Have You Played… Fire & Ice?

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Somehow I got it into my head that it was going to be a lot like Sonic. In a consoleless house, it was about as close as I got.

My cousin Robert had a Megadrive. That was the nearest I got to Sonic. We had an Atari ST. And I remember my excitement in 1992 at seeing Fire & Ice advertised, thinking that yes, at last, there was to be a game like Sonic for me. I asked for it for my birthday. I’m horrified to realise it must have been my 15th – I could have sworn I was so much younger. I was so disappointed.

You don’t play as a blue hedgehog, but instead a blue coyote! “Cool Coyote”. You weren’t dashing about collecting rings, but instead far more sedately platforming about gathering pieces of keys to open doors to exit levels. There was something about freezing monsters, and I dunno, I guess some fire. It reviewed pretty well at the time, even grumpy old Amiga Power giving it 79%. But not so much in my heart.

I remember playing a lot of it, the way you did when you got one game for your birthday and knew there wouldn’t be more new games before Christmas, but my imagined version of the game wasn’t what it was ever going to be.


  1. RuySan says:

    It was a graftgold game, and thus it was pretty good even though it was far from their best efforts.

    The game had an interesting copy protection system where filthy pirates like me couldn’t complete the first world. Still, I did play that first world an awful lot.:)

  2. Catachresis Rex says:

    I did play this, quite a lot, at my friend’s house. He had an Amiga 500, while at the time I was limited to an Archimedes A3000 that my dad ‘borrowed’ from work (he was a maths teacher and de facto Head of IT, in that he had the key to the computer room). As such, it was much less of a disappointment for me.

    Not a patch on Superfrog, though.

    Also, this brought back memories of a truly classic tv show.

    • adrianoc says:

      Amen to Superfrog. Also Blues Brothers. And Rainbow island. And Toki. Etc…

      • xcopy says:

        This brings backs memories. And the soundtrack to Rainbow Islands.

  3. PostieDoc says:

    The Amiga version is a fair bit better, smooth scrolling, nicer colours and the intro tune with Coyote on a piano is superb (bit tinny on the ST).
    A fun game although there were better platformers.

    • Mungrul says:

      Like New Zealand Story on the ST.
      Now there was an awesome platformer.

      I mean, yes, it was on everything, but I played it on the ST.

  4. Al Bobo says:

    My memories are really hazy, but I’m still pretty damn sure that I’ve played that game once, somewhere…

  5. adrianoc says:

    I know what you mean… I always wanted sonic too (also mario kart) but this game was really quite ok. The mechanics were nice (if slow) and the music was good too. I can still remember most of the first world’s tune quite clearly.

    I was more disappointed by zool tbh, because the magazines said it was a ‘sonic beater’ when it really wasn’t.

  6. Beefenstein says:

    Talking about weird Amiga platformers I played way too much of a bizarre A500 game called Doodlebug: link to youtube.com

    It was about a bug which threw pencils.

    (Not that John is talking about the Amiga version, but this was on the Amiga too and other commenters have mentioned that machine)

  7. Yachmenev says:

    I remember it more then I should. I really didn’t play it much at all, but that distinctive animation of the main character has stayed in my memory.

  8. MrThingy says:

    I remember the music to the Ocean levels (2?) being one of the most beautiful melodies. ;____;

  9. beforan says:

    I totally had this on the Amiga, and hadn’t thought about it for years until today, so thanks John. Time to check it out again!

  10. daneel says:

    And it was by Andrew Braybrook, of Paradroid 90, Uridium, and Rainbow Islands conversion fame!

    It was, indeed, a bit pants though. Like most Amiga platformers.

  11. Heimdall2061 says:

    I dearly loved Fire & Ice, and still do. I played it on the CD32, so maybe that affected how much I enjoyed it? The one thing that really sticks in my mind is the outstanding music.

  12. DarpaChief says:

    One of the better platformers I’ve ever played (Amiga 500)

  13. Schnallinsky says:

    i remember lollypop – it was so irritatingly slow (the walking speed), but the graphics were great. being a boy i – of course – liked leander (the swords of course!). then there was flimbos quest, which was way to hard for me back then. my all time favorite is turrican 2 of course. this goes without saying.