Trick or trick? New Bubsy game hits on Halloween

“Trick or treat?” we’re asked every year on Halloween by children menacing us for sugary payment. This October 31st, Black Forest Games don’t offer the choice: we’re getting tricked. Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back [official site], a revival of the bad ’90s platformer series, will launch on Halloween. Hell will come to Earth and we’ll all meet our doom. Sure, go on, end the world for a joke. Of course, there’s a chance it might not be rubbish. Black Forest make the modern Giana Sisters games, which are actually pretty decent platformers.

The blurb from publishers Accolade (who aren’t the actual Accolade, rather the brand name being worn as a glove puppet – a bit like modern Atari) explains:

“Bubsy the Woolies Strike Back is an all new Bubsy adventure featuring Bubsy in a bevy of exotic locations as he travels the planet looking for the beloved Golden Fleece. Bubsy must use all of his classic moves and a few new ones to dodge and out bobcat a battalion of Woolies, sharks and bess, not mention the gnarliest UFO bosses to ever grace a Bubsy adventure. The wisecracking lynx also adds over a 100 new one liners to his lexicon to keep fans guessing what he’ll say next.”

100 new one-liners sounds like a threat.

After The Woolies Strike Back was announced in June, those scampish Arcane Kids released an expanded remaster of their strange and wonderful bootleg Bubsy 3d: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective. It is quite something.


  1. davebo says:

    I know it got crappy when it went 3d but the original Bubsy platformer was awesome.

    • ColonelFlanders says:

      quite. Close encounters of the furred kind was a brilliant little game, and very challenging too. To my memory I don’t think I could ever finish it, whereas I smashed the Marios and Sonics of the day.

    • NailBombed says:

      Floaty mechanics, irritatingly ‘ironic 80s Saturday Morning cartoon’ type voiced protagonist, awful level design. Top notch craptastery, was ol’ Bubsy. Gimme the blue spiky ball of zippy corporate doom anyday.

    • dylan says:

      Agreed. I don’t know if it came out before or after Donkey Kong Country, but it had a similar sense of wild, swooping movement through big open spaces. My brother and I liked it.

  2. MajorLag says:

    I’m still amazed that anyone thought this was a good idea. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised?

  3. racccoon says:

    Its sounds like roger rabbit!