Anime boyband roadtrip confirmed for PC

Prince Noctis and his anime boyband are indeed bringing their Final Fantasy XV [official site] road trip to PC, Square Enix have confirmed. I have been so very keen to scamper about with these rowdy boys who love camping, cooking, friendship, riding chickens, and fighting honking great monsters. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will come almost a year after the RPG’s initial release, in “early 2018”, but it should be the best edition. Improvements and additions that were patched into the console versions should be here from the start, for one. And of course technical improvements and PC prettybits are in too. See them in this new trailer:

It’ll pack high-resolution textures, an optional first-person mode for walking simulator fans, support for high-resolution and HDR screens, and loads of that Nvidia-exclusive GameWorks guff for fire, hair, grass, shadows, and all that.

They’re not actually a boyband, you know. They just look like they should be. No, Noctis and chums are out on a road trip towards Noctis’s wedding, getting into scrapes and adventures, when they find out his kingdom’s been invaded and his dad killed. And then there are crystals and all that Final Fantasy stuff. Can they save the day and find true love?

Unusually for the main Final Fantasy series, FFXV combat is real-time with no turns or anything.

Oh, and it’s all so pretty and stylish. The attention to detail is astonishing, especially with the delicious food our chums will prepare.

I’ve avoided the 2016 console version, partly because Squeenix have been expanding some of the game’s weaker sections after launch and partly because I wanted it on PC. I’m glad this wait hasn’t been in vain. FFXV’s director has previously spoken — hypothetically, I stress — about a desire for mod support in a PC version and it’d be magic if that comes true. No confirmation on that yet, mind, so don’t count on it.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is due out on Steam some time in “early 2018”. For now, hey, we can drive their car Forza Horizon 3.


  1. golem09 says:

    I almost gave in and bought it, good thing I didn’t. All gameplay I’ve seen from this basically screamed 60fps for me, so I’m gonna hold out until I can actually play it like that.

  2. darkath says:

    Can they please fire the person responsible for the “Windows edition” line in the title, logo, video, press release and every other marketing material ?
    I don’t know if this is more cringeworthy than games labelled “steam edition”, but still.

    The worst part is the game will probably display as FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION in your game library.

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      Drib says:


  3. Premium User Badge

    Qazinsky says:

    Wait, the combat is real-time? Ok, Final Fantasy, you got my attention.

    • Meat Circus says:

      It’s more like automatic. You hold down circle and you attack your nearest target. Occasionally you’ll switch to holding down square if you wanna dodge everything for a bit.

      There’s also magic, but you can’t ever use it because you’ll kill all your friends.

      So basically it’s holding down one of two buttons.

  4. TotallyUseless says:

    Hopefully this won’t be region locked for my place since FFXIV was. Although fairly speaking, no other Squeenix games is blocked besides FFXIV from where I’m livin. Odd.

  5. int says:

    Can you get other haircuts for the main character? He looks a complete pillock.

    • Kiytan says:

      you can’t, but you can get an array of truly horrible outfits (and some not quite as horrible outfits)

    • vorador says:

      The ridiculous haircuts are a mainstay of the series.

      Now that the turn-based combat has left the series, is the only thing left.

      • ludde says:

        It’s gotten worse though. Looking at FF7 or FF9, it’s one or two out of the main characters. Now it’s everyone.

        Also the jump to realism makes it stick out more.

    • Buggery says:

      A ridiculous haircut… in a Final Fantasy game!?

  6. SaintAn says:

    I recommend not buying it unless it’s $20, or maybe $30 at most. Game is a big mess and not really a FF game, but the journey is kinda interesting. The movie is far far better.

    • Baines says:

      It is rather amazing how many Final Fantasy games aren’t Final Fantasy games.

      FF7 wasn’t an FF game, because it was too different from 1-6. FF8 wasn’t an FF game, because it was too different from 1-7. FF9 was an FF game, but it was a throwback FF game and not a modern FF game because it wasn’t like 7-8.

      FF11 actually wasn’t a main series FF game, since it was really an MMO spin-off. FF12 almost wasn’t an FF game, because its original director was the guy behind the tactics games, and fans complained that they didn’t want to have to think to play an FF game. Even with that bullet dodged (having to think in an FF game?), there are people that still argue FF12 isn’t a real FF game. FF13 wasn’t an FF game because people hate Lightning. FF14 was another MMO. And now FF15 isn’t an FF game because reasons.

      • Mokinokaro says:

        Pretty much. The series has always been highly experimental.

        IF you want the old SNES JRPG gameplay, you’re better off just playing Dragon Quest which has hardly changed in gameplay for 20+ years (but isn’t available on PC, unfortunately.)

  7. horrorgasm says:

    I like how this commits all the same sins as Mass Effect Andromeda, in most cases to a much higher degree (almost complete lack of story/character depth, 98% made up of filler side quests with zero story attached to them, etc), but it has prettier character faces so it got a free pass…

    • KillahMate says:

      A lesson in how important good character animation is.

    • Baines says:

      FF15 didn’t get a free pass. People complained rather a lot about it.

      The big difference between the reception for FF15 and ME:A is audience expectations were different. The FF games have at this point a rather established audience, and people outside that audience often refuse to give the titles any credit at all. FF15 was also coming off of several years of FF13, which many fans flat out hated for various reasons, and simply not being too much like FF13 (and not having Lightning in the game) already gave it a boost in the minds of those fans.

    • flidget says:

      I’d actually say that FFXV launched in a worse state than MEA, MEA at least didn’t skip huge chunks of its own story, but it was mostly how the developers handled the aftermath that the games lived and died by.

      FFXV had the season pass from the get-go so everyone who enjoyed the game remained committed because we already knew more content was coming, the Devs were communicative about the stuff they were trying to fix, the entire playbase got surveyed on what future content they wanted to see and we got a bunch of free DLC to keep interest up. MEA was just radio silence most of the time, which was especially excruciating during those two months between Jason Schreier’s Kotaku articles and Bioware finally confirming the game was dead. It’s left the FF fandom moderately happy and able to hope SE will, someday, eventually get the game into a finished state and the ME fandom feeling used and bitter.

  8. Nice Save says:

    I’m sometimes tempted to play a FF game, but then I realise how many games I’d have to play to get caught up on the story and decide to do something else.

    Now they’ve gone with realtime combat I’ll probably not feel that urge again anyway.

    • malkav11 says:

      That number, of course, being zero. There is no story or setting continuity between any of the fifteen main numbered games in the series. Until X-2 they had never done a story sequel to any FF game and only the 2 XIII followups since.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Here’s what you need to know:

      -Cid likes airships
      -Chocobos are fun to ride
      -Cactuars will run away
      -Tonberries will mess you up if they get too close
      -Spells go normal name, then ‘A’ suffix, then ‘AGA’ suffix (Fire, Fira, Firaga)
      -Bahamut is the coolest summon

    • Werthead says:

      To reiterate what others have said, each Final Fantasy game is a self-contained story with its own characters. Each game is even set on its own planet. Apart from some of the spin-offs, none of the Final Fantasy games share a world, story or characters at all, and all can be enjoyed individually.

      There are some recurring elements (an airship pilot called Cid will show up at some point, giant chicken-like animals called chocobos seem to exist on ever world in the FF universe, some elements of magic are shared between the worlds) but these are pretty minor.

  9. OmNomNom says:

    God this looks so awful