Warhammer: Vermintide 2 bringing more co-op action

The ‘Left 4 Dead but with ratmen’ cooperative first-person action of Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide will return with a sequel, developers Fatshark formally announced today. Bearing the shorter, simpler name of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 [official site], it will… do about the same? Fatshark don’t have much to say or show right now, holding their secrets back until October. But screenshots show more outdoors-y areas than the first, and beyond that I’d broadly guess you and your mates kill giant humanoid rats in the face unto death?

Vermintide, to refresh your memory, is a 2015 cooperative-focused FPS for up to four heroes in the world of Warhammer (Fantasy, not 40K). Ratmen have come pouring out the bowels of the Old World to murder and devour everything in sight. It’s a class-based shoot-o-stab-a-zapper with the usual fantasy archetypes, rolling through levels like… it’s Left 4 Dead but fantasy and with classes and ratmen and loot and a progression system, yeah? It’s kinda fun, is Wot Adam Thought.

What’s new with the sequel? Dunno. The formal announcement Fatshark sent us contained no details, and the description on Vermintide 2’s Steam page is vague as heck. Steam does have some screenshots, mind, with many more fields and forests than the urban original.

Fatshark say they’ll reveal more on October 17th. Given the progression of your usual marketing campaign, I’d guess it’s headed for a 2018 launch.


  1. Rizlar says:

    Splat the Rat.

  2. dog2 says:

    they didn’t even optimize the first one yet. wtf are they releasing another game for

  3. Skaz says:

    Inspired by L4D, replaced zombies by rats. Now just replace rats with undeads, and we’ve been full circle. Not that I would be displeased to slay hordes of zombies and skeletons with a Dwarf Slayer.

  4. xvre says:

    Worth mentioning that the first game is currently available for cheap in the latest Humble Bundle.

    • quidnunc says:

      Thank you. I had been toying with buying it but it seemed a bit much at full price especially now when the player populations are low.

    • Zanchito says:

      For 4 euros, it’s a very reasonable way to spend a couple of daft afternoons with friends. Thank you!

  5. SaintAn says:

    Hope they at least improve the many flaws of the first and allow modding to improve longevity. Last time I tried to play again there was no one playing, and since AI is (or was) a broken mess I couldn’t play solo.

    And I really hope them dropping the End Times from the title means it isn’t set in the End Times anymore. The Black Plague era had a Skaven uprising, and Vanhal was getting possessed by Nagash and raising the dead in Sylvania and fighting Skaven so that would add variety, so it would be a far better setting than the hated End Times. Only drawback is a lot of Skaven tech and creatures weren’t invented yet, or were only just invented.

  6. Anti-Skub says:

    Always good when a developer brings out a half assed game with not enough content and ill-thought out progression, and then rather than fix their original game, they just re-release it as a “sequel”.

    • Herring says:

      Like L4D and it’s sequel in more ways than one then ;)

      • Skaz says:

        That would take “taking inspiration from L4D” to another level :p

    • BaronKreight says:

      Yeah that’s fatshark. I beleive they have a track record of poor communication with their communities and abandoning games.

      The first one was a really good game. Many bugs though and so little content.

      • Zorn says:

        I was an early adopter of their game Krater. And I still feel very burned by Fatshark. They silently cut promised features, which should have been there for release. Communication came to a halt. Bugs are still persistent. The game was never finished and just never been spoken about by them.

      • Jaykera says:

        I remember being warned about that lack of communication and possible abandon before buying the first one. Now I will be the one who warns.

    • CmdrCohn says:

      I can’t disagree about Fatshark making this game a bit rough around the edges, but I saw a lot of issues myself with the core game that needed a lot more time and deliberation than could be solved with some patches and expansions. The loot and progression system would need a total overhaul, in my opinion, which’d sit better in a sequel rather than a constant series of updates. We live in a time where it’s common to buy an unfinished game and expect updates every month or week or couple of days until it releases, then we expect further support from the developer as far as updates and expansions. The whole system’s wonky and I personally find it refreshing to hold hope that they’ll be releasing a sequel that improves upon the mistakes of the first rather than see a single game that is cursed to live forever with whatever limitations and flaws it has.

  7. Vilos Cohaagen says:

    yeah. not for me. the first one was not very enjoyable, so I’ll skip this one.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Indeed, very little content, an intense reliance on having a good group, and extremely punishing progression system that felt like it was penalising you for being less than perfect rather than rewarding you for doing well (then would screw you over even when you were perfect thanks to a single bad dice roll).

  8. cpt_freakout says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first game with my friends, but it definitely loses replayability after you’ve beat all the levels a couple times. Progression is just not enough – what it needs is a separate PvP mode, just like L4D. Now that’s a game we used to play time and again, even if the levels were all the same. And man, is Vermintide pretty! I’d be glad to play it a bunch of times, ’cause they got the aesthetic very, very right.

  9. klops says:

    This looks a lot more interesting than the first one. Even grimdark rats can fight in the sunlight.

  10. suibhne says:

    I’m surprised by the lack of love for the game. I thought level design was pretty fantastic overall, and the characters were all meaningfully different. Glaring weaknesses were the weird and unrewarding progression system and the poor AI; even after many updates to both, solo play is only *marginally* acceptable, and only for limited amounts of time.

    Still, I’d rather reach for this game than L4D these days.

    • duffster says:

      I’m surprised by all the negativity, and the rubbish about being “unable to find a game.” Been playing this a lot over the last couple of weeks, and you can ALWAYS find a game to join, and if you host a game, people normally join fairly soon.

  11. Hyena Grin says:

    Me and my friends only kinda recently started playing Vermintide with any regularity, and we enjoy it. It’s a fun time. There’s a few changes I’d like to see, personally:

    1) More map variety. I realize this is one of the (if not THE) largest chunk of development time, but replayability is important. I wouldn’t say no to randomized map chunking, where there’s a number of possible level configurations while still maintaining quality. It looks like they are doing more open levels, based on the pictures, which may also make replaying more interesting. We’ll see.

    2) Double down on loot and character progression. I almost feel like in the first game they were afraid to run too far away from L4D’s formula, and so all you have is trinkets and weapons. Just go nuts, take a step or two toward Diablo. Equipment progression allows for people to customize their characters and gives an incentive to keep playing.

    3) More characters. Look, there’s so much going on in Warhammer. Enough said. It was really disappointing that Vermintide never got additional characters, even after years of DLC.

    4) Enemy variety? I doubt we’re going to see anything other than Skaven, because the resource investment to create a new batch of enemies would be at minimum expansion-level territory (Beastmen expansion please). But in terms of Skaven, I’d like to see groups behaving a little more intelligently, and I’d like to see the clan rats with different sets of equipment that make them just slightly different to fight (spears, slings). There’s also a few light troop units that would be interesting to integrate, like the Night Runners and Rat Swarms, that could add variety without adding more locking units (like the Packrat and Gutter Runner)

    Anyway, I’m tenatively excited, but we’ll see how they plan to advance the concept. They’re going to have to render the first game obsolete if the second is going to capture much of an audience, so they’re gonna have to push the envelope.

  12. skyst says:

    Some negativity in these comments, but the first game really was quite good. Despite shortcomings mentioned already by others, killing Skaven in Vermintide looked and felt absolutely awesome and totally brutal. I have high hopes for the second

  13. Morph says:

    A great game let down by being rather repetitive, and rubbish levelling up/reward system as others have said.

    But those levels were so gorgeous, I wanted a mode where I could just wander round them safe from rat-men and just look about. So close to the look and feel of the old Warhammer Fantasy tabletop RPG.

  14. Imperialist says:

    Maybe its heresy to even suggest it, but people seem to put L4D2 on this high pedestal, because reasons, and i personally think that Vermintide beats the crap out of it in every department. It looks better, it feels better, the characters play differently, the level design is fantastic (and have plenty of secrets). People complain about crappy progression, which L4D never had at all, limiting replayability. L4D doesnt have loot, or crafting, or even a player hub. The AI sorta sucks, but thats what friends are for. L4D had lobotomized AI as well, but that wont stop the frothing-at-the-mouth steam reviews.
    Either way, its good we are getting a sequel. Hopefully this time they learn not to divide their playerbase among DLC purchases.

  15. Stevostin says:

    A second one ? The first one is still in beta at best…

  16. trjp says:

    It does need to be said that the first game is probably the closest you’ll get to actually being IN Warhammer Fantasy

    It’s problem – and it’s shared with L4D in many ways – is that your fun factor is entirely dependent on the people you play with. If you work as a team, fun will be had – if not, it’s a horrible way to spend your time…

    Not sure if they’ll fix that – not even sure you can fix it – the game model basically requires players “who talk (or at-least listen) and have a brain” – hey ho

  17. LuNatic says:

    Oh my goodness, they’ve discovered the colour green. Keep going Fatshark, don’t stop now! There’s a whole rainbow out there beyond red, brown, grey and black!

    • Hyena Grin says:

      Have you.. not played Vermintide? I mean, yeah by virtue of the fact that it takes place during a horrible invasion there’s some dark and dreary levels, but it’s overall a very colorful game. Several of its levels even include large chunks of green wilderness and bright hamlets!

  18. TΛPETRVE says:

    Did they run out of map packs to sell?