Kill ’em all! Overwatch launches deathmatch modes

If your denim vest is covered in patches such as “Teamplay? No way!” and “My other jacket is #1, you ruddy scrubs” and lots of skulls and crosshairs, good news: Overwatch [official site] now has deathmatch. Two new eight-player modes cast aside objectives and let players focus simply on murdering each other for points. Along with free-for-all deathmatch, Blizzard’s multiplayer FPS now has 4v4 team deathmatch.

Now that deathmatch has graduated from the public test servers to full release, it’s time for something new to be put through its paces. New map Junkertown is now in testing, if you fancy a go early.

So, deathmatch! Kill people to score a point. Kill yourself to lose a point. Hit 20 points and you win. Same goes for team deathmatch, though points are for the team and the frag limit is 30. That’s it. It’s deathmatch, yeah?

Overwatch’s deathmatch mostly goes down on cut-down versions of existing maps, though Blizzard have also created a new deathmatch-only map, Château Guillard. That’s a fancy lakeside mansion, the ancestral home of naughty sniper Widowmaker.

Hit the patch notes for full details on everything.

If this patch’s download size seems a little large to you, know that it’s to reduce future download sizes. Blizzard explain:

“Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a number of significant under-the-hood changes that will help us streamline the patching process. This will allow us to reduce the download size in future patches, but it does mean that today’s patch is larger than a traditional patch.”

As for Junkertown, slam the test servers and you can romp around the scrappy city that Junkrat and Roadhog formerly called home. Blizzard are also still testing the huge changes to Mercy which turn her resurrection ‘ultimate’ skill into a regular skill and replace it with a new skill giving her megabuffs.


  1. Zorgulon says:

    The new Deathmatch modes seem pretty good! Obviously certain heroes shine more than others, but there are enough duel-friendly heroes now that you don’t just get 8 Roadhogs or Reapers going head-to-head.

    Team Deathmatch is a little more Overwatch-y, and allows Tanks and Healers to really get a look in. I think I like it better than the 3v3 Elimination mode because there’s a much better flow to a short match where you can respawn rather than disjointed best of five no-respawn. But there’s room for both, especially since they use different maps.

    Also hopefully people on Reddit can stop complaining about Roadhog now. He’s a real brawler now, able to tank a huge amount of damage by huffing his healthpacks on the move.

    • gou says:

      it’s nice he can heal and get to cover at the same time but it still remains that the other tanks use shields to block damage, roadhog is still limited to simply outhealing it, the difference is he feeds enemy ult progress too much

      • Zorgulon says:

        Roadhog was always designed to be a HP tank. Some ult-feeding is inevitable, but it’s balanced by his survivability, which is back in spades.

        Take A Breather wasn’t just buffed to be usable on the move – it reduces damage taken by 50%. So the way I see it now is that Hog is meant to just get right into the enemy’s faces, where his damage output is still formidable.

        The hook is still great at pulling enemies out of position, he just isn’t the tanky sniper he used to be.

        • gou says:

          right! so he isn’t a tank he is defence. they need to straight swap the roles of mei and roadhog, because her wall is a shield of sorts and her own self heal comes with invincibilty, she is a far better tank.

          • Zorgulon says:

            Sure. The game’s categories are pretty misleading anyway…

            I mean personally I’m fine with him being a “tank” because he does literally tank a lot of damage. Sure he can’t directly block damage like those with shields can, but in terms of being a buffer and drawing aggro away from his teammates (which is a large part of Winston’s role anyway) I’d say the shoe fits.

    • Pich says:

      Roadhog right now is useless, he’s just a mediocre dps with a hitbox the side of a small planet. Reddit was happy with him before the last nerf, it was the QPers on the blizzard forums that complained still about him.

      • SaintAn says:

        The good news is they’re slowly ruining each character one by one, so RH won’t be alone for much longer. Doomfist and Mercy are going to be horrible soon too! Thanks to esports and all the money in that League nonsense.

        • Pich says:

          eehh i disagree, Doomfist just got a bugfix nad the Mercy changes were really needed, because her current gamestyle of getting ult and then hide until all your team is dead is one of the most unfun thing in the game for either teams. Her new ult needs some tweaking but it’s miles better already.

        • Zorgulon says:

          I really don’t see how this is the case. I haven’t played the PTR, but everything I’ve heard about Mercy’s new more active playstyle has been positive.

          Doomfist has been nerfed only insofar as his hitbox has been reduced to a sensible size. He’s still formidable, yo now just actually have to aim your charge.

  2. SaintAn says:

    I tried it and all I did was get harassed and called homophobic hate speech by the people I was playing against because I picked Torb and slaughtered them. Since the report system is useless and Blizz protects homophobes anyways, I’m just going to quit for a while. Wish they would bring back CTF. That’s all I want to play, and the people that play it typically are playing to have fun so they’re not toxic.

  3. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    I found both deathmatch modes to be surprisingly fun (FFA for pure chaos; TDM if you still want to play tanks and healers). As somebody who enjoys DPS characters but tends not to be very good at them, it’s a great way to get in some practice. The one big caveat is that Torbjorn can feel pretty oppressive in FFA; the spawning system isn’t smart enough to put you out of sight of turrets, meaning you can sometimes take a bunch of damage immediately, and without a team behind you taking down the turrets can be pretty annoying. We’ll see how it shakes out; I just hope FFA doesn’t completely devolve into a Torb fiesta.

  4. Foosnark says:

    I played one round of FFA as Junkrat. I was killed by a Mercy FOUR TIMES, and came in last place. It really felt like the matchmaking is nonexistent or broken. Maybe I was just having an off night (I was pretty tired and have a low-grade cold, so…) But I don’t know if I will ever play a second round of FFA.

    • OscarWilde1854 says:

      It’s possible you were having an off-night like you said… but on the other hand: Mercy is actual fucking hype as an attack character. She’s extremely mobile (if you bounce around like an idiot), shoots quickly, and does a decent amount of damage (especially for headshots, which are easy when you’re constantly jumping and therefore at “head height” for the other characters). Plus if you aren’t damaging her then she’s auto-healing her self constantly.

      She’s not really a “DPS” character, but honestly she’s pretty formidable in the right hands… especially in a 1v1 situation. I’ve played a lot of 3v3 elimination matches where I was the only one left as Mercy in a 1v3 or 1v2 situation and managed to win the round.

      • Zorgulon says:

        And when her new ult hits live servers…

        Deathmatch isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, and I’m waiting to see how long the novelty lasts to see whether it stagnates into an unfun meta (as people are hinting at Torb’s turrets). But at the moment I guess people are still learning effective ways to play solo. For certain characters thats what effectively what people have been doing all along, but for others it will take a while to recalibrate.

      • Cederic says:

        All that bunny hopping though drives me mad. I hate any online game that rewards bouncing around like an idiot. It’s probably going to stop me playing Overwatch, I’ll abandon it to the next decent online FPS that doesn’t require unlocks and doesn’t reward hyperactive jumping stupidity.

      • Foosnark says:

        Good points. And really, Junkrat isn’t the best choice in FFA with so many enemies around — using the ult makes you easy pickings. But not realizing what the map was going to be like, I couldn’t guess that before playing.

        I did try some team deathmatch, as Lucio. We ran it up to about 21-3 and then the other team turned it around and won with a comp change. Torbjorn with a well-placed turret, and Doomfist and Pharah to break up our tidy shielded formation.