Rainbow Six Siege’s Hong Kong update due August 29th

Three new characters and one new map will arrive in Rainbow Six Siege [official site] on August 29th with the launch of its ‘Operation Blood Orchid’ update, Ubisoft confirmed on Friday. Visiting Hong Kong, this content was once expected in May but Ubisoft delayed it to focus on improving the base game. Operation Blood Orchid seems to be off to an amusement park, which should be a lark.

Two of the new Operators are from Hong Kong, which the third is Polish. Officially, the update is under wraps until Saturday, August 26th, when Ubisoft will reveal all during the livestreamed Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals at 5.15pm BST

Ubisoft pretend they’re keeping everything secret until then, but a lot of the announcement won’t be surprising. Months ago, data miners found references to two of the new operatives being named Caltrop and Dazzler. The data suggests Caltrop will have explosive and toxic mines. Folks found references to the QBZ-95 bullpup rifle and JS9 suppressed submachine gun too.

Bigger than all that, Ubisoft apparently accidentally uploaded the schematics of the new map (under the name Theme Park) to the game’s website. They’ve since removed that but you have a look in this video.

Operation Blood Orchid was held up by Operation Health, the string of patches to shore up the base game rather than add new content, but that doesn’t mean Health has properly ended. One facet of Operation Health has only begun. Ubisoft plan to optimise every map over the next year. How much have you noticed the improvements of Operation Health so far, gang?


  1. stringerdell says:

    wish they would pay the tiniest bit of attention to terrorist hunt. That mode would be greatly improved with a few small, simple changes and options.

    • Maxheadroom says:

      Ditto this. I’m old and my reflexes are gone. On the few occasions ive ventured into multiplayer winning or losing is almost entirely dependant on the rest of the team and im lucky to even see who kills me, much less get a shot off

      I know Terrorise Hunt isn’t the focus since they’re pushing the whole e-sports thing but that’s much more my speed, and a laugh if played with a few friends. It would be nice if they threw a token update or another mode at it once in a while

    • Avus says:

      yes x100
      Like don’t always give that “sh!tty yellow mist disarm bomb” university map. I have NO PROBLEM with that map but when the game load this map for Terrorist Hunt, 90% of the time is in Disarm Bomb mode and 100% is with that yellow mist that blind all players but no effect on AI!! Why can’t the game give more regular Terrorist Hunt or Protect Hostage for this map? Why can’t the game give random chance to take away that yellow mist in Disarm Bomb mode??

      • stevesx says:

        You can. In the settings menu you can choose what modes and maps you want to play in terrorist hunt AND also multiplayer.

    • LANCERZzZz says:

      well i’m sure the community will get everything they want….

      AFTER all the DLC has been pumped out of course. This is Ubisoft, after all.

  2. Banks says:

    We haven’t had new proper content since january. It has been painful.

  3. that_guy_strife says:

    I checked in a few weeks ago. Still rubberbanding on every second match (3 MBps down, ethernet connection, can play Titanfall 2 and Heroes of the Storm without issues). Still have to fiddle around to place gadgets, same for many walls. Matchmaking and VoIP are still P2P. Ranked is still in beta.

    Played a dozen matches and uninstalled again, like I’ve been doing since launch (140 gamehours according to Steam). I’ll check it out again in another few months ”yawns”.

  4. TomA says:

    It’s been up and down. The game has started to stagnate because we’ve not had any new content for a while. IMO

    Hitboxes improved
    Matchmaking is much faster and less buggy
    Seen less hackers than last season

    They still can’t put out an update without breaking numerous other things
    Commonplace games against people who have swapped their data centres and are running at a constant 300 ping
    Smoke is still client side so you may be able to see nothing while your opponent has a clear view of you.
    Like the people above have mentioned terrorist hunt is still pretty bare bones.

    They’ve fixed some of the glaring issues but it’s still really frustrating at times.
    As an example of this a few days ago me and some friends were playing secure objective on Border map, I had breached onto the site as Thermite and got the game to a 1 vs 1, the game got confused as to where the boundary of the room was due to a breached wall and I lost the game for leaving the area clearly still stood well in the room, even the opposing team were laughing. There’s plenty of other little things like this still bringing the game down as a whole and need to be addressed before I could call operation health a success.

    Also as a bit of advice if you’re struggling with connection or finding matches turn your data centre from North EU to West EU. My ping is much better and I find games in 10 seconds as opposed to 3-4 minutes since doing this, and I’m based in the UK.

    • Bedeage says:

      You should have been west EU already…. generally speaking north Europe is the Scandis.