Robocraft blasts out of early access this month

The build-your-own-warcmhine battling of Robocraft [official site] is almost ready to launch in full, after three years in early access. It’ll hit version 1.0 and launch on August 24th, developers Freejam Games have announced. If you’re the cautious sort who’d rather not play even a free-to-play game until it’s done, hey, it’s almost here.

Observe, a video from a couple months back:

Our last proper look at Robocraft was shortly after the Steam Early Access launch in 2014, when Chris Livingston said words including:

“Variety comes from the players, however, who take great handfuls of the limited cubes and build them into goofy, wonky, adorable, impressive, or fearsome battletanks. The second best part of multiplayer comes when you’re plunked into a match and have a few moments to look around at your teammates’ tanks and see what they’ve built. The first best part comes a moment later when everyone rolls out, or rolls up the side of a mountain and flips over, or takes off, crashes into a mountain and flips over, or rams into you and flips over and flips you over. Often the battlefield becomes littered with overturned tanks and the skies dotted with inverted aircraft. It feels like a war directed by toddlers.”

Three years of additions and changes have gone into the game since then, mind.

Freejam haven’t detailed the full contents of the launch update that will finally make Robocraft a finished game, but they do confirm it’ll bring new cosmetic mask effects, bug fixes, and the return of pilot seats. Pre-launch players will receive free crates and pilot seats too, getting more depending on how early they started.

Disclosure: Robocraft developers Freejam sponsored the RPS booze-up at Rezzed last year but I wasn’t there so I didn’t drink any of their free drinks. If anything, I resent them for not pouring a pint into an envelope and posting it to me.


  1. Glentoran says:

    This game, at one time, really was a lot of fun. Creating ridiculous machines and sending them into battle against other equally ludicrous designs.

    Then they introduced pay-to-win weapons. And it all went downhill. Such a shame.

    • makkara says:

      All parts and weapons can be get by just playing the game, without using any real money.
      The most expensive and hard to get weapons are not needed at all because they are actually often worse than cheaper weapons.
      No one uses these “pay to win” weapons in competitive matches cause every one knows they are worse.

  2. VNI says:

    The game’s very nice for people who don’t want many limitations as to what they can build (there are some, but you don’t want an undestructible meta build of doom) , the grind is not as harsh as in other games regardless of Premium, and the high tier “Legendary” weapons are actually not a good idea to invest in (lol) since they pale in comparison to their Epic, and sometimes Rare counterparts which are easier to get.

    Take into account that the game can be hard especially if you’re just starting, as you’ll find that your newly built bot often cripples very quickly, but as you keep progressing and building it’ll become clear what was the issue with it (thin armor, bad gun placement, you name it).

    Note that the playerbase is a salt mine with arguments from 2015-16 that don’t apply anymore, that jump to every place where robo is mentioned to throw irrelevant posts, like the guy above claiming it’s P2W.

  3. Darth Gangrel says:

    I’ve always wanted to put my hiney in a warcmhine.

  4. Ghostwise says:

    Yeah, small typo. It was supposed to “War McHine”, a famous mecha pilot. No, it’s not his real first name.

  5. morse says:

    Every time this pops up in my Steam feed I think it’s Robosport and get excited and nostalgic and let down, in that order. (if you never played it, it was like chess with robots and guns)

  6. GemFire81 says:

    You can tell something went very wrong with the development of robocraft because this game used to hit 10,000 concurrent easy and now its like 1/4 of that usually.

  7. MajorLag says:

    I really like the core concept. It’s got a Cocoron feel to it, but with multiplayer. It’s one of the games that seems to have taken the good part of Minecraft to heart: making it intuitive for players to build custom things.

    I’d have paid actual money for it, really I would, but Free-to-Play is just not going to happen. Too much incentive for grindy bullshit and pay-to-win schemes, which it sounds like this game has a fair bit of.

  8. jevry says:

    lol it was time i checked this out….

    link to

    here is yo proof nooblets, robocraft is getting worse and worse!
    someone should put this in a sheet compared to the dates certain updates came out. maybe i will.. probably too lazy.

    • jevry says:

      ok, april 28th the epic loot update went live, meaning the month after is the real aftermath of the update, but before it there ofcourse also was new about it. the game lost 1.7k avg players in april, and got it back the month after. then over the next 4 months they only lost players! racking the kill count to nearly 3000 players leaving the game!!! the next few months they enjoyed a gradual climb gaining about 400 players back, and then it went downhill again!
      the last time peak players ever hit 10k was 2 months after epic loot

  9. bonuswavepilot says:

    Not played this for a while now, might have to break out the Gun-trike and give it another bash, presuming my save is still extant.

    I liked some of the multiplayer modes: particularly the ‘big group of low-level players take on one high-level guy’ mode.