Warframe devs show off The Amazing Eternals

The makers of free-to-play hit Warframe have unveiled their next game, The Amazing Eternals [official site]. Announced in May under the name Keystone, The Amazing Eternals is a first-person ‘hero’ shooter with a splash of deck-building thrown in for cards giving power-ups and abilities. Yup, it’s a bit like Overwatch meets Paladins, or Titanfall, or Battlefront, or… you know, it’s smooshing together several concepts in the air tonight. Oh lord. And I’ve been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh lord. Can you feel it coming in the air tonight? Oh lord. Oh lord.

Ah, sorry. I think I was taken by something else in the air.

The Amazing Eternals! It’s a team-based, class-based shooter (or ‘hero shooter’, we’re supposed to say now when classes have personal names and don’t wear similar uniforms) where, as you play, you’ll also play cards. Drawing from a deck you’ve built from collected cards, these offer things like power-ups, different weapon types, and traps. It’ll let players customise their style a little, and help them better shoot other players. Observe:

I do like fun B movie designs of the classes/characters/heroes/murderers.

Closed beta signups are live on the game’s site. The Amazing Eternals will be free-to-play when it eventually launches in full, though Digital Extremes also plan to run a ‘Founders Program’ selling beta access and bits and bobs.


  1. Flopper says:

    You know what I love in my skill based FPS games? RNG decks.

    Love Warframe. This one’s gonna be a no for me dawg.

    • Fishbreath says:

      It isn’t random. I understand that cards take a certain amount of time to draw from your deck, and you get to arrange them in whatever order you like. That way, you get to control your power curve precisely.

      • Nelyeth says:

        Very counter-intuitive to make it look like a deck of cards then. Decks imply randomness and whatamigoingtodrawnext-ness. If there’s nothing random, I understand this is both an esthetic thing and a way to draw in cardgames lovers, but it might deter a lot of people.

        That said, I understand the concept of having your items basically stacked on top of each other, and getting to draw them in order, and cards do convey that well. A gauge would have worked too, although less trendy.

  2. LexW1 says:

    Really seems like the art style is going to do this game in, to me.

    They call it 1970s, but it seems way more confused than that. It’s basically 1950s concepts/designs, but with 1970s-style colours, costume-styling, music, and so on (which is weird because why not do 1970s/1970s, it was just more stylish and together than the 1950s…), and then a sort modernity by way of the extreme complexity of some of the designs and little ironic touches that would have been out of place in either the 1950s or 1970s (like the button on the back of the ray-gun).

    I’m sure it made sense to them.

    I’m really unsure it will make sense to a larger audience. Overwatch went with very broadly appealing, clean, modern, Pixar-ish designs for a reason (even I don’t love them). The 1950s/1970s angle also limits the “alternate costumes” they could do/sell without breaking that.

    I guess I just feel like it’s a bold decision, which I kind of respect, but not necessarily a good decision. It’s not timeless and bizarre like Warframe’s look, either.

    So it’ll all be down to how compelling the gameplay is… good luck with that…

  3. Metalfish says:

    I like the gameplay and aesthetics of warframe. But I’m not exaggerating when I say I would make a good number of its underlying systems illegal given the chance. It’s a hugely exploitative (and apparently, it’s one of the better examples). The world doesn’t need more of this kind of thing.

    • Blackcompany says:

      Exactly. And I guarantee this game will go the same way.

      Don’t support this dev, folks. Their business models are absolutely vile. They weren’t, always. But they are now.

      • Flopper says:

        Warframe is easily the best F2P game ever made. Current state. I don’t know what crack you’re on but you should go to rehab.

  4. Kollega says:

    I’m just going to have to see as the more information about the game is revealed. The basic concept described in the video does not sound like “must get, right here, right now!” for me, but at the very least, the world doesn’t have many games explicitly based on the look of 1950s pulps, and I like that – so they have that going for their game, at least.

  5. xvre says:

    Apart from the aesthetic it seems very similar to Paladins, which also has an extensive customisation system using card loadouts.

    This character shooter rush is just like the MOBA rush from 2-3 years ago. I don’t have high hopes that this game will be a success.

  6. Maxheadroom says:

    Im cautiously optimistic, which is more than what I thought id say for what could arguably be described as just another ‘me too!’ hero shooter.

    While I dip in and out of Warframe from time to time i’m by no means a super fan. DE genuinely seem to care about it as a product though so for that alone im willing to give them the benefit of the doubt here and see how this pans out

  7. barrel 9 says:

    Yet another “unique” hero brawler.