Rez Infinite grooves onto PC

Revered rhythmic rail shooter Rez has finally arrived on PC in the revamped form of Rez Infinite [official site]. Rez sends players drifting through cyberspace, bopping to electronic tunes and blasting enemies to build the beats with extra sounds and effects and gosh, it’s magic. Sound, action, and visuals combine in an experience that still few games have rivalled. For PCnauts who demand comparisons to familiar native games: think of the experience of Thumper or Devil Daggers, except Rez chills in cyberspace rather than horrifies in Hell.

Rez was first released in 2001 for Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, and has drifted across a few other platforms since. Rez Infinite is the version recently seen on PlayStation 4, fancied up with support for high resolutions and 3D audio soundscapes. It also boasts optional VR support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift cybergoggles.

I first encountered Rez on Xbox 360 and am keen to revisit it. I struggled because it was one of the first games I played on a modern gamepad, but now I should get to comfortably slip in. It does also support keyboard and mouse controls, mind.

Rez Infinite is out on Steam for £15.99/19,99€/$19.99, which includes the 20% launch discount available until August 16th. Folks who buy now also get a free upgrade to the Digital Deluxe edition, which includes some songs as well as a digital art book and other odds and ends.


  1. RabidLime says:

    literally waited 7 years for this news.

  2. vorador says:

    Man, between this and Thumper i think i’ve justified my recent purchase of an VR headset.

  3. Eleven says:

    First Hellblade and now this, this week is getting really expensive with the surprise instapurchases.

    • Eleven says:

      Now that I have had the chance to play it, I can state for a fact that the new Area X mode is a work of genius. It’s transcendent in VR, like a bioluminescent underwater dream, with dance music and a goddess and an 808 drum in the button under your thumb. I was grinning from start to end.

      But it ends! Only five levels and the Area X. I want more!

    • monkeymcnugget says:

      100% this. Let alone finding the time to fit them both in on top of the usual!

  4. The Bitcher III says:

    *Excited squeal*

    Pretty sure this won’t mix well with my sleep deprived, frazzled nerves and motion sickness, but I don’t think I can resist.

  5. AutonomyLost says:

    I’ve never seen footage of Rez before watching that video above. Looks fun and I think the visuals are outstanding. Thanks for the news, Alice.

  6. heretic says:

    I have Rez for DreamCast, such a great game – awesome music tracks as well (Joujouka/DJ Tsuyoshi – Rock is Sponge)

  7. barelyhomosapien says:

    *Finally cracks and buys an oculus due to the current £400 bundle after debating for a year as to whether I should get PSVR instead just due to the buzz around rez infinite*

    *Rez infinite comes out the following wednesday on PC*

    I feel so jammy sometimes.

    • cafeoh says:

      Exactly the same, put the order in 3 days ago, heard the Giant Bomb guys rave so much about this game and wanted to try it out real bad, what an awesome surprise :D

      • DoomBroom says:

        I caved and bought the Rift as well, even though I have a Vive. I’ll probably donate one of them to get more friends to play with.

        Even though I hate the Rift exclusives I can only praise Oculus/Facebook for lowering the price this much and include the Touch controllers. That is a good thing for growing the market. I’ve seen a lot of people buying Rifts this summer. It makes me very happy they’ll get to experience high quality VR and even more happy to see all the naysayers be so wrong about VR being a fad and like 3DTV/Wii etc. It’s just so laughable, especially since most of them have never even experienced high end VR.

        Tomorrow I’ll enjoy me some Rez! I’m very curious about it after all the praise it got from Giant Bomb.

  8. Spacewalk says:

    I’m glad that they wrote “infinite” on the logo for the benefit of those who don’t know what an infinity sign is.

  9. MajorLag says:

    Not that Rez was a hard game to begin with, but I feel like mouse control would make it trivial. Let me guess, it doesn’t support mouse at all does it?

    …huh, it does! Though there is a note about Area X not meshing so well with it.

    • cafeoh says:

      Mouse is supported but you can’t move the reticle completely freely as you would in a shooter, the velocity is capped. I’ve only played through the first level yet but I wouldn’t say that last boss is trivial at all :)

  10. Spacewalk says:

    It’s frustrating that fullscreen isn’t fullscreen. Moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen which you’re going to need to do on one or two of the bosses triggers the taskbar which if you then click on causes the game to come to a screeching halt as it waits to bring up the pause menu. I was totally in the groove and it fucked me up something horrid. Stick with a controller until they patch this.

    • cafeoh says:

      Afaik there is no fullscreen unfortunately, but they do support windowed and borderless. I don’t remember if the option is even available in the menu, but pressing Alt+Enter switches between both.

  11. Sardonic says:

    The sound is still better in the PS2 version sadly, but otherwise great to see Rez on PC.

  12. Foosnark says:

    I have extremely fond memories of Rez from 15-16 years ago. This news made my day!