What are we all playing this weekend?

Monday is a holiday for us here in the RPS treehouse (and across much of the UK) so we won’t be back in full force until Monday Tuesday [Yes, I know – this is why the extra day is a divine gift -ed.]. Just think what we might all do we an extra day off! Wait, no need to think – we could simply tell you.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: Nothing. I spent the week at Gamescom and saw so many games that I’m still finding grains of ludonarrative dissonance in between my toes. I’m taking a weekend off. It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in England so I’ll be ensuring this is no busman’s holiday, and I absolutely refuse to play any games of any sort. That’d all change if War of the Chosen were out, of course, but it’s out on Tuesday, right AFTER the long weekend. Thanks Firaxis. A critical hit, right to the heart.
Alec: Did you crack my clever code last week? Yes indeed, I was playing XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen, and while it’s an extremely naggy game, I have absolutely zero hesitation in planning to spend this weekend with it too, and probably the next four or five weekends to come. Life is better when there is new XCOM in it.
Alice: I am mighty tired so I welcome a third day of weekend. If I could sleep through all of it, that would be just marvellous. Instead, it seems likely that I will stay up late (late being relative, considering I am a wizened crone) playing Plunkbat with my Plunkpals because I don’t know what’s good for me. No, worse: I know what’s good for me and carefully skirt past it, hoping it doesn’t notice I’m there. But Plunkbat IS splendid. I’ve won three chicken dinners now and am hungry for more. I’ll be happy with more foolish antics, mind. The best deaths make you burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all.
Brendan: I want to play creepy cyberpunk brain-hacker Observer. I’ve only seen a single trailer for it, months ago, and have been avoiding the reviews so I can fall into it as blind as a newborn kitten. If I can extract some heebies and some jeebies from a dismal vision of the future, I’ll be a happy brain-hacker.
Graham: I keep having hankerings for action games, and last week I decided to check whether Titanfall 2 was a reasonable price at Origin. It turned out that not only did I already own it, it was already installed. This is what happens when games are attached to services I forget to open for years at a time. I’m about halfway through the campaign and enjoying it a lot. I wish other shooters were ripping off its athletic combat.
John: An old school friend is coming to stay this weekend, so gaming shall be there none. Instead we’re going to try to go kayaking. If the weather is kind. Otherwise: watch bad movies.
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing in the garden. I should also visit the pub down the road. If there’s time I could try to fit in a spot of livestreaming some jam tarts.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Carra says:

    Started playing west of loathing. Time to play some more cowgirl this weekend.

  2. SaintAn says:

    Playing CK2 for the first time. I didn’t read any guides, and I’ve long forgotten the tutorial when I tried it before over a year ago. I love learning new games so I’m having a lot of fun figuring everything out. Sadly, the diplomacy is not anywhere as good as I expected from a game about politics. Kind of a letdown from how much people talk about it.

    Played it so much yesterday that I had vivid dreams planning out my future moves. Tends to happen when I play strategy games too much. Last time I played Civ VI I planned out the invasion of the Vikings on the other side of my mountain range in my sleep.

  3. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I shall be playing Prey. It is really rather good isn’t it? Apart from the hacking minigame, of course, following the Rules Of Videogames the hacking minigame is pants.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      I just started the demo the other day, and it is rather good, yeah.

      • jssebastian says:

        It is. Just be warned that progress in the demo does not carry over to the full game, and despite the demo’s name (“the first hour”) I managed to spend 5 hours clearing every corner of it, then had to restart…

        • Premium User Badge

          wsjudd says:

          Really? I bought Prey on Steam after playing the demo, and was able to just continue exactly where I left off… it remembered my graphics settings and everything, just had to hit continue.

        • hfm says:

          Yes it does carry over. I played the demo and did everything I could find before being blocked from progressing any further. Bought the full game. My saves transferred and I continued on my way.

    • mabeo says:

      It’s fantastic, I’m in my second playthrough. The Space Station and the threat feel so…good, the last game that felt so good was System Shock 2.

    • TheApologist says:

      It really is a magnificent thing. I had no expectation that Breath of the Wild would have any competition for my game of the year, and then along came Prey. I love it.

    • JaseyMitch says:

      I’m thoroughly enjoying it too… since I turned it down to easy. I’m hopeless at the combat and, 20 hours in, was resenting every enemy from preventing me from enjoying the things about the game I love which, thankfully, is the other 80+ percent of it. Now I feel a little overpowered, but I’m not going to let pride spoil things.

      • poliovaccine says:

        Totally understandable – I got caught between a savegame and a hard place where I was pinned down on both ends by Nightmares and had nothing left to combat or distract them with but a wrench and a bit of GLOO… had been hurrying off to find a fabricator and make all the ammo and bits/bobs I needed, got cavalier about checking my corners and wound up getting chased into a stairwell, hiding behind two locked doors. It was many alternate realities of death before one Morgan Mi, er, Yu finally found his way out of that fix. Of course, fresh off the fabricator I felt like a small god again, but I was still more cautious after that haha.

        In fact, moments like that which actually get my blood up are rare enough that if I find them in a game, chances are the game is going to become a favorite. And Prey really does hit just about every single one of the same neurotransmitters that made System Shock 2 so air-punchingly great – come to think of it, anecdotes like these about the difficulty just remind me of the first time I ever played SS2, which was as a psionic (I thought they had the coolest sounding training), and how I quickly realized I didnt know the game well enough to get away with that yet… restarted as a grunt haha. These days, it’s a welcome enough change when a game is actually a challenge like that, which is why I totally get where the cults of Dark Souls and Devil Daggers draw their followings.

  4. Premium User Badge

    The Almighty Moo says:

    West of Loathing, Titanfall 2 and some Splatoon on the Wii U. Maybe some Bayonetta 2 as well, depending. Aged computer but new TV suggests more of the latter

  5. Premium User Badge

    Big Dunc says:

    Hoping to fit in some Stardew Valley at some point over the weekend. I’m in Summer of year 2 and have almost finished the community centre.

    Next weekend, I hope to be playing a whole lot of XCOM 2 again.

  6. fuggles says:

    Dawn of war soulstorm! Dow is 13 next week, entering awkward teenage territory.

    Vostroyans race mod is putting final touches to a release candidate.

    Renegade guard reworking is well underway. Inquisition are being polished.

    The unification mod that joins them all up has also been updated. Phew!

  7. Cyrus says:

    Been playing Pillars of Eternity for a week or so, decided to purchase the expansion pass as well.

  8. Fomorian1988 says:

    Tacoma, finally.

    • kwyjibo says:

      Finally? If your backlog is 2 weeks long, it’s incredibly short!

      • Fomorian1988 says:

        Oh, my backlog is much longer. It’s just I wanted to start it on release, but haven’t finished Kathy Rain at the time.

  9. Grizzly says:

    I am wondering whether I should pick up Origin Access and get Titanfall 2 and all the Need for Speed games I haven’t played yet at 25 euros a year, or dive back into the Total War series. It’s probably the latter.

    I’m also fruitlessly trying to improve upon my devil daggers time of 248 seconds, and the usual bout of racing games.

    And last but not least, I’ll be picking a linux distro for the start of the next educational year.

  10. Solgarmr says:

    Darkwood and in between my scary breaks it will be Total war for me

  11. H. Vetinari says:

    I’m taking a break from Starcraft campaign, and have started Path of Exile.
    now in act 3, but its maps are just too big. and the fact, that you can’t compare the loot in inventory an loot you have equipped is just…I don’t know how this isn’t a feature in PoE-how hard is it to make a feature, that when you hover over an item you get iz compared to the equipped item. what year is this?

    • Ghostwise says:


      • H. Vetinari says:

        but Alt just shows the gems/sockets. not the stats of the item.
        or am I missing some option, that I should’ve clicked on?

        • Faldrath says:

          Holding Alt while hovering the mouse over an item in your inventory/stash should allow you to compare items. Also, maps are only long the first couple of times, really… while they’re always randomized, they do follow a loose structure, so once you know an area you can usually guess how it will go and just sprint to the end if you like.

          We do have an RPS guild, by the way, and we have a handful of fairly knowledgeable people there – if you’d like to join, whisper either me (Faldrath) or TreasureGoblin when we’re online.

  12. Chorltonwheelie says:

    I’ll finish the absolutely splendid Edith Finch then maybe have a look at the latest Shadow Warrior. Then a bit of Manchester Pride, Manchester United and an attempt to stay awake for a ridiculous fight at a ridiculous time. Then 48 hours sleep please.

    • aircool says:

      Strong title contenders this year. As an Arsenal fan, I face the usual trepidation this season. However, for me, it’s fortunate that I just enjoy watching a good game and not too bothered about where we finish.


    • kwyjibo says:

      Not staying up for the fight. Have money on Mayweather though, 1-4 odds seemed incredibly generous, no idea why so much money is going on MacGregor. Only way the latter wins is if Mayweather gets injured early due to his prolonged period of inactivity.

      Ideal scenario would be Mayweather to win by DQ or TD after MacGregor goes full MMA and breaks his jaw using an elbow. Farce of a fight should never have been sanctioned, and its the only result where I can see them both be losers.

  13. aircool says:

    Got sucked back into GW2 this week after tiring of cheaters in online FPS’s.

    Forgotten how absorbing the game can be (esp with the updated content). The game may be 5 years old, but it looks spankers due to the creativity of the art team.

    Definitely one of the best games of its type, and the new ‘elite’ specialisations are definitely worth checking out. I’m quite taken by the Thief Kung-Fu guy (despite many deaths in the Maguuma Jungle) and the Guardian with the Bow.

    • Creeping Death says:

      Those elite specs are actually almost 2 years old now! We’ve got a whole bunch of new ones coming in less than a month with the next expansion. You’ve picked a pretty good time to return to the game actually.

      • aircool says:

        Yeah, I figured the time was right. I’m loving Heart of Thorns, the maps are incredible. However, I finding the story missions really hard going.

        But this is Guild Wars, and there’s always plenty of other players about.

  14. Unsheep says:

    Continuing my playthroughs of Journeyman Project 1, Delta Force, and Massive Assault.

    Some newer games as well: X-Rebirth, Anna’s Quest, and Starpoint Gemini Warlords.

    I’ve been eyeing the Forgotten Realms and Dungeons & Dragons game collections on GOG, currently on sale. Sooooo tempted.

  15. FelipeCC says:

    Playing a lot of Rainbowsix Pro League! BRK just lost, which sucks, but I will watch the rest of the games anyway.

  16. Agnosticus says:

    Just finished the Titanfall 2 campaign and I must say, it’s the best SP FPS experience I’ve had in years! It even surpasses DOOM and Wolfenstein. The only gripe I have is that I’ve done so in under 5 hours of play, otherwise it’s excellent: Fast-paced, movement focused, good story, great level design, good weapon and titan variety, and a meaty, viable melee attack!
    Probably gonna try out the MP too this weekend.

    Next on the list of SP games will be Valley.

    Also some R6:Siege and Rocket League as always.

  17. heretic says:

    Just finished Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. What a journey! Great price point as well, don’t usually buy games at launch but the 25 GBP point is just perfect for me.

    Next up, Observer!

    Oh and I should really finish Tacoma too.

  18. kraftcheese says:

    I’m downloading Beyond Skyrim: Bruma for Special Edition; I’ve also got Ordinator for the first time.

  19. Vandelay says:

    I’m going to be heading back over to Final Fantasy XV (it has been announced on PC now, so basically a PC game.) I got it at Christmas and unlocked the second large area, before drifting away. I enjoyed what I played, but it was also filled with some rather dull moments. Quests are pretty much just go there, collect this, return to me. Sometimes kill these is added in somewhere there. The open world isn’t overly interesting to explore either. The combat has its moments and the harder fights can be engaging, but many fights play out the same way as each other.

    I enjoy the main characters though and I actually was reasonably engaged with the plot. I do want to play more of it and I certainly had an enjoyable time with the gameplay to make me want to play more, just not so sure whether I will be able to get through the likely many dozens of hours that it will no doubt take to complete.

    Besides that, not really sure. I’m tempted to pick up The Evil Within that is currently on sale. Been a long time since I’ve played a really good horror game.

    • Creeping Death says:

      I actually just went back to (and finished) ffxv this month after, like you, drifting away initially. I came to the conclusion pretty quickly that the side stuff and exploring the world are not only boring but quite pointless and just mainlined the story. If alone gives enough experience to stay level relevant.

      Ultimately enjoyed the game but very glad I stopped the side stuff.

  20. kwyjibo says:

    I picked up an Xbox One controller last week and went through Owlboy. This weekend, it will be Steamworld Heist.

  21. Lars Westergren says:

    I played some 6-8 hours of Darkwood during the week. I liked it at first, but towards the end the negatives outweighed the positives. It’s not a bad game by any means, the atmosphere is great, but combat became frustrating towards the end game when more than one enemy shows up (chain-staggering, constantly out of endurance), moving was slow and the level/event randomness was not enough to make replays worth it. I wrote this in a “not recommended” review on Steam and now fanboys are raging on me.

    I am playing Pillars of Eternity and is having a lot of fun, have some new levels and items so I think I can try to tackle the White Marsh content again.

    A bit of Subnautica, gasping at how pretty it is now after the last update (go into the graphics settings, everything is set to minimum it seems).

    I finally downloaded Armello from my backlog the board-game like strategy game I Kickstarted long ago. It’s great, but the AI is a bit weak. I tend to get Prestige victories without even trying because the AI heroes die over and over and end up with 0-1 prestige points. Might try it multiplayer, I’ll see if I can convince friends to buy it.

    • Unsheep says:

      Steam is tolerable as long as you don’t read the comments and replies to your reviews and forum statements. Otherwise it’s like being transported back into 6th grade.

      That’s one of the many reasons I prefer GOG. When posting an opinion about a game on GOG 99% of the people will go ‘OK, that’s your opinion, it’s your right as an individual, it does not matter to me’. The 1% who comment will typically have a genuine interest in why you think a certain way, perhaps they are thinking of buying the game for example.

      People still argue with each other on the GOG forum, but it’s typically people who have “known” each for a long time in the forum.

  22. Someoldguy says:

    I read through the moans about the recent EU IV Third Rome DLC and didn’t buy it, but ended up playing EU IV anyway. It’s become my default game of choice in recent years in the way Civ used to be.

  23. celticdr says:

    Rediscovered Cities:Skylines and the calming effects of building a city as a way of procrastinating through uni stress… It’s all going to come crashing down at some point (that is both uni deadlines and the city itself).

    • Hoot says:

      Just make sure you do a couple hours a day on that Uni work, matey. I remember writing a scientific literature review (5000 words) in the 24 hours before my extension deadline. Somehow I pulled a first out of my arse, I think it was the 2 measuring jugs of coffee I had throughout the writing of it.

      Procrastination is a complete bastard, and it will fuck you hard if you let it. You’re probably sick of hearing it, I know I was, but it’s so true. Just get it done :)

      • poliovaccine says:

        Yknow, people always say that, but I feel like every time I put off some important report or project til the last minute, so long as that minute was long enough, I actually wound up doing damned well with the thing… I know that isnt helpful haha, but it’s certainly true..!

        Of course, dont listen to me. Tongue is in cheek, even if I’m just flatly telling the truth of things haha… some truths are just like that somehow.

  24. MonkeyJug says:

    Everybody’s Golf on PS4.

    Caveblazers – penny has finally started to drop and I can continually get past the first boss now.

    Maybe some Dead Cells, but really wanna wait until it’s out of EA before going back in. Amazing game.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      If you can resist playing more Dead Cells until it’s out of early access, you’re a stronger (or more stubborn) person than I. They really seem to have nailed the difficulty curve, giving you more and sometimes better toys to play with while requiring you to up your meatspace skills with the game as you progress. Really, really satisfying.

  25. cpy says:

    Division. It was on sale so why the hell not.

  26. Orumo says:

    XCOM 2, because I can’t wait to the expansion without being terribly hyped about it.

  27. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    It’s not what I’m playing. It’s what I’m playing it on. Yesterday evening, after almost 2 months reading up and assembling and sending back and ordering again and fighting entropy, I turned on my new PC, entirely assembled by yours truly. And lo: it works! And it is gorgeous. And I did such a good job with cable management it makes me think I may not be the incompetent fool I pictured myself as.

    From there anything goes. I’ll probably play watching the RGB fans slowly breathing subtle colours in, and out, in, and out. Most relaxing.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Yeah, cable management can be oddly satisfying – sometimes during the process, but at least at the end when everything’s working and there are almost no cables in sight or their routing just generally looks spiffy. Sadly, I think the days of meticulously folded IDE ribbons are gone…

      Anyway, congrats, and enjoy your new, working machine! Don’t forget to see if Crysis runs.

  28. Phantasma says:

    The Dungeon 3 beta when it has finished downloading.
    Yes i know, don’t preorder and all that, i am weak!

    Was in the mood for slapping some minions around but couldn’t see any of the paltry few maps of part 2 anymore so i caved in.

    Otherwise i might try to get my mod for Total Warhammer working. Cobbled together a quick and dirty hack to make Chaos spawn later but somehow it won’t work consistently.
    There would be a mod on the steam workshop already but the author doesn’t really make haste to update it for the new patch.
    If i’d get that working then i might be stomping Bretonians with my angry treepeople later.

    Edit: that timer for editing posts is really stressing me out!

  29. GernauMorat says:

    Northgard and Total Warhammer mainly. Northgard is rather lovely, although it took me quite a while to get my head around it – its a finely balanced system, and any upset can doom your economy.

  30. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Dead Cells and the new-Prey demo, as mentioned above, and Devil Daggers just because. Also some more chipping away at Xenoblade and Skyrim:Dragonborn and Superhot VR, and very likely something entirely new from the backlog. So nice to not have an MMO eating all my gaming time. (I’m taking still-enjoyable MassivelySingleplayerOfflineJRPG Xenoblade in small, rarefied chunks until I finish.)

    But Lawbreakers, man. I’ve certainly had some unbalanced matches here and there, but I also had a whole bunch of perfectly balanced matches yesterday evening, with long, tense back-and-forths across several maps and game modes, plus at least one round which went into overtime. If this is what 500-ish concurrent players feels like, then I’m really confused about the ghost town doomsaying sloshing around the Internet. Granted, a more multiplayer-centric cohort of mine quit out due to the system not shuffling teams, apparently leading to learning how others play instead of “just having fun”, so I guess there are some legitimate or at least precedent-lead expectations it’s failing to meet, but I’d personally want to maintain a good balance if I were a matchmaker, so I’m personally baffled by that particular sentiment. Anyway, I stuck with it and kept having a blast until my nerves gave up Devil Daggers style. Good stuff.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Oh, also, said cohort sent me a link to Polygon’s review, which I felt gave a pretty complete and generally quite good critique of the game’s problems, aside from some weird accusations of a dubstep soundtrack. Airhorn as a musical instrument with a side of Doritos? Yeah, sometimes. Dubstep? Maybe if that’s defined as “slightly more complex percussion than bog-standard house”, I guess? I now suspect the author’s a closet dubstepper in the bashing stage of denial.

  31. AmazingPotato says:


    Once it’s downloaded: DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS. I played it on Xbox but never finished it as I found the combat difficulty wildly uneven and got fed-up of constantly changing the game’s difficulty to compensate. I picked up the Ultimate Edition off GOG, so maybe all the DLC and subsequent patches will sort this aspect of the game out…?

    I’d also like to get back into some online games like NEVERWINTER, SECRET WORLD and GUILD WARS 2, but to be honest I’ll probably just fire up XCOM for “one more fight”.

    • malkav11 says:

      The Xbox version of Origins was pretty crippled. I think you’ll find it much more manageable on PC regardless of DLC/patches (most of the DLC isn’t even added to the main game).

    • Harlaw says:

      I love Dragon Age: Origins. It does show its age in some ways, though. If mods are your sort of thing, do look up mods like Lock Bash, Origins Faster Combat, No Helmet Hack, and Character Respecialization. They’ll make a first play-through a lot more enjoyable without detracting from the vanilla feel. :)

  32. mpk says:

    Was frantically trying to complete an XCOM2 playthrough on Commander difficulty before the DLC is launched, but I started a mission last night and the first pod to be uncovered consisted of 5 Codex and the Archon King and just god no stop it. I shall restart on Tuesday.

  33. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    I’m playing Mass Effect Andromeda. Early impressions: I like it, but it does have problems.

    There are definite rough edges, mostly in the animation. A lot of it is fine, not nearly as bad as its reputation would suggest, but there are many conversations where it’s just untouched procedural lip-sync with no expressions or gestures and in 2017 a AAA character-focused RPG needs to do better.

    Writing seems a mixed bag (which is odd coming from Bioware). It’s mostly good but there are occasional lines that are just not how people talk or seemingly off for characters or context.

    Given the troubled development (link to kotaku.com) a lot of this is understandable (at least on launch), but it reflects poorly on EA management that they’ve decided to stop updating or adding to the singleplayer. I feel bad for the devs who put their hearts into making this (and now won’t get the chance to make it everything it could be). It seems a waste of potential, because there really is something there.

    Despite above criticisms, there’s a lot to enjoy. I’m getting a mix of Mass Effect 1 and 3 vibes, wandering the Citadel-like Nexus trying to help people, and making myself comfortable on the Tempest, the new ship (which is pretty great)… Exploration is very ME1-like, but better. The Nomad is a *huge* improvement on the Mako, good fun to drive around in, and the whole setup of discovering and colonizing new planets works really well.

    A little early to say much about the crew but so far I like Vetra (the lady Turian) and Drack (the Krogan). Less taken with Peebee, the whole detached emotional issues thing seems a bit overdone. Others seem okay.

    Combat is solid, building on ME3 (multiplayer also seems good). The jet pack is fun and the whole mix-and-match profiles/classes skill system seems interesting.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      One thing that is a real problem though is that saving is kinda broken. For one, you *can’t save* during Priority story missions, relying on autosave checkpoints that are often spaced waaay too far apart (resulting in a lot of repeating already completed gameplay on death), but worse even when you CAN save manually, it doesn’t work a 100%. If you die in a generic combat encounter and reload very often *ALL of the enemies are gone!* It rather cheapens the challenge when you can just die, reload and win by default.

      I still like the game but the fact that they’ve stopped patching this is unbelievable. It’s just not finished.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        Also whoever thought it was a good idea to put Open Console (~) right next to your Power hotkeys (1-3) which DOES NOT PAUSE THE GAME but definitely prevents all other input even in the middle of combat often resulting in death is bad and should feel bad. I basically *never* need to open the console, but I very much do need to NOT block all input to type some stuff right in the middle of combat. Also there is no way to disable this function.

        I am now resorting to a utility program that force disables the ~ key. This should not be necessary.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        OK, seriously though these savepoints… It’s like they just put one save point at the start of the mission and one at the very end… I’ve had to redo the same 20-30 minute difficult combat section like 5 times now despite completing *several* milestones that in any modern game would count as checkpoints. They just completely dropped the ball on this. Okay maybe you ran out of time for launch but HOW is this not getting patched?! Good lord.

        It’s kind of infuriating, because if it were not for these entirely fixable issues it would be a perfectly decent game.

        • mpk says:

          “It’s kind of infuriating, because if it were not for these entirely fixable issues it would be a perfectly decent game.”

          Which kind of sums the game up entirely.

        • Premium User Badge

          Ninja Dodo says:

          Yeah, maybe. I’ve certainly cooled a bit on my initial tentative thumbs up.

          Current status: stuck in the middle of the same mission still alive facing a new and dangerous enemy with the console window open because apparently some mouse input can also trigger the console by accident (!) which I can no longer turn off because I disabled the tilde key (!!) so I am now playing with gamepad (!!!) because it’s not accepting keyboard input with console open and I can’t reverse the tilde lock without logging out of Windows (!!!!) and I don’t trust the game to not start me all the way back at the beginning again if I quit or die, and I’m still not allowed to save manually…

          Wish me luck.

          • Premium User Badge

            Ninja Dodo says:

            I made it!

            Thanks to the magic of Xbox 360 controllers I was able to pass this batshit insanity, console window and all.

            I finally beat the mini-boss and his army and I got to save my game! And I kid you not, the next autosave was only after completing the mission at the top of the tower (infiltrating the Kett base on Voeld).

          • malkav11 says:

            That fight is the worst fight in the game and if you hadn’t already beaten it I would heartily endorse just turning down the difficulty there. Those guys will turn up again at other points but I think that particular version has massively increased health which just makes the whole thing really, really obnoxious, especially early on when you probably don’t have the damage output to pop the orb quickly. (And it’s particularly obnoxious for adepts, since many adept powers do pretty much nada against the orb.)

            I think the only other fight that ever gave me anything resembling serious trouble (on normal, anyway) was my first encounter with a Remnant boss-type you may or may not have seen. But to be fair I spent a lot of time sidequesting, which I don’t necessarily recommend (the tasks are the least interesting content in the game) but definitely put me ahead of the power curve.

          • Premium User Badge

            Ninja Dodo says:

            Good to know that’s a low point, though I actually had more trouble getting to the boss than with the boss himself. Maybe I got lucky (or had the right squad combo in Drack and Jaal). Funnily enough, I’m playing as an Adept (branching out into Soldier skills) on Hardcore difficulty… a mistake perhaps, but I played ME1-3 (2nd playthrough) on Insanity and found it made the combat more engaging if it was genuinely a challenge, matching the emotional stakes. I may end up switching back and forth if this happens again though.

  34. BaronKreight says:

    The Waiting Game. A few new games are coming out at the end of august/beginning of september.

    • Premium User Badge

      The Almighty Moo says:

      Playing that about a new PC. Keep staring doe eyed at Prey whispering ‘soon.’

      • poliovaccine says:

        Hey so, I dont know your current rig, but it bears mention that Prey can actually run just fine at surprisingly low specs, no crazy modding or tedious .ini edits required. I thought I wouldnt get to play it til I upgraded myself – then I learned how low-spec it can run, chanced it, figured I have two hours to return it if it runs like mud, but lo and behold, it runs like a deer at Medium gfx settings on my old Toshiba *laptop* which otherwise chugs at anything older than 2014 and hails from the era of Windows 7. So yeah, like I say, I dont know what you’re working with, but it’s very, very possible that Prey already works. And if not, well, I’ll be very sorry to have gotten your hopes up haha.

        Then again, if I were waiting on a new PC myself, I’d probably just wait on the game too. But depending how long that wait is, and how badly you wanna try Prey, it’s worth a mention. I know that discovery was absolutely awesome for me… from the outset, I had been resigned to admiring from afar, but much like with women who are “out of your league,” sometimes it really doesnt hurt to try, haha. And hey, if the game doesnt run, at least you know you tried, and yknow what, there are plenty of other prey in the sea..? Er, well, that metaphor is getting uncomfortably mixed but yeah, point is, if you can run Skyrim you might be able to run Prey just fine. I get a solid 40-50 FPS during action sequences on the old laptop.

  35. Xocrates says:

    Titanfall 2 campaign, Sonic Mania (playing as knuckles now), Borderlands (2 and/or Pre-Sequel), maybe some Civ if I feel like it.

  36. fish99 says:

    If I played anything this weekend it’ll probably be Destiny on PS4. Want to get through as much content as possible before the sequel hits, which I’ll be playing on PC.

  37. PancakeWizard says:

    After doing all of the Witcher 3 and a big chunk of the first DLC, taking a break with some No Man’s Sky since the update. Rather enjoying the storyline mixed with busywork.

    • Vacuity729 says:

      Yep, picked up NMS again after the Atlas Rises update and am rather enjoying it. Found myself in a binary system today which rather surprised me when I realised it. The new biomes are very interesting and all round, the game’s come a long way since last year.

  38. FeloniousMonk says:

    Overwatch, which is so out of character. I have never liked FPS much, and even then I have always preferred the solo FPS (I think I peaked, like many in my generation, with HL2) to anything involving other people. I tried OW because a friend swore on it and wanted other people to play with.

    The game is crack. I can’t stop. It’s displaced everything else. I’m desperate for XCOM2-WotC to come out because some part of my brain believes that my well established love for all things XCOM/X-COM might be enough to break me out of this Blizzard Prison of the Mind.

  39. jezcentral says:

    Subsurface Circular and then some Fortnite.

  40. malkav11 says:

    MMO/onlinewise, dips into Hex, Secret World Legends and FFXIV seem like gimmes. Hex is doing a holiday event so I’d like to farm up three more copies of the holiday card and the other equipment piece, at a minimum.

    Singleplayer/small coopwise, I’ll be revisiting West of Loathing for sure. I am vaguely feeling like pushing through another short narrative experience, like I did What Remains of Edith Finch last weekend, but I am having trouble choosing which of the ones I own to play (and I don’t own Tacoma or that would clearly be the one). I might also do a bit of FPSing, Borderlands 2 if my friend wants to, or finally do more of the Titanfall 2 campaign, or maybe dig a little deeper into Doom 2016. I’d also like to do something with a controller to switch the stress on my hands but I’m not sure what. Maybe AC4 or Nier Automata some more.

  41. Minglefingler says:

    I started a playthrough of Quake II on Monday so of course I had to buy Quake, Quake 4 and Rage when they went on sale midweek. I’ve not played Rage and only dabbled in Quake 4, which seems to be decent, Quake though is amazing fun to play, way better than I remember it being from when I first played it around ten years ago. Naturally enough all of this retro FPS business made me put on Doom again or more specifically Doom II and I’ve been hopping between the three games all week in a giddy burst of nostalgia and adrenaline.

  42. and its man says:

    I don’t know.
    I feel so empty now because I… I… I finished Rain World.
    The ending is gorgeous. Haven’t seen anything like it before. Fez and Spaceplan come to mind, but Rain World’s unique audiovisual work makes its ending incomparable to anything else.

    • poliovaccine says:

      Oh wow, not that I’ve beat it myself, but speaking very much from that position, I offer you some props! Haha

  43. jssebastian says:

    XCOM 2. Not because of war of the chosen coming out, just because I spent half a year playing witcher 3, then prey, too many good games too little time.

    Getting into the late game of my first campaign on veteran, I guess my second one will be with war of the chosen on commander, skipping the other DLC. Any reason that I *have* to have the smaller DLC in addition to war of the chosen?

    Last mission was a hilarious almost fail. Creeped into an advent facility and activated a sectopod. I was not positioned to take it down that turn so put it in stasis for the turn, planning to get it on the next, but in the mean time something two of my toons were standing next to got shot and exploded, setting them on fire. So next turn instead of shooting the sectopod they were dashing for the river to put themselves out.

  44. parsley says:

    I’ll be interspersing the stress of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice with more relaxing games like Breath of the Wild and Alphabear. (Alphabear is new and charming and I love it.)

    I also have two friends trying to get me into two different MMOs, Guild Wars 2 and FFXIV. It’s a problem, especially since I (a) hate MMOs and (b) want friends.

  45. Killy_V says:

    – More Nex Machina (I managed to get rank 43 on Techno Forest in rookie leaderboard o/)
    – I’ve picked up a nice slim gaming laptop, I spent the week fighting against win10 to install all my industrial softwares and steam games, so I can now go for a month long abroad between playing and working, far from my beefy desktop home.

  46. ByrdWhyrm says:

    A mix of Plunkbat and Darkwood for me. I’m about two hours into Darkwood, and am loving the vibe of it. It reminds me of a more mechanically complex version of Ice-Pick Lodge’s Knock Knock.

  47. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    I can’t tell if Pip is intentionally evoking stereotypes of the English (as imagined by Americans) or if this is actually her plan.

  48. Gomer_Pyle says:

    Besides my usual War Thunder, I might attempt a new EU IV game as Denmark. My previous game (as Scotland) wasn’t going so well, so I want to try something different.

  49. plume says:

    Well, played 7 hours of XCOM:EW before shouting “GET IN THE SEA”, after losing my bestest German heavy. I then bought a rather nice Viognier (Le Grand Clauzy from Asda, natch), and will be trying to finish up Life is Strange and Hellblade. Along with my usual downloads from itch.io and warpdoor, should be a wizard weekend. OH! Also bought the Shirley Ghostman DVD, so that should be hilarious :)

  50. Creeping Death says:

    Yakuza kiwami showed up in the mail this morning, a pleasant 4 days before release, so I think I’ll be mostly abandoning the PC to dive into that.

    I say mostly because I gotta get those daily gw2 ranked PvP games in.