Communal Combat Mission: Turn 27

The third communal Combat Mission skirmish – a comment-driven confrontation between RPS readers and Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin’s uncommonly entertaining AI – has three turns left to run. By the end of the weekend the commenter-controlled Soviets will either be celebrating the eleventh-hour capture of New and/or Old Wharf (the most valuable Victory Locations on the map) or facing searching questions from their superiors.

A combination of unit fatigue and comment-commander indecision means the red wave laps rather than crashes against the wharves in turn 27.

A portion of Myshkov’s exhausted pioneers reach j12 and speedily neutralise the canister-thinned LW Squad. Unfortunately, Goering’s goons are not alone, and fire from an unidentified enemy infantry unit in the west of the building incapacitates two pioneers before the turn is over. Judging by the cries, the Germans also take casualties in the exchange.

Gurtiev’s appearance at s14 steels Lapshin’s 3 Squad (s13) and Ryumin’s 1 Squad (t16). Both provide covering fire as the company HQ charges across the cratered street. The defenders are unable to stop the newcomers from entering the warehouse, but make them pay for their trespass once inside. Gurtiev now fights with three men at his side not four.

Sent in the direction of the Castle with instructions to inconvenience the mortar spotter the M5 has only moved a few metres when the driver starts grinding gears and spewing curses. Flare Path’s bulk and the proximity of the minefield has turned m13 into a maddening chicane. It’s navigable but it may be the end of the next turn before the halftrack gunner has LoS to the mortar.

When the clock stops, the battlefield looks like this…

^ (Click to enlarge) Renko is climbing the stairs in j14. Myshkov’s 3 Squad (k13) is exhausted. 2 Squad are seconds away from confronting the lone SS man in n16. Bruised by mortar bombs Lapshin’s 1 Squad (n13) has broken. The LW squad last seen in l9 is keeping its head down.

^ (Click to enlarge) A Soviet flag flutters over West Bridge again. In the riverside warehouse, Gurtiev takes cover while Ryumin’s 1 Squad and what’s left of Lapshin’s 3 Squad attempt to assist. The strength of two of the three German units in the warehouse is unknown (the unit centre-left is a single individual toting an MP 40).


  1. Tim Stone says:

    Turn 28 orders here, please. Commenters are cordially invited to suggest moves for the following 10 units (a maximum of two units per commenter)

    *OT-34 flame tank (m14, buttoned)
    *M5 halftrack (m14, buttoned)
    *AT gun (bb10, potential targets in riverside warehouse)
    *Lt Myshkov’s pioneer platoon (three splitable squads + HQ, 1 Squad (j12) 2 Squad (m17, tired,) 3 Squad (k13, exhausted) HQ (l14))
    *Renko, the sniper (j14, tired)
    *Lt. Lapshin’s rifle platoon (three squads all low on ammo, 1 Squad (n13, shaken) 2 Squad (p18, cautious) 3 Squad (s13, 3 men, shaken))
    *Ryumin’s remnants (two squads, 1 Squad (t16) 2 Squad (p18))
    *Tank hunter team (g22)
    *T-34/85 crew (g22)
    *Gurtiev, four-man company HQ (s14, taking cover)

    Assuming orders are forthcoming, the summary of turn 28 will appear on the RPS front-page at approximately this time tomorrow morning.

    • AbyssUK says:

      Renko, get setup and if you can see the mortar spotter take him out. Otherwise setup and fire at will.

      • Tim Stone says:

        It looks like the building at g9 screens the mortar spotter from Renko and the enemy unit at j12 won’t be in LoS either.

    • opowell says:

      Ryumin’s remnants to help clearing out the West bridge warehouse:
      – Squad currently in R18 to run to S12 via R13.
      – Squad currently in T16 to run to R13 via R14.
      Once the warehouse is cleared, both squads should move to the NW corner of the buildings they are in, in order to provide covering fire on the docks.

    • opowell says:

      Lapshin’s platooon:
      – 1 and 2 Squads to run to L14 and cover the advance
      – 3 Squad to continue fighting in the West bridge warehouse.

      • BooleanBob says:

        If we don’t leave anything in the square, we run the risk of losing it to the German LMG team again.

        • opowell says:

          Was the LMG team in N16? Myshkov’s 2 Squad were heading there to eliminate them.

          Update for Lapshin’s platoon:
          – 2 Squad to move via N16 to L14 (doing their best to clear the building before proceeding).

    • BooleanBob says:

      M5 to manoeuvre to k13, please. Pick up Myshkov’s 3 squad, pick up speed and loop around the house at j13, heading to j7. Covering arc NW all the while.

      HQ to leave l14 and join the assault at j12.

      2 squad to steel themselves and charge the roadblock. Can they take cover behind it? Swarming tactics might be enough to get us onto the wharves.

      Edit: let me know if you think I should change the M5’s destination to something like k9. I’m not sure whether to be more worried about fausts from l9 or the possibility of an emplacement at l4, but we have to move fast.

      • BooleanBob says:

        Amendment: forget taking cover, 2 squad to attempt to push past the barricade and enter the warehouse via l9.

      • Dogshevik says:

        I am confused. 2 squad will probably not even make it to the roadblock this turn. They are at M17 right now.
        Did you mean the squad closest to the roadblock (3 squad, at K13, 2 tiles away) per chance?

      • Cederic says:

        Experiences with the mortar team in the Olive Grove tell me that soldiers are incapable of getting into or out of a vehicle in under two minutes. So with three minutes of battle to go I’m not sure asking the M5 to pick up passengers is terribly sensible.

    • Wilson says:

      Flare Path to continue with current orders.
      AT Gun to open up on the targets in s12 (I guess a waste of AP rounds really, but doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to do anything else this battle).

      • Dogshevik says:

        What kind of order does FP actually have?
        Is that yellow line indicating it is firing at the L9 tile?

        • Tim Stone says:

          She’s hosing l9 with her MG while (in theory) simultaneously supporting the j12 attack with her main gun. As she didn’t fire on the j12 squad in turn 27, it might be worth giving her a single task/target in turn 28.

          • Dogshevik says:

            Well if you let this count as her orders, I want FlarePath to concentrate on firing at the L9 LW squad.
            Also I would like her to move out of the M5´s way (one tile to the west?), but frankly, I am not sure where the M5 is going or if its orders are actually executable. In any case FlarePath should not be the reason for any hold up.

      • AbyssUK says:

        I don’t think the FP has any orders… i thought it was moving to get the mortars… can it go through the roadblock or destroy it ?? If we get it onto the wharf that would be good.

        Too many Chefs!!

        Once the M5 is out of the way send in FP to the wharfs. J12 won’t be an issue anymore. Send squad at M12 with the FP

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      The T-34/85 crew to stay put in g22, thus freeing the tank hunters to head to g14 in the hope of causing a bit more mischief.

  2. upupup says:

    I….um, win? Whatever makes you win, do that. Yeah.

  3. opowell says:

    “(a maximum of two units per commenter)”

    • Wilson says:

      Thanks for highlighting this, I would have missed it otherwise!