Clickuorice Allsorts: Why Steve Gaynor makes games

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The most recent two episodes of the Designer Notes podcast is well worth listening to if you’re interested in game development. In it, podcast creator (and Civilization IV designer) Soren Johnson interviews Steve Gaynor, co-founder of Fullbright Company and designer of Tacoma. Designer Notes is a podcast about “why we make games,” and typically charts a designer’s career, from the first game they played, to how they got started in the industry and how they ended up wherever they are now. In Steve Gaynor’s case, parts one and two cover early forays into level design, working on a FEAR expansion, joining the BioShock 2 team, designing Minerva’s Den, going indie to make Gone Home, and finally the challenges of making Tacoma. Check out the podcast’s archives for lots more, too – the Amy Hennig episodes are particularly great.


  1. PrestonFranklin says:

    I recommend the Davey Wreden & Chris Avellone episodes.

  2. TychoCelchuuu says:

    Designer Notes is pretty great. Anyone who enjoys it and especially anyone who enjoys the Steve Gaynor episodes will probably also like Tone Control which is basically the same podcast except hosted by Steve Gaynor. The Brendon Chung and Clint Hocking episodes are two of my favorites.

  3. DantronLesotho says:

    Been listening to this podcast for a while and love it. The Sid Meier ones were great too.

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    Ninja Dodo says:

    I quite enjoyed the Amy Hennig and Rob Pardo ones too, some insight into parts of gamedev history and process that you don’t hear that much about. But really, they’re all good if you have any interest at all in the work of the various interviewees.

    And yes, Tone Control is excellent too. Also recommend Playscape LA (link to for a view into the Los Angeles dev scene, and the main Idle Thumbs cast, plus Idle Weekend for various meandering thoughts on games and game design. (link to

  5. Ejia says:

    Speaking of Licorice Allsorts, may I present the saga of a man determined to right a great wrong: link to

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      SoundDust says:

      Oh wow, this is great. I remember that moment of digging into a fresh bag of Allsorts, and being like ‘what is this sh*t’..