Mekboy’s treat: Dawn of War 3 launches new mod tools

While Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 [official site] has not been to everyone’s tastes (our review was fond of its multiplayer but not the singleplayer, for the record), players do now have extra options to tinker with and improve it. Developers Relic Entertainment today launched a big update which includes new mod tools to let folks create new modes and bits, fiddling with it in ways beyond the level editor that was already out. And for those who already like what Dawn of War 3 is, hey, the update included a shedload of balance tweaks.

Relic say that the new mod tools, which include the Attribute Editor and Tuning Pack, “will enable resourceful modders to re-imagine multiplayer balance, create new abilities or change existing ones, and build more detailed game modes to support them.”

The Dawn of War 3 Steam Workshop will support these new types of creations, which is a handy way to download and install things.

If you fancy a crack at a mod yourself, hit Relic’s modding wiki for more information.

As for the balance changes, hit the patch notes for full details.

The update initially launched yesterday but Relic rolled it back following an unexpected error. They relaunched it, fixed up, this evening.

If you missed the news last week: Relic are now working on Age of Empires IV, a long-overdue all-new entry in the vintage historical strategy series.


  1. fuggles says:

    For once related – for dawn of war soulstorm, the vostroyans mod is ready and just waiting for me to have time to moddb it. Further, Chaos renegades is being reworked and new Tyranids and grey knights betas are underway. Unlike Ultimate Apocalypse, we add new races to vanilla Soulstorm, endeavoring to give them all different play styles.

    All our race mods are being linked through the unification mod on moddb
    link to

    I can confidently say there will never be a WH40K game with as much content. I won’t spam the urls but on moddb we have:

    Black Templars, Blood angels, Dark Angels, Salamanders, Legion of the Damned, Space Wolves

    Imperial Guard:
    Praetorians, Vostroyans (next 48 hours probably), Steel Legion

    Forces of Chaos:
    Chaos Daemons, Khorne World Eaters, Night Lords, Thousand Sons, Renegade Guard

    Witch Hunters, Inquisition, Adeptus Mechanicus, Harlequins, Tyranids.

    So 19 modification races plus 9 soulstorm races is 27 at this time, which is pretty good for an RTS. We have everything from magically animated Egyptian suits of armour, Ghost Rider,space clowns, cossacks, victorians and to regular old vampires. Night Lords even makes heavy use of the cover system DoW3 went away from.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    I wonder if AoE4 will be a moba too.

    I kid, I kid. DoW3 wasn’t to my taste at all, but I can see how some people liked it.

    I wonder if some mods will take the flavor back to Dow1 style of RTS. Might be worth playing once people sort it out.

    • Vandelay says:

      It was already much closer to DoW1 than 2 was.

      The problem it had (or, at least, the problem I found it had from my rather brief time with the beta and seeing some other opinions,) was that it had some really unnecessary removals from the Relic traditions, such as a cover system and retreating, which have a big impact on many other elements of the game (early units become throw away, for example.) This was coupled with some very bizarre design choices, such as the escalation phases forcing the game to play out for longer than it needed and the way you picked your “hero” units/special abilities outside of the game.

      I don’t think there would need to be huge changes, but there are some parts, like a better cover system, that I’m not sure would be possible with the released modding tools and may need deeper alterations to the engine itself.

      • QSpec says:

        Surprisingly, I didn’t mind the removal of a lot of those systems. My biggest complaint was and is how fast things die to the elites. The game would have been infinitely better without heroes (or with the heroes toned way down).

        I don’t like the feeling of sneezing and having 78% of my army dead in the time I manage to get my eyes back open.

      • PhilBowles says:

        Picked it up with trepidation with a 50% off voucher, and so far it’s proven much better than I expected. Losing cover is a shame but this isn’t CoH – it wasn’t all that relevant in DoW I in my experience (albeit with the campaign), and while it was important in DoW II I disliked that game’s herofest gameplay. Which sounds odd given all the complaints that DoW III is a MOBA, but to my relief it doesn’t seem to be. The elites can take over in the late game, but the gameplay is recognisably squad-level, tactical DoW rather than ‘send a hero-led blob around the map to fight, with a couple of squads to capture flags’ as in DoW II.

        The retreat system is gone, but I haven’t found early units that expendable – Relic apparently wants everyone microing units out of harm’s way instead of spamming R. In fairness this isn’t altogether a bad thing – retreating could be something of a trap for newer players who would just have their units run home through ambushes laid in their retreat paths, or simply forget about the units back at base.

        The escalation system I agree is bizarre and works in exactly the wrong direction – CoH took steps to help balance things so that the disadvantaged player could get back in the game. Letting the winning player steamroll increasingly easily serves no obvious purpose. As you say it extends the late game, but there doesn’t really appear to be one. Playing my Eldar against the AI, I didn’t have much incentive to do anything but spam Fire Prisms, Shadow Spectres and Wraithguard once I hit tier 3.

        The doctrine thing was imported from CoH 2, and seems fine to me – but then I may just be familiar with the general idea.

  3. TotallyUseless says:

    Hopefully modders would give us Primaris Spehs Mahreens. =)

  4. Partialist says:

    Unless someone can mod in the Last Stand mode… no sale.

  5. Mungrul says:

    I still don’t understand why they abandoned the RISK-style strategic layer, single-player gameplay that was in the last couple of DoW1 expansions, and in the initial release of DoW2 (albeit mightily handicapped, only offering you one race to play). Scripted, set missions that play the same no matter which race you choose are incredibly dull by comparison, and replayability is virtually zero.

    • Premium User Badge

      Drib says:

      Because you’re supposed to be playing the esports moba multiplayer. Geez go buy some more skins and loot boxes, won’t you?

      Edit: I know I’m being unreasonable here, and I’m joking about moba and loot boxes, but honestly focusing on the multiplayer is probably why the singleplayer is such garbage this go around.

      • Titler says:

        You’re not being unreasonable; the game DID start with pre-order skins, and it WAS set up as MOBA hoping to catch the wave of e-sports.

        The amount of irrational Warhammer fans who were furious with anyone who pointed this out, even though Relic had already indicated they wanted to go this route with the previous game was staggering… They thought shouting down the criticism was more important than addressing it; even many of the professional reviews would say “It’s taken this from MOBAs, and that, and also this… and the map itself is exactly the traditional MOBA layout in 3v3… but it’s not a MOBA!”.

        Yet the criticism of it being so was to try and explain why the player audience had dropped off so badly for DoW2; we knew, because those people were us. Now many people loved that game for what it was, you’ll always find fans of anything somewhere, but the older, larger Audience weren’t DoW fans for a hero based, small squad game, they were there for an RTS with tabletop sized battles like the one they play in the GW shops: or even Epic scale, drool drool Titans etc.

        Relic however, already being pre-disposed to moving toward a MOBA, thought the message was DoW2 wasn’t MOBA enough, the missing audience wanted it to be a MOBA with Titans. That wasn’t the point at all.

        Critics didn’t want DoW to fail… I know I didn’t, some of my map making work was even published with Winter Assault. We loved the series, we looked favourably on Relic. We just didn’t want a MOBA.

        And once people got their hands on the free Beta, they saw what it really was and ran far, far away. The game sales were anaemic. Player retention was appalling. And now Relic is desperately scrabbling around trying save the franchise by putting in all the things we TOLD them we wanted in the first place… customisation, more meaning for smaller units etc, actual base fights rather than MOBA-Destroy-The-Core, but they’d been too busy cherry picking the feedback from the far smaller and more irrational fanboys, gone way too deeply down the wrong path, and I fear it’s now probably far too late.

        One day perhaps the world will mature enough to understand critical voices are far more of your friend than blind adoration; a true friend says “Really, don’t do that” when something’s a bad idea. And DoW3s design was a very, very bad idea.

        I hope they can turn it around. I’d still like perhaps to play DoW3 and love it. But having played the beta, it’s the only game of the series I’ve never purchased.

  6. suramoto says:

    It would be nice if some modders could recreate table-top like battle. Lower down damage, take off resource management and give a complete army at the start of the match…