Supreme Ruler The Great War now warring supremely

The revival of vintage strategy game Supreme Ruler continues today with the launch of Supreme Ruler The Great War [official site]. After reviving the ’80s strategy game with Supreme Ruler 2010 then jumping across history with 2020, the Cold War, and 1936, then rolling them all together in Supreme Ruler Ultimate, developers Battlegoat Studios are now visiting the war that actually, really, in fact, wasn’t that great.

This is a subject I know little about, other than the fact that the collected wardads of RPS have previously muttered “Coo yeah Supreme Ruler, I’ll rule that war supremely all right.” So let’s go over to Battlegoat Studios for their self-flattering blurb:

“Expanding on sixteen years of development on the Supreme Ruler series of Real Time Geo-Political Military Strategy Games for PC and Mac. Supreme Ruler The Great War brings players back to 1914, to a world that has little understanding of the devastation that will be unleashed as long-time alliances and animosities drive ever-growing conflicts. Whether leading a major power or a minor nation, players can experience the tensions of a world descending into chaos. Campaigns follow paths similar to historical events while allowing players control of their own destiny, with the opportunity to change those events and chart their own course. As well, the ever popular Sandbox mode allows players to customize their gaming experience by picking any nation and choosing their own preferred Victory Condition. With the further option of multiplayer matches, Supreme Ruler The Great War provides incredible amounts of replayability.”

It’s like Supreme Ruler but World War 1, yeah?

Supreme Ruler The Great War is out on Steam for £14.99/17,99€/$19.99.


  1. DEspresso says:

    Word is:

    – You can play from 1914 all the way into the future

    – Production capacities have been severly reduced which could help the slowing down syndrome the Supreme Games experience in advanced games

    I would like to know whether the new Units got transferred to SR: Ultimate? I saw an update but no changelog :/

  2. Sin Vega says:

    I forgot I had this game. It’s one of those I love the sound of but when I play it there’s so much to keep track of that I get hopelessly lost. And I kind of want to just focus on managing/building/running the country rather than dicking around with armies and such. 300 varieties of tank? Yeah whatever, come back when I’m done building hospitals.

  3. CarthAnne says:

    I was wondering if you would cover this one.

    I bought this game out of loyalty to the series, Supreme Ruler 2020 was the first grand strategy game I played back in the day before I realized what the genre was and why I loved it, but the Supreme Ruler series has honestly seriously stagnated recently, honestly if one wants to experience WW1, one at this point is better off buying Hearts of Iron and installing the Kaiserreich mod than this. Sorry Battlegoat.

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