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The defoxing annexe is closed today because of a three-day works outing to the Great Dorset Steam Fair. I asked Roman to dash-off a quick collage and pin it to the front gate before departing but he’s notoriously forgetful so don’t get your hopes up.

Collage… secret theme… blah, blah, blah

*       *       *


Look right in last week’s geofoxer and you will see…

a The Big Buddha, Phuket (unsolved)
b TGVs in Paris Gare de Lyon (Gothnak)
c The Cerne Abbas Giant, Dorset (Gothnak)
d An R-7 rocket, Samara (unsolved)
e Miraflores Locks, Panama Canal (Stugle)
f The Brooks Catsup Bottle Water Tower, Illinois (Stugle)
g Shakespeare’s Globe, London (phuzz)
h Aos Combatentes do Ultramar, Lisbon (mrpier)
i Matsumoto Castle, Japan (mrpier)
j Anzac Cove, Turkey (phuzz, Gothnak)
k U-boat pens, Saint-Nazaire (phuzz)
l Type XXI U-boat U-2540, Bremerhaven (Gothnak)


  1. Artiforg says:

    Matt Lucas in the middle bottom.

    The bloke in the film poster in the bottom right looks like Burt Lancaster.

  2. AFKAMC says:

    I think the American Airlines aircraft might be a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser.

    EDIT: That might be American Overseas Airlines.

    • Stugle says:

      Based on a list of B-377 names, I think this is an image of the Clipper Friendship. Whether that’s relevant to the Foxer, I don’t know.

  3. Little_Crow says:

    Bottom left photo is from the 1911 ‘Champagne Riots’

  4. Stugle says:

    Photo bottom left is a a demonstration/rally in France:

    link to

  5. mrpier says:

    Whale looks like a Humpback.

  6. unacom says:

    Bottom left, picture of the winemakers from Bergeres. Taken from the Bar-sur-Aube website .

  7. AFKAMC says:

    Burt Lancaster bottom right in “South Sea Woman”, with Virginia Mayo, presumably.

  8. Stugle says:

    The desktop shortcut on the right of the movie poster (?) is from Diesel Railcar Simulator, made by Lapioware and previously praised by Mssr. Stone himself.

  9. unacom says:

    That thing pasted above the whiners looks like a torpedo tube on a PT-boat or something.

  10. mrpier says:

    I think the contraption on the left might be a Diving Chamber.

  11. unacom says:

    Great Dorset Steam Fair…
    My sons are going to be so envious of you, Mr. Stone.
    Have fun!

  12. unacom says:

    First cheap shot: pressure
    Stratocruiser had a pressurized cabin.
    Decompression chamber.
    A rally, to apply pressure on whomever.
    Humpbacks can dive really, really deep.

  13. unacom says:

    I´d bet the car to the right has a jetstream furnace.

  14. phlebas says:

    Top left symbol is Yang, I believe. Maybe a reference to Robert?

  15. Little_Crow says:

    My random stab is ‘Bubbles’

    Matt Lucas played Bubbles DeVere
    The South Sea Bubble was a financial crash
    Hyperbaric chamber are used for treatment of bubbles of air in the blood
    Champagne is also called bubbly

    Not sure on the rest

    #### added ####
    Fan Yang is a bubble artist
    Stadium photo might be of West Ham’s old ground, their song being ‘Forever Blowing Bubbles’

  16. Stugle says:

    The thing top left seems to be an upside-down yang (yin and yang minus the yin). Wikipedia says yang is the bright or positive aspect. Also from Wikipedia:

    “Yang 陽 or 阳 Bound morpheme ① [Chinese philosophy] positive/active/male principle in nature ②the sun ④ in relief ⑤ open; overt ⑥ belonging to this world ⑦ [linguistics] masculine ⑧ south side of a hill ⑨ north bank of a river”

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