Survey: What are your strategy gaming habits?


Occasionally it’s helpful know what games you’re playing and what you think of a genre or specific game. That’s why we’re pointing you towards this survey about strategy games. It’ll only take a few minutes to fill in and it asks simple questions about what you play, how often you play, and your expected future habits. Some of the questions deal specifically with Total War: Warhammer 2 and the results will be shared with Creative Assembly, but your answers will help us understand your interests better, too. If you have a few minutes to help out, we’d appreciate it!


  1. AthanSpod says:

    Survey answered.

    Mostly I’d like a strategy game that didn’t end up devolving into huge amounts of micro-management. So actually decent AI (“You told me to go attack over there, but I’m being overwhelmed, I’ll sensibly try to retreat and take cover, alert nearby friendlies to the problem, and ensure you know” rather than “I’ll just batter my head against this and die”) and more of a high level approach.

    For a *strategy* game Actions Per Minute shouldn’t be a primary indicator of how successful you’ll be.

    • spec10 says:

      If it’s not too “grognardy” for you, you might want to check out Command Ops 2. Its base edition is free on Steam and has a great AI. You can micromanage if you want to, but the AI does a really decent job when you don’t.

  2. jomad says:

    So when you say “survey about strategy games,” what you really mean is “one question about what you play, and then a bunch of questions to see if you’re buying Warhammer 2.” Disappointing, was thinking that this would be an interesting survey. :(

    • Someoldguy says:

      Yeah, can’t say that you’d be particularly informed about why I play strategy games and why I prefer some titles over others based on those questions. Feels like a bit of market research to decide if they should do a few articles on Warhammer 2 when it releases or go nuts and do them endlessly as they have done with some other “big” titles until you’re thoroughly sick of them.