Sociable Soccer hoofed up to early access this summer

Sociable Soccer [official site], a new kick ’em up from designer Jon Hare of Sensible Soccer fame, is now lacing its boots for an early access kick-off this summer. It is, as you’d expect, more cheery footy. Sociable Soccer looked briefly doomed after its crowdfunding campaign accidentally tied its bootlaces together and fell flat on its footballing face, but the team kept on going and now it’s almost here. The game’s full and finished launch is expected to follow in early 2018. Behold these men kicking:

While the trailer says “late summer” for the launch, the Steam page says September 7th. Update: The Suits have been in touch to say that date on Steam is a “clerical error”. I believe Monopoly rules mean I am owed $200.

“The first in a new series of fast, fun easy to play sports games, Sociable Soccer is a fusion of old fashioned arcade playability and modern technology, a serious sports game with a friendly face,” says the marketing blurb.

Developers Combo Breaker plan to use the time in early access to add a Manager Mode, a ‘My Team’ mode with a persistent online league with player cards to collect (like FIFA Ultimate Team?), co-op play, tournaments, more stadiums and pitches, and general polish and expansion. And to gather feedback, of course.

I’m probably the least balling of RPS United but I do thank football for indirectly giving me the ‘Gangs of the EPL’ stories on Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson’s podcast Athletico Mince. Bob tells wonderfully daft tales of footballers who are big schoolboys more interested in posturing, pranks, and sweeties than football.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Sounds sensible. I mean, sociable.

  2. Faldrath says:

    I hope this is good. I do miss the days where you could play any sports game with only 2 or 3 buttons. Nowadays if you want any kind of proficiency it feels like you have to memorize a bunch of Street Fighter-like combos.

  3. rubmon says:

    Keeping an eye out for this, but gameplay better be slower than in this video. I have blood in my veins, not caffeine.

    • GomezTheChimp says:

      As the trailer claims that the game is “Faster than f***”, I fear you might need to start shooting up Red Bull ASAP.
      Have you tried Super Arcade Football? I think you can slow that one down to a more sedate pace.

  4. Throwback says:

    Sensible Soccer was fantastic. Judging by the speed of this game I think it is going to have similarly brilliant gameplay that a video can’t really do justice to.

  5. Gothnak says:

    This is a game that needs a half match demo mode. If it plays well, i’ll buy it, if i can’t try it out, i won’t.