Fyre it up! Cities: Skylines launches Concerts DLC

How difficult can organising a music festival be? Oh, right. Well! If you’ve got the moxie despite being woefully underqualified, you can now step up and organise concerts with the latest “mini-expansion” for city-builder Cities: Skylines [official site]. It lets players build festival grounds, host bands, and hopefully not end up with a musical mega-hell. It’s not a deep business simulation but might be a bit of fun to brighten up your city.

God, those are grim festivals. One thousand people standing idly on stony ground, barely even looking at the stage. That might fly for shoegaze but seems wrong here.

The explain will let city-planners build and upgrade festival grounds, budget for costs like marketing and security, decide new laws, and generally try to bring nice events to their city.

Cities: Skylines – Concerts is out for £4.99/6,99€/$6.99 on Steam. Knowing Paradox, I’m sure it’ll be cheaper in sales soon enough.

As is the Paradox way, a patch has launched aside the DLC. The main feature is an updated content manager to better handle your mod bits. Hit the Cities: Skylines v1.8.0 patch notes for full details on everything, including fixes aplenty for both the base game and other add-ons.


  1. antszy says:

    paradox tax

  2. His Dudeness says:

    Already “mixed” up.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    So many lousy festivals go on and then get laughed at by the internet.

    Fyre was pretty up there.

  4. ludde says:

    Shame they keep throwing bland DLCs at this game instead of some proper work on the simulation. It could’ve been so much better.

  5. RayEllis says:

    Thought about checking Cities Skylines out… Can anyone tell me if you can just “build” a city without all the malarkey of juggling budgets/traffic/pollution etc? I’d kinda just like to build a city for my own amusement without it all going horribly wrong due to the mechanics.

    • maninahat says:

      You can with the help of a mod in the steam workshop (I’ve no idea which one).

    • DuncUK says:

      I recently bought Cities : Skylines in a sale and I’m not a fan but I think that’s for reasons that you might like it. It seems incredibly forgiving, the only initial limit is your budget and it’s pretty easy to balance that. I’m sure there’s a mod that’ll give you infinite funds.

      Also, that sale is still on at Wingamestore, a legit reseller that’ll get you a Steam key (and worked fine for me in the UK). link to wingamestore.com

      • maninahat says:

        There actually is a mod packaged with the game that gives you infinite funds, and another that lets you build everything from the get go.

  6. maninahat says:

    I’m hoping they’ll some day introduce a bigger mod that lets you simulate the kinds of cities you get in developing countries, like Bangalore or Rio de Janeiro, with super cheap (and substandard) infrastructure and buildings. Combined zones would be cool too (many European and eastern towns combine commercial shops with residential areas).

  7. Dogshevik says:

    There are tons of mods that proof you can make this game a more sophisticated and more enjoyable city builder simulation. With each DLC people get their hopes up. Each time they are offered glas pearls instead.

  8. Hyena Grin says:

    I’ve been pretty disappointed with the DLC for Cities: Skylines, honestly. It all seems like wasted potential. Like, who’s looking for ‘concerts?’

    The game needs a more robust economy and more in-depth simulation, but they haven’t touched that side since launch. There are mods that improve on various aspects of the game (such as improved traffic simulation) which are basically required to play if you actually care about Cities as a Sim rather than a model city builder.

    ‘Concerts.’ That’s what we needed. And dirigibles. Sigh.

  9. Rindan says:

    I suppose I just need to accept that Cities just is what it is and will never be more. I was kind of hoping that they were going to build Cities into something sprawling and interesting, but holy crap have their expansions been just boring.

  10. Blad the impaler says:

    My goodness the city builder genre’s in a weird place now, isn’t it?

    I love C:S and have sank a ton of hours into it (created some decent assets too) – but it’s always felt, to me, like … the Go-Bots to the Transformers. Even in the absence of a SimCity, Cities feels second-rate. If Colossal Order wants the monopoly on this genre (and it’s theirs for the taking), they’ll really need to step up their game with the next expansion or outright sequel.

    Like, I’m not even sure if Paradox knows just how much of a goldmine they’re sitting on with this franchise. SimCity isn’t a thing anymore.

    Do a fresh build in an engine other than Unity – hire some more programmers, CO, and fricking make a kick-ass modern city builder already.

  11. cpy says:

    Damn those greedy bastards, ore and pollution mechanics could use much needed love, but they add literally one building for 7EUR. This is some next level freemium crap.

  12. Czrly says:

    There’s something that’s dead backwards about Cities: Skylines. And it confuses me because I cannot understand why the modding scene is so huge.

    In my mind, the best modding scene is one where the developers of the core game attend to core game mechanics and the modders add the single extra buildings and fluffy content. In CS, this is exactly the opposite. The developers are *selling* single buildings for cash and the modders are the ones left to try to hack together fixes to make the desperately shallow simulation worthy of the playing. Who, in their right mind, sets out to mod content into a shallow game? Who, in their right mind, spends seven bucks on a single building?

    • Hyena Grin says:

      “Who, in their right mind, sets out to mod content into a shallow game?”

      Well, someone who loves the city-building genre in a market that doesn’t have a game that isn’t shallow. Or isn’t over a decade old, at the very least.

      Agreed though, the path Cities:SL has taken from launch has been incredibly disappointing. But it’s still the best (modern) city builder on the market. Sim City was a disaster, and the Cities XL series never grew out of the ‘model city builder’ and into a simulation. What else is there? Just a lot of people wishing for a game that doesn’t exist, and wanting it bad enough to turn an underwhelming but decent game into a good one.