Children of Morta hacks and slashes out next year

Children of Morta

Children of Morta [official site], the pretty hack-and-slash that hit Kickstarter in 2015, is coming out for real in the first half of next year. It’s about the Bergson family, adventurers that guard Mount Morta and take it in turns to leave the house to hunt for loot and slay monsters.

They all have unique combat styles to master: some fire magic spells, other wield two swords, for example. Expect looting, upgrading, and procedurally-generated dungeons and temples. An early build is available to the Kickstarter backers who helped raise a combined $109,000 for development, and they are all saying nice things about it in their Steam reviews. A promising start, then.

I love the hand-drawn art and I’m impressed by a new-ish gameplay trailer, below. The combat looks silky smooth and is all very colourful, with lots of over-the-top spell effects. There’s puzzles to be solved and tiny pixel babies to be had, too. Plus, there’s a co-op mode so you can dungeon crawl with a friend.

It has permadeath, and I’m intrigued to see how that feeds into the overarching story. You’ll get a different narrative based on who survives, which could give it some replay value. Here’s more on the story from developer Dead Mage:

“The Bergson family has watched over Mount Morta for generations as the guardians of the mystical mountain. They now face their most dangerous trial as a family. Corruption has spread, morphing the once peaceful mountain into a violent and monster infested nightmare. Experience what it means to be in a family of heroes. Take part in their journey, their struggles, and their victories”

The news was announced by 11 Bit Studios (of This War of Mine fame), who have added the game to their publishing lineup.


  1. Ent says:

    Kinda reminds me of Eitr… what happened to Eitr by the way?

    • Truemas says:

      Thanks! Your comment finally made me google it! (i wondered for several days now when this game is about to release) Always forgot to check it. It still says “Release 2017”. It’s published by Devolver so it most likely WILL come out. =)

  2. Mezmorki says:

    I’m in the closed beta and I can say that this one of my most anticipated games to play. I’m holding off on playing it more (only about 10 hours in) because I don’t want to ruin the experience for when it finally lands. The game has an amazing charm and atmosphere that presses all sorts of nostalgia keys (Quest for Glory setting, Diablo-ish gameplay, etc.). The game breaks apart what would be a good but fairly stright-forward action RPG / roguelike with some tender yet gripping narrative interludes. Quite a charmer.

    The game isn’t strictly permadeath as the article says (unless they are planning to change things for the final version). Characters have XP and gain persistent levels, and you even level-up trinkets that persist. Rather, once your embark on a dungeon run there is no returning back to home to heal. You’ll pick up runes and power-ups along the way that will be lost after your run is over (whether successful or not).

  3. jaronimoe says:

    getting a strong hyper light drifter vibe from this… which is a good thing!

  4. klops says:

    Everything’s so beautiful nowadays! Pixeliously beautiful!

  5. racccoon says:

    Watching this and so far its friggin amazingly done, I really like it, its well drawn / animated along with great sound and storyline. nice one. :)

  6. April March says:

    I like the tone that trailer sets. If the game’s anything like it it’s a winner.