Shadow Warrior free as SW2 gets new free bits

Hey gang, if you missed Shadow Warrior the last time it was free, another chance is here for a few more hours. This is the 2013 reboot of the demon-stabbing FPS, to be clear, not 3D Realm’s original (which is always free). You’ve got until 6pm today (10am Pacific) to grab this free so chop chop.

The giveaway celebrates the launch of new missions and weapons for Shadow Warrior 2 in a free update last night. And that game’s on sale right now too. So many shadows and wars, so little time.

Hit Steam in the next six hours and you can get Shadow Warrior for free for keepsies.

Shadow Warrior 2 and the revamp of the first game are on sale too.

As for the new bits jammed into Flying Wild Hog’s looter-shooter sequel last night, publishers Developer Digital explain:

“The Shadow Warrior 2: Bounty Hunt Part 2 DLC delivers 13 thrilling new missions, two spectacular new weapons, and three powerful new perks for Lo Wang and the gang. Strap on your katana and go for one last ride alone or in co-op through missions like Lost Girls, Missing Yakuza, and Danger Zone with new weapons like the Tactical Bullet Spewing Machine (TBSM).”

Pew pow!

The Shadow Warrior was really quite good, Adam will tell you. Shadow Warrior 2 reshapes it into a procedurally-generated looter-shooter which our kid declared to be “anarchic, excessive, ridiculous, occasionally spectacular and almost entirely wonderful.”

Fun video games, in short.


  1. Senethro says:

    I thought it was pretty fun, but make sure you get a few missions in and have been given a few different weapons and abilities. I thought the start a little slow.

    • LaundroMat says:

      Ah. I played for about an hour and got really bored with it… Maybe I should give it another try then.

  2. Menthalion says:

    I wish they would patch in an option to remove the nonsensical key combos and use something alike to the SW2 control scheme.

    Never could get far into 1 because of having to fight the control scheme more than the enemies. Loved SW2 to bits though.

  3. Cyrus says:

    Only played the first Shadow Warrior, I am a little skeptical towards the more “open-world” and “loot-weapon” thing they pull off with the sequel, does it differ a whole lot?

    • vorador says:

      It is pretty different.

      But there’s no open world. Each map its on their own, but they’re randomly generated so every map is different in each playtrough.

      Weapons are drop from enemies or bought, and there’s a lot of them. They have fixed stats, but have sockets in which you can embed gems that change stats or add special effects.

      All in all i enjoyed it a lot, and they did away with the overcomplicated combo system for Chi abilities that was in the first Shadow Warrior.

  4. poliovaccine says:

    Gotta say, I wasn’t very thrilled with the idea of a full-fledged return to the wisecracking, ego-driven, ultraviolent-and-arcadey mascot-protagonists of the big 90s shooters, but I did pick this up last time it was free, purely by virtue of good press and word of mouth, and I gotta say, it really did win me over and then some. Crazy-ass FPSes are hardly why I like gaming, but I can appreciate a good one, and that’s what this is. Plus, I actually found the mascot-protagonist endearing, mainly because he’s equally as full of himself as he is a total corndog. That’s kinda the only way that setup ever works, for me anyway. I know there are plenty of totally unironic Tom Cruise and Jean Claude Van Damme fans, and I’m willing to bet Lo Wang works on either of those levels, haha.

    Frankly I was afraid this one would turn out to be a Duke Nukem Forever people just happened to like for some brainwashed reason that would wear off in five years, but either I’m equally brainwashed (yknow, I did stare into the rhythmic flickering my screen made when I first installed…) or else that’s just not the case. Either way, I’d recommend the 2013 reboot to almost anybody in a heartbeat. Oh, and I never played the original, so you can rule out nostalgia talking.

    Basically, as a gamer who usually likes slow-paced stealth and/or in-depth stories, i.e. as someone who’ll take Fallout New Vegas or early Rainbow Six before Call of Duty or Gears of War any day, Shadow Warrior 2013 is *still* a ton of fun to me. I say all this cus I actually would have completely missed out on it if it hadn’t been free once before already. Glad I gave it a chance, and I’m saying, for absolutely free? – *anyone* else should, too. Even if you’re generally a serious-minded, simulation-over-entertainment type, like, really… this is a damned good time. Reminded me a lot, in tone, of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which was my favorite FPS for many years and one of the few games I ever enjoyed so much that I started playing multiplayer (well, Enemy Territory, but that counts). Anyway, that’s the highest praise for a zany-balls shooter I can personally give.