Total War: Warhammer revamps original races tomorrow

Total War: Warhammer 2 is almost here, taking the hammerwar to new warlands with new warbands on September 28th, but what of the Old World? As new races and units have arrived in the hamwarworld over the past year, power creep has left some of the original residents of Total Warhammer [official site] a little weak and bland in comparison. Thankfully, developers The Creative Assembly are now addressing this problem with a big balance patch fixing old Old Worlders. Launching tomorrow, the Foundation Update will boost their power and also make them a little more interesting.

Full details are in the Foundation Update patch notes but, for those in a hurry, Creative Assembly offer this summary:

“All the old Legendary lords get bonus campaign buffs and extra skills trees. The Empire, under AI control, starts with an entire province, giving it a much stronger start. The Warriors of Chaos have a whole slew of tweaks and changes, increasing their campaign momentum and enabling easy vassalisation of Norscan tribes. And Wood Elves finally have new followers (Yay!) If these changes appear sweeping, it’s probably because they are, and the Old World is in for a shakeup.”

Just because Twarhammer 2 is off somewhere new, it doesn’t mean Old Worlders will be left behind. Not too long after the sequel launches, Creative Assembly will launch a new world map combining the two games for players who own both.

The update will launch tomorrow alongside free new Regiments of Renown and the Norsca Race Pack. The Norsca DLC will add that rabble as a playable race, though folks who don’t own it can still meet them as foes. The DLC will cost £7.99/9,99€/$9.99 or be offered free to folks who pre-order Total Warhammer 2.

For those who like their words with a voice and some pictures, here’s a Creative Assembler gabbing about the update:


  1. TotallyUseless says:

    Good to see CA keeping TW nicely updated.

    Would like to see how a TW Age of Sigmar would turn up tho.

    • Sian says:

      * HISSSSSSS *

      The words, they burn us!

      • Imperialist says:

        Well…once the TWW trilogy wraps up, they would announce TW:Age of Sigmar, and all 3 previous games in your Steam library autodelete themselves, but leave the 100+ GB of files on your system, forcing you to either keep them out of nostalgia and memory, or sending them to the unforgiving recycle bin.
        The new game then turns out to be TW with the unit sizes cranked down to small, and 50% of the roster is a hero unit of some sort.

        Thats how we get TW:AOS.

        • Auru says:

          One of the things I really have enjoyed about this game so far is that it’s such a love letter to the Fantasy world, so much of it’s lore is snuck into different parts of this game and it’s been impressive to see how they shaped some of it into game mechanics, having the Beastmen’s tie with the moon be a core mechanic was so fun to see :)

          I really hope that if they do anything AoS, it’s a different game entirely.. I don’t want this game tainted with that garbage :/

          • Imperialist says:

            Yeah. I actually like AoS on its own, but it was birthed from the desecrated corpse of WHFB so…it wasnt a fair trade.

            Stormcast Eternals look pretty cool though.

    • Bull0 says:

      I think Age of Sigmar would probably work better in another genre. A God of War type game where you play a ground marine slaughtering khorne followers and rescuing slaves etc would be really good fun.

      • Addie says:

        So basically, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine with a bit of a reskin? It was fun enough, could have done with a bit more depth.

    • SaintAn says:

      Trash. Just like the AoS and anyone that would like it.

  2. stringerdell says:

    The Dwarves have been playable since release and still handily knock the shit out of anything in their path! maybe not in competitive online play but still…

    • Snowskeeper says:

      High morale, high armour, high damage, decent flexibility, high campaign map mobility in the mountains, lots of friendly factions to confederate for additional income, a free source of neverending quest bonuses against factions you’re hostile to.

      There’s a reason their campaigb is marked “easy.” Poor Skarsnik.

      • stringerdell says:

        High morale is an understatement if anything! Dwarves will happily fight against giant monsters until the last one gets eaten. It was quite a shock playing greenskins after that…

        Although Greenskins get Grimgor, which is a bit like bringing the final boss to every important battle in the game

        • Snowskeeper says:

          Yeah, they and the Vampire Counts seem to subscribe heavily to the “have lots of weak anvils and a few very, very strong hammers.” For the Orks, it’s heavy infantry; for the VCs, it’s flying wrecking balls.

          EDIT: Also Blood Knights. Blood Knights are very, very good.

  3. Styxie says:

    Is there any way to slow down the combat? I’m used to older Total Wars where battles would last for a good fifteen minutes. Ever since Rome 2 they’re over in 5 minutes and I just prefer the slower paced RTS battles of old.

    I picked it up on sale and refunded it after finding that the mod I installed had little impact. Any tips?

    • Snowskeeper says:

      What do you mean by slower?

      I suspect you don’t mean literally slower, but if all you’re after is more time to think, there’s a slo-mo button in the top-right.

    • Cazier says:

      There’re a few mods in the Steam workshop for this. e.g. Proper Combat by kam2150, Slower Combat Mod by CeltiK

      Try filtering the workshop by the “Battle” tag.

      I haven’t tried them myself, but there’s at least a couple that are well reviewed.

      • bills6693 says:

        Proper Combat (linked above and below) is what I use and it makes the combat a lot slower and reduces that effect from the newer games of one huge very fast fight in the middle that is over in five minutes. Highly recommend

    • TentSalesman says:

      This might be up your street: link to

    • Detroit Jones says:

      Yeah just roll through the workshop, there are literally dozens of mods that slow down combat. Steel Faith is a bigger overhaul, but I’ve found that battles with it hit the sweet spot: link to

    • SaintAn says:

      There are if your computer can handle them, and assuming they’re still updated. Unit Size Extender increases the size of each unit and their health and rebalances the NPC units. Makes battles bigger and longer. And there’s a mod that slows combat animations that might slow down combat too, but I can’t remember if it does or not.

      Unit Size Extender: link to

      Combat Animations: link to

  4. lglethal says:

    Please, please, please dont make the changes go active in existing campaigns!

    CA did that for the Augustus Edition of Rome 2, and having built up an empire that covered half of europe, i suddenly found myself broke, without enough food, and with rebellions everywhere because the changes they made, meant the buildings that had previously provided certain bonuses (like food and you know happiness) which id built in most cities suddenly werent producing those anymore, and produced other things i didnt need (at higher cost). Killed that playthrough for me and basically turned me off Rome 2 completely.

    I’m all for changes but dont bring them in halfway through someones playthrough!

    • SaintAn says:

      If you go to the Beta options in the Steam menu for the game you can switch your game to older patches. So if your game breaks with this update you can switch the patch to the current patch and go back to playing. Not sure if mods will break from using an older patch when they’re updated though.

      • lglethal says:

        Cheers for the Info! I’ll have to try that if it breaks anything! :)

  5. Detroit Jones says:

    Only part that blows is these updates will obliterate my dream mod list.

  6. Zenicetus says:

    The vampires didn’t get much love in this patch. Then again, maybe they didn’t need it as much as the others.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Well, it does seem like Kemmler is being made actually viable now, rather than a strong competitor for worst legendary lord.

      But aside from Kemmler the vampires really didn’t need changing, the biggest jokes of any campaign were the Chaos and Empire factions, hopefully their changes make them less of a laughing stock (doubt it, Empire is still going to get steamrolled I reckon).