Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds working to fix last patch’s lag issues [cannot fix Alice being a loud jerk -ed.]

Update: the lag should now be fixed. Huzzah!

If you’ve tried to play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds [official site] since yesterday’s big update, you’ve likely noticed that the early access Battle Royale ’em up has gotten itself into a bit of a state. It’s suffered from sound stuttering and glitching out, low FPS, and problems with reconnecting, among others. Bluehole Studio have been hastily patching but one big problem still remains: server lag which has claimed many lives and made others pretty unpleasant. Not every round gets ruined but the problem is common enough that I’ve stopped playing Plunkbat until this is fixed. Bluehole say they’re working on it.

The developers said last night:

Then followed up this morning:

No word yet on when a fix might go live. I think I’d prefer they roll the patch back so I can play again, if such a thing is even possible. With new cosmetic items and paid loot crate keys floating around, it might be a bigger technical and social mess to untangle a reversion rather than plough on through and fix the problem.

As for some other problems with the update, Bluehole say they’re fixed:

Well, mostly they’re fixed. Reconnecting to matches in progress has been temporarily removed:

Early access has mostly gone smoothly for Plunkbat but this patch is a wrong’un.

Oh, what does it actually add? Well! As we’ve detailed before, this Thursday’s patch is the belated big ‘monthly’ update that was expected at the end of July. It adds the option for servers where everyone is locked to a first-person view, initially only in solo and duo queues on the North American and European servers. Also in are honking horns on cars, a new marksman rifle found in airdrop crates, a field of view slider, a colourblind mode, animations for using consumables, and plenty more.

The update also added Plunkbat’s first paid crate of cosmetics, unlocked using keys which cost $2.50. These contain outfits inspired by the Battle Royale movie. Brendan ‘Playerunknown’ Greene has apologised for how Bluehole handled this announcement, considering they had previously said they wouldn’t add microtransactions until after launch. I don’t care personally because they’re still only cosmetics and largely ugly too. When I opened five Battle Royale crates on the test server (for free) earlier this week, I received five garments I would never wear. That’s Plunkbat fashion for you.

Mostly I’m excited that this update adds the much-coveted Blue Hi-top Trainers to the list of items that can be permanently unlocked rather than only found in-game. The honking is also great, mind. When I honk the horn, you better get in the car or so help me god I’ll leave you behind.

Also, being obnoxious with the horn is great. Playing on the test server on Wednesday, I chased an enemy across half the island while honking like a middle-manager stuck in traffic. My apologies for the bad quality and awful sound – at the time I didn’t know about the sound and FPS bugs introduced with this update and couldn’t figure out why everything was such a mess.

Look, they could’ve stopped and shot me in the face any time they wanted.

This honk is a good start but I’m hoping they’ll add more as drops. Give me Colonel Bogey, thanks.


  1. DThor says:

    Oh that’s a shame, long weekend in this part of the world and was looking forward to a little mayhem. I would imagine that rolling back would be an absolute last resort, since apart from the sheer scale of the operation detracting from focusing on a fix I would assume the problem didn’t manifest in testing so squashing it would be that much harder. Best to just push forward and fix the bloody thing.
    In protest I shall sit in my SUV and lean on the horn until shot. Perhaps a mass horny protest is in order?

  2. Faldrath says:

    Good lord, Alice. That’s some unholy honking there. I watched 15 seconds of the video then I just couldn’t take it anymore :(

  3. toshiro says:

    What the hell are you doing at the end of the clip`? Hahaha

  4. meloncrab says:

    Should be fixed now #fakenews
    link to

  5. ChrisT1981 says:

    So far I only noticed the lag at the start of the match. It is worst during the first bunch of kill messages. By the time the circle Closes in for the first time it so far was sorted out.

    On a sidenote I made my first time top 3 this morning. Got killed because I decided for the wrong house to attack with a grenade. Misjudging sounds sucks.

  6. Cvnk says:

    Weird. I only now realized that “Playerunknown” isn’t the name of the company that makes the game and is just part of the game’s name. And I think I’ve always been subconsciously annoyed by the apparent need for everyone to mention the name of the company whenever they mention the game, like always saying “Blizzard’s World of Warcraft”.

  7. Premium User Badge

    keithzg says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing during the honk chase video, that was fantastic :) I immediately subscribed to your YouTube channel, feeling like I needed more of such delights in my life, but I see it’s mostly unlisted?