Destiny 2 shows off 4K shootbangs ahead of PC beta


A new trailer for Destiny 2’s [official site] PC beta has arrived and like so much of the marketing, it’s nodding at all your PC’s most powerful components in a suggestive fashion: “With that kind of equipment, I can go full 4K with an uncapped framerate.” Even though the game itself is coming to PC later than console, as is the beta which arrives August 29th, it plans to use the extra time to really preen itself. Pre-order and you can join the beta a day early, but it’ll open up worldwide on the 29th, through the recently rebranded Blizzard.Battle/NothingButNet.

Speaking of BattleNet, Bungie recently reiterated that there are no plans to release Destiny 2 anywhere else on PC. “We’re with Blizzard”, says Bungie community manager DeeJ.

Confession time! I didn’t know Destiny 2 was going to be exclusive to BlizzBatt but if I’d been paying attention, I’d have picked up on that since it was mentioned in the earliest announcements. DeeJ restated the retail plans in response to suggestions that Destiny 1 might pop up on Steam following the appearance of in-game currency on Valve’s storefront.

This was an error.

The beta will contain the first level of the campaign, along with a three-player cooperative mission, Inverted Spire, and 4v4 competitive multiplayer. Alice has already looked into how it’ll differ from the earlier console beta. Since Pip knows everything about Destiny, I plan to cooperate with her and to fight against John. We’d probably be able to spend the entire beta period (August 29-31) failing to kill one another, and then putting aside our differences and just looking at all of the colours for a while.

I love what I’ve already played of the campaign. The original completely passed me by and I was expecting combat to be much flatter, with lots of chipping away at health bars and waiting for skill timers to trickle down. Instead, I was blasting aliens across the surface of starships and watching them slide off the edge into space. I approve.

Quick date recap: open beta starts August 29th and ends on the 31st, and the full launch is October 24th.


  1. Zanchito says:

    Nice and all. What about correct 21:9 support? If we’re flaunting graphical options, that’s one of the cool ones.

  2. Severn2j says:

    I know Im playing it wrong, but I really hope for a good single player experience.. I managed to get that out of The Division, so I think its possible here too.

    • MooseMuffin says:

      I played much of the first one solo. You can have fun with it and reach the level cap, but the best stuff will require other people. Its a little bit like WoW (or how WoW was back when I played it) in that a series of solo-able missions tends to culminate in a mission that requires a group (these are Strikes, in Destiny lingo). In the first game these had matchmaking and and were straightforward enough mechanically that no communication was required. The endgame content is generally a raid though. These do not have matchmaking, and very much require a well-communicating group to have any chance. I ignored these for months because of the social barrier to entry, but I eventually put together a group with some friends and some helpful strangers on Reddit and it was the best gaming experience I’ve had in years.

    • Nauallis says:

      Probably most of the story missions will be playable as a singleplayer experience, but the “strikes” (which are essentially instanced dungeons) will include automatic matchmaking with randoms if you are not already a part of a fire team.

      Granted, the teaser story mission included in the beta actually includes matchmaking that is built-in for a specific section of the mission, but there’s no visible loading for this and it really shouldn’t impact your experience in a negative way (but it is a beta).

      • citrusninja says:

        Also worth noting that they have reworked the raid system and are including normal-mode raid match-making for Destiny 2. Even if you’re a lone wolf, you can be paired with a group of people through a match making process called “Guided Games”, where it will team you up with a clan that is doing a guided game session (meaning they’re willing to help a new/lone-wolf raider through the raid)

  3. Premium User Badge

    Der Zeitgeist says:

    Ah, I see our AR-15 clones in the 28th century still have reflex sights and picatinny rails, so every military porn gun nut should feel right at home. :-)

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      I like the part that goes “BOOM” and spits metal!

    • Catterbatter says:

      That’s not a pic rail; it’s a diffuser so the gun handles better and doesn’t slow you down while sprinting.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Lol 28th century won’t even have guns. We’ll have touch screen motions that interface with reality that have the ability to suck people into tiny black holes which are then deposited into one of the 13 dimensions. Yup.

  4. Unsheep says:

    I’m gonna stick to my PS4 with this one, and not take any chances … considering how expensive this title is. Plus all my Destiny buddies are on the PS4. At least they’ve sided with Blizzard, who should really know what they’re doing regarding PC gaming.

  5. racccoon says:

    Its a cool game but the trailer sucks arse..