Shovel Knight: King of Cards bouncing into 2018

The final campaign of fab platformer Shovel Knight [official site] will arrive in 2018, developers Yacht Club Games have announced. Like the Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment bonus campaigns before it, King of Cards stars one of the main game’s villains on an adventure of their own. This time it’s the dastardly King Knight, who’ll bouncing and bopping his way through four worlds and over thirty courses. It was previously expected some time in 2017 but now 2018 is the lucky year.

What’s the regal bounder like? Yacht Club explain:

“Tackle enemies and obstacles head on with your signature bash attack and finish them off with a dazzling spinning strike! King Knight’s play style is all about bashing, bouncing, and bounding!”

Oh, and it has a card game:

King of Cards will be sold separately for $9.99 or comes free as part of the Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove edition. If you’ve had Shovel Knight for a while don’t know which you’ve got, it’s probably Treasure Trove. That’s what Yacht Club renamed the regular edition to after they started selling the post-release campaigns separately, see.

Here’s a little peek at King of Cards from a Nintendo showcase yesterday (it’s on Switch and other boxes too, see):


  1. Nevard says:

    Shame they left this one for last, always felt that king knight was pretty much the least interesting character choice that could have been made and was confused about why anyone even voted for him in the kickstarter poll in the first place.
    Why him and not, like, the game’s chief villain for example? A mystery.

    Almost any other character in the game would have been more compelling.
    You can kind of tell that even they had to stretch a bit to think of a gimmick for him because they had to stick on this cards thing :P

    • Viral Frog says:

      I agree. King Knight is the least interesting choice. Do you recall who the other options were on the Kickstarter poll? I think Mole Knight or Propeller Knight would have been much more interesting picks.

      But I can’t really complain too much. My favorite character in the game was the first to become playable in an expansion (Plague Knight) and the way he plays is incredibly fun.

      • Nevard says:

        As far as I can recall, the list was simply all of the enemy boss knights, plus the sorceress, though I am not sure I still have those emails.

      • SuddenSight says:

        The entire Order of No Quarter, Black Knight, and the Enchantress were listed as options.

        I don’t mind the inclusion of King Knight. I probably would’ve voted differently, but it could be interesting to have a sillier character now. Plague Knight and Specter Knight are both plenty moody for my tastes.

        • LTK says:

          I actually found Plague Knight’s campaign to be brimming with charm and levity, totally unlike Specter Knight’s which was all doom and gloom. The Enchantress is really the one bringing the mood down and Plague Knight’s own quest didn’t actually involve her, so if the same is true for King Knight I’ll be pretty happy.

  2. mechavolt says:

    I still can’t beat the Tower of Fate on the main campaign, making all of the expansions completely useless to me. *cries*

    • SuddenSight says:

      You can look up a cheat code to unlock all the campaigns (its a Konami Code kind of thing). I’ve used it multiple times because I keep reinstalling and I don’t want to rebeat the game every time.

      Though I should warn you that the expansion campaigns are at least as difficult, if not more difficult, as the original.

      • Addie says:

        Logged in to say this, and you’ve beaten me to it. I would say the expansions are a lot more tricky than the original; Plague Knight’s floaty-jumping thing requires some very combo-like button twiddling, and Spectre Knight a lot of precision in execution. Still, not bad at all, especially for free.

    • Catterbatter says:

      They’re all unlocked from the start now. It’s been like that since the Treasure Trove update.

  3. Meat Circus says:

    I don’t understand what you mean. You don’t need to complete Shovel of Hope to play Plague of Shadows or Spectre of Torment, you select which campaign you want when you create a new profile.

    Anyway, they’re all great but Plague of Shadows is my fave.