Human Head announce shmup MMORPG Survived By

Hot on the heels of announcing a sequel to Rune, Human Head Studios have announced another game that’s mighty surprising. Survived By [official site] is a 100-player bullet hell shoot ’em up MMORPG, which is a description I don’t believe I’ve applied to any game before. It’ll have players exploring, dodging swarms of bullets, killing, levelling, looting, and crafting. Then dying permanently. Oh, but don’t worry: you’ll pass a little of your power onto your descendent to continue the action. It’ll be free-to-play and published by Digital Extremes, the makers of Warframe. Hey, here, have a look:

I associate Human Head with fancy 3D games like Rune and Prey and that’s certainly quite different.

The blurb says:

“Pushed to the edge of extinction by a ‘corruption’ that creeps into villages and towns within the World Tree, players will create a tiny but mighty character, craft fantastic and powerful weapons, level up, and explore a chaotic, monster-filled landscape. Survived By encourages players to select one of several classes (Alchemist, Harbinger, Infiltrator, Sentinel, Geomancer, and a Druid, for starters) to experience each one’s unique powers and capabilities. Every time a player dies, they’re survived by a new descendant who carries a small part of their legacy with them. These legacies provide benefits such as new buffs and stat boosts. With each successive play-through, players can select different survivors to experience a new way to defeat the hardest dungeons and bosses of Heartland.”

It’s maybe a bit like Realm of the Mad God? This is beyond my realm so I’m lost for reference.

No word yet on when Survived By will launch but closed alpha testing begins this year. If you’re interested, you can sign up on its site.


  1. Awesomeclaw says:

    I think that Realm of the Mad God (?) was a similar concept. I looked it up a while ago and there seems to have been some controversy with fraud or malware or something though.

  2. Suits says:

    Definitely getting Realm of the Mad God vibes from the trailer

  3. Flopper says:

    Realm of the Mad God with more depth like an actual MMO would be nice…

    Like Everquest or WoW but on the SNES Legend of Zelda game engine would be sweet.

  4. dontnormally says:

    ++1 for Realm of the Mad Gods!

    Not sure if any of you have gone back to check it out recently, but it is… lacking all of its original luster.

  5. Chromatose says:

    I’m just really, really glad that Human Head seem to be getting themselves back on track. They’re an immensely talented bunch with roots in Heretic and Hexen’s development back at Raven Software in their glory days. This looks super fun as well. Will echo the rest of the thread’s sentiment about similarities to Realm Of The Mad God, but frankly the world could do with more MMOs that are actually fun to play, so I’m all for this.

  6. DeVadder says:

    Oh wow, a less ugly and unpolished Realm of the Mad God would be amazing! I spent many hours with that.