from vendors. Take note of the tool-tip on each skill gem to see what support gems will work with it. If a skill gem does not have the ‘AoE’ tag, then supports like Concentrated Effect will not have any effect on it, for example. For passive skills, if you aren’t following a guide, a good starter path is to find the closest life clusters to your class and fill those out first. Once you know what skills you want to use, you can look for nodes that enhance the skills tool-tips.

    • Faldrath says:

      Good write-up. I would add that in the very beginning (the first act) it might be worth it to sell a few unidentified items for transmutation shards, because an Orb of Transmutation sells for 4 wisdom scrolls at a vendor, and those might be useful early on before they start to become more common.

      Speaking of vendors, I recommend taking a look at the Vendor Recipes page in the wiki (link to The weapon ones (under “equipment”, then “crafting”) are especially useful and can make leveling much smoother.

      If people would like a more thorough beginner’s guide, this series by Engineering Eternity is very good: link to

    • Wounder says:

      Very nice summary, thanks!

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      Great writeup, just one one more note that might help new players, socketed gems are not STUCK, so always, ALWAYS socket your gems into gear you equip, you can always remove them later at no cost.

      I also recommend that you find and keep two 3 slot weapons for your alternate weapon set (You can equip two weapon sets at the same time but only use one at the time) where you slot gems you want to level but that you don’t need to use at the moment.

      And as always, my advice that you will probably need more life nodes than you think, the one big cluster to the left of the Ascendant starter position is a nice one.

  6. GemFire81 says:

    AWWW YEAH !!! Bout’ to be go time people!

    • Wounder says:

      I mean, sure, but my queue isn’t under 20,000 folks yet. Excitement is somewhat dampened…

  7. HumpX says:

    The quality and amount of content these guys release is mindblowing considering its price.

  8. E_FD says:

    I just want to say that I’d never heard of this game before the article on here a couple weeks back mentioning this expansion was coming, thought “What the heck, it’s free, I’ll check it out”, and it’s been consuming my free time ever since. I’ve beaten the full normal campaign, gotten up to level 50, and I’m hooked.

    Thanks a lot.

    • MrEvilGuy says:

      Same except I got bored of it after level 52 a couple weeks ago and will now probably never play Fall of Oriath.