Dishonored: Death of the Outsider offers deicide from 15 Sept

Death of the Outsider

As you might know Dishonored 2 is welcoming a new standalone adventure expansiony thing called Dishonored: Death of the Outsider [official site]. Well, I say “welcoming”. I don’t remember anything in Dishonored ever being welcoming, more horrific and with the capacity to go chaotically and mass-murderingly wrong. What I’m trying to say is there’s a new thing involving Billie Lurk and Daud and the Outsider and now there’s a trailer…

What happens every time I watch a video of the Outsider is I try to remember who he reminds me of. I think it’s Mathew Horne crossed with Iwan Rheon who played Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones.

“After the events of Dishonored 2, things might finally seem calm for Billie Lurk and her former mentor Daud – but a new storm is brewing in the Empire of the Isles. In the first standalone adventure in the award-winning Dishonored series, Billie will play a key role in the bloody battle against the black-eyed bastard himself, the Outsider. A former killer-for-hire in search of redemption, Billie will take on one last job and pull off the ultimate assassination – and the Empire will never be the same again.”

It sounds like a sort of variety show masquerading as a murder mission: “Investigate mysterious cults, infiltrate underground fight clubs, and even pull off a bank heist as you search for a way to do the impossible: kill a god.”

The rest of the info is all about the usual diversity of playstyles, new supernatural abilities, weapons, gear and so on. I believe that diverse playstyles exist because Tom Francis keeps telling me about how he plays the game and he has no reason to lie. That said, I have never had a Dishonored experience which didn’t devolve into just piling up bodies in a safe zone while gradually clearing a pathway to the next event. If they let an idiot like me kill a god the Dishonored universe is boned.

Death of the Outsider is out on 15 September, priced at £19.99/29,99€/$29.99.


  1. Optimaximal says:

    In the first standalone adventure in the award-winning Dishonored series…

    That line makes it sound like that they have more of these planned – good news after the ‘lower than expected’ (I won’t call them ‘bad’) sales results for D2.

    • gbrading says:

      Yeah maybe that’s how they were able to get to do more Dishonored; rather than pitching a full-fledged sequel, go for a few smaller experiences. Either way, more Dishonored is good news.

    • Captain Yesterday says:

      If the Outsider does indeed die, wouldn’t that mean the end of the Dishonored franchise? He’s pretty much an essential element of the setting. All the cool magic powers in Dishonored all come from him, so no Outsider, no cool magic powers.

      • Premium User Badge

        ooshp says:

        Well that’s assuming he’s the only resident of the void capable of granting powers to humans.

        • Chromatose says:

          Calling it now, either Daud or Lurk will take his place.

        • Grizzly says:

          It’s already indicated in Dis2 that is not the case, there’s artifacts, and there was a Void before the Outsider appeared on the scene.

          Part of that is what interests me: The Outsider is load-bearing element of the setting. So if he dies, there’s quite a bit of oppertunity to shake the rules of the universe up for subsequent entries in the series.

      • Crusoe says:

        Not if an existing character replaces him ;)

        Daud would be an interesting choice. He’s in this stand-alone adventure, and I’m willing to bet the guilt of murdering The Empress still weighs him down.

    • Chromatose says:

      I wonder if Bethesda will consider walking back their ‘no advance review copies’ policy, seeing as almost every high-profile game they have published since instating said policy (save Doom) has been commercially underwhelming in spite of wide critical acclaim and plenty of high-profile advertising.

      It almost feels like Arkane have been thrown under the bus a bit by this policy in particular, given that Prey (in spite of my dislike of it) and Dishonored 2 were both well-liked games that were technically and artistically very accomplished, and *should* have sold a lot better than they did.

  2. LinasKK says:

    He totally looks like Ramsey, equally annoying too.

    It’s also nice to see Daud back, he solves the main Dishonored’s problem – bland characters.

    • jonahcutter says:

      I’ve heard we don’t get to actually play as Daud. Only as Billie Lurk. A weird decision considering Daud is such a beloved character of the fan base.

      Billie Lurk is a decent character, but Daud is far more interesting. Both as an individual character and in regards to having extensive, personal history with The Outsider. Not letting players be Daud in an attempt to kill The Outsider is a huge missed opportunity by the writers.

  3. Jack says:

    Hopefully the non lethal option isn’t that harsh. The outsider always seemed like a swell guy to me.

    • Captain Yesterday says:

      Just a swell guy who spreads chaos and discord for his own amusement.

      • ourbeneveolentrobotoverlords says:

        It’s not the Outsider’s fault that people use his freely-granted powers to wicked ends, or try to catch his eye in rituals they’ve invented that have nothing to do with him, or are obsessed with a moral tug-of-war when he’s not even holding the rope.

        The chaos and discord says a lot more about humanity than it does about him.

  4. icemann says:

    “What happens every time I watch a video of the Outsider is I try to remember who he reminds me of.”

    I’d say it’s due to the fact that outsider is voiced by the guy who plays “Penguin” in the TV show “Gotham”. It was annoying me when I was playing Dishonored 2. Kept thinking “where have I heard that voice before?”. Eventually looked it up and all was solved.

    Visually he looks to me like the emo reboot Dante of the last DmC, which was a huge epic fail on Capcom’s part.

  5. Blake Casimir says:

    Atrocious song choice in the trailer won’t stop me from playing this on release! Though I feel the plot of the first game was more enjoyable than the second, that level design! More is very welcome. More immersive simmery is always welcome!

    • durrbluh says:

      One has to wonder how much of track selection for promotional trailers is a result of the 30-to-40 crowd aging into the PR industry, thinking “man, what constituted edgy music when I was a teenager?”

      • TimePointFive says:

        They heard it in John Wick, no doubt. It’s Marilyn Manson.

  6. racccoon says:

    I love the game! but i’ll wait for dishonored 3.
    I see no point to keep paying for the same game as with subs & other credit crunching eaters its a no, no, from me..