High Hell kicking many doors in later this year

There’s something in the air: flying doors kicked clean off their hinges. Ground Shatter announced “co-op buddy cop shooter” Rico [official site] in June, showing off kicked doors aplenty, and today Devolver Digital announced High Hell in a shower of splintering doors. I don’t believe they planned it but I certainly can stand it. Isn’t the true dream of a post-scarcity, post-singularity future to live in a home where doors don’t swoosh open hydraulically but rather must be forcefully booted open then rematerialise when our backs are turned? I know that’s the only reason I’m letting Google train robots on my data. But here, look at High Hell:

It’s a cartoony FPS with gangsters and robots and kicking doors, yeah?

“Righteous fury and fancy footwork are crucial to survive an escalating, absurd series of outlandish missions,” Devolver said in today’s announcement. They do not say much else.

High Hell is due some time later this year. It’s made by Terri Vellmann, the creator of roguelikelike six-shooter Heavy Bullets. It also packs noises from Doseone, whose musical dabblings over the years have ranged from the fantastic cLOUDDEAD to, in recent years, video game soundtracks such as Samurai Gunn and Enter the Gungeon.


  1. Ghostwise says:

    The video evokes a prettier Bunker Punks.

  2. monstermagnet says:

    Well done with the throw-away Beastie Boys reference, Alice.

    • monstermagnet says:

      And now, having read Pip’s piece on the Destiny 2 live action trailer and watching said trailer, I can see why you had that song in your head.

  3. quasiotter says:

    If you somehow read this far back, Alice, I just want you to know that your mention of cLOUDDEAD made my day!