Faeria’s Oversky expansion out today


Pretty free-to-play card game Faeria official site] today gets a new cooperative mode with the launch of its first expansion. Well, I say “expansion”; developers Abrakam say “Adventure Pouch”. I refuse to believe that’s not slang for a wizard’s gnarled and rubedo-stained genitalia. The point is, Adventure Pouch: Oversky adds new cards and a cooperative campaign adventuring to a floating island paradise.

The co-op campaign can be played with a chum or an AI, by the way. Have a peek:

Adventure Pouch: Oversky costs $9.99. It’ll be released bit-by-bit over the next month, as Abrakam explain:

“The content in this expansion will be rolling out on a weekly basis, with the Adventure Pouch and daily co-op boss battles against the Emperor of Mirnast being available immediately on August 7th, and co-op content in the form of islands, bringing new cards, unlocking weekly, on August 15th, 22nd, 29th and September 5th.”

Weekly releases are quite a nice incentive to return.

33 new cards arrive in Oversky, including some new mechanics. Wild land requirements should encourage multicolour decks by accepting any old basic land, and the Swallow mechanic lets cards swallow other cards to remove ’em from the battlefield until the swallower dies and its snack bursts forth in a shower of viscera. Also new are the Rakoa, cute little red panda friends who like adventuring and so will be happy to join your deck.

As for Faeria in general, Brendy quite liked it, despite some reservations.

“It’s certainly more interesting to me than vanilla Hearthstone, even if many of its cards lift directly from the big book of CCG mechanics. It’s a game of risk, reward and really bad decisions. It’s many times more thoughtful than Duelyst, which is always my yardstick for card games. But at the same time it is much less climactic, less explosive, and less creative with its minions and their abilities. In other words, if there was a little panel in the bottom right of your screen with all the collectible card games to choose from residing in it, then you’ll probably find your own temperament is going to make the decision for you.”

The base game is free-to-play on Steam so it doesn’t cost much to see for yourself.


  1. Robert The Rebuilder says:

    …a wizard’s gnarled and rubedo-stained genitalia

    I believe that’s what the Scots call a sporran, if I’m not mistaken.

    • sagredo1632 says:

      Would have thought wizards might call it a “magic bag.”

  2. starbow says:

    There’s got to be a joke about Wizards’s Sleeves in there somewhere…

  3. Ginhyun says:

    A bit of a correction: The expansion, with the islands and new cards does not cost $10. The islands cost some amount of in-game gold or can also be purchased for some amount of gems (basically Faeria funbucks that you trade real money for).

    The part that is available for $10 is the limited daily co-op boss battle, which is available for two months, starting today.

    Honestly, this release is pretty confusing. I love the game, but I’m not sure why they chose to release it in such a weird way– there was no release date mentioned until today.