Have You Played… The Fancy Pants Adventure?


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The Fancy Pants Adventure is a 2D platformer with a line-drawing art style and a fun feeling of momentum, but really I remember it for its bouncy acoustic guitar loop.

It’s a little bit Sonic, in the way you build momentum when barreling down hills and use that to launch yourself from ramps or run up vertical surfaces. That sensation plus the surprisingly detailed animation on your stick figure character made Fancy Pants, well, fancy – and much better than any other Flash platformer I’d played up until that point. Heck, it’s better than any Sonic game I’ve ever played. I hate Sonic.

That guitar riff, though. It’s maybe 12 seconds long and it repeats twice within even that short time. Yet I never grow tired of it. I’m humming it now.

You can still play Fancy Pants Adventure at Miniclip, and there’s a larger, Super version coming soon to Steam.


  1. Urthman says:

    I liked Super Fancy Pants Adventure 2 even better–more humor, fancier animations, some soccer-type gameplay, also some good music loops.

    link to miniclip.com

  2. Urthman says:

    Or I suppose we could actually link to the author’s website and find out that he’s done 3 games, a remix of the first game, and a 2-D Mirror’s Edge flash game that I’m pretty sure RPS covered when it first came out. (Also iPhone/Android versions.)


  3. Howling Techie says:

    I guess this has no relation to the Jonathan Coulton song? I can least pretend it does in my head :P. I feel like this belongs in a sort of late 2000s flash games that everyone was into like motherlode and Line Rider.

  4. GlasWolf says:

    I’m now desperately trying to remember/google a flash game from years ago – sort of a Guitar Hero-ish rhythm game with a cartoon story following the lyrics of a song. It was early viral marketing for a band’s single, possibly Swedish? Kind of synth-indie-pop vibe. Very well done, and got the song properly stuck in your head as you tried to complete the game.

    Anyone help?

  5. Pich says:

    this game ruined Sonic The Hedgehog for me.

  6. icecoldbud says:

    My daughter played this for hours and hours while I took a nap! Great game long naps….ha!

  7. Seyda Neen says:

    I have played it (them), they’re great. Looking fourward to World 4!