Uurnog Uurnlimited adds co-op to Nifflas’s platformer

Earlier this year, Knytt creator Nifflas and chums released Uurnog, a puzzle-platformer about stealing animals to use them as power-ups, which also rocked neat-o algorithmic dynamic music. It was one of those there ‘Humble Originals’, smaller games commissioned by Humble for their subscription service and store. Now the devs are revisiting and expanding Uurnog, adding features like cooperative play and a level editor, for a new release as Uurnog Uurnlimited [official site]. Have a peek:

Uurnog Uurnlimited is not an update but a seperate “extended edition”. It’ll bring cooperative multiplayer, where the second player controls an adorable little dog, along with extra endings and boss fights. A level editor will follow some time after launch too.

The blurb blasts:

“Uurnog Uurnlimited is a delightfully silly 2D platformer inspired by games like Super Mario Bros. 2, Lyle in Cube Sector, and Dyad. Play single-player or co-op, explore the world through its many mysterious doors, solve puzzles and gather the items and animals needed in your save room. Careful though — the save room also saves your mistakes (urr nurr!).”

Uurnog Uurnlimited is due later this year. It’s made by Nicklas ‘Nifflas’ Nygren with artist Corrine Cadalin and a theme song from Harri Dammert. This time, Raw Fury are publishing.


  1. SuddenSight says:

    This is definitely an interesting proposition.

    I played a reasonable bit of Uurnog, which is definitely more on the “puzzle” side of “puzzle-platformer.” There is a bit of metroidvania to it as well, as you figure out how to get access to various important creature blocks. I eventually moved on to other things because I have no attention span and the later puzzles require careful management of what you are carrying.

    I will point out that their save-room warning (at least in the beginning) isn’t that big a deal, as the outside world resets every time and you can re-acquire everything you need. Really it just means that a death requires some re-solving of old puzzles.

    I may try going back and finishing the first game – I need to beat it before buying the expanded version!

  2. Jurple says:

    Yay. Been waiting for this since it was included in the Monthly.