What are we all playing this weekend?

The whole RPS staff is meeting up next week so ignore whatever we say about playing video games this weekend: in truth, we’re all bulking up on protein drinks and press-ups to win the Annual RPS Pose-Off.

What are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Probably around 48 hours of it.
Alec: [Alec has been fired -ed.]
Alice: It’s me, your old pal Predictable Alice, again playing Plunkbat and The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. For a while I was only playing the Isaac daily runs but now I’m back on regular runs too. It’s certainly improving my daily scores and heck, it’s just plain fun. Maybe I’ll even return to those final two challenges to ‘complete’ Isaac completely, even if they are boring and do suck. Oh! And I guess Absolver is out now.
Brendan: I’ve been inefffectually biffing and powing my betters in Absolver, getting summarily boxed to the floor, and trying to understand why my Drunken Master style of kung fu looks less like Jackie Chan and more like Rab C Nesbitt. I’ll need to put in some more hours in the dojo and learn to land these pissed kicks, or I’ll be the laughing stock of the whole internet.
Graham: I finished Titanfall 2’s campaign last weekend and enjoyed it a lot. I tried queuing for the multiplayer mid-week – I loved the original’s – and couldn’t even get into a game. A real shame. So this weekend I’m at a loose end. I might play my most recently installed game: The Shrouded Isle, a doomsday-cult-story-management game which looks and sounds as if it might scratch the King of Dragon’s Pass itch I’ve had these past five years.
John: I really want to play a ton more Songbringer, because it’s just so fab. But I SUPPOSE I should spend some time with my wife and son, who are going away next week without me. Woohoo! I mean, boo hoo, I’ll miss them soooo much as I get to play games in the evening instead of fight a two year old to sleep.
Philippa: This weekend I will be playing Plunkbat. I could also visit the pub. If there’s time I should try to fit in a spot of nerding out over some cakes.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Jonfon says:

    XCom 2. Finding the Chosen a bit incongruous. I’ve always had the aliens pegged as a sort of psychic hive mins with no real individuals. So having one constantly ringing me up to gloat and grandstand is odd.

    Plus I made the mistake of allowing the kids to adopt and customize a soldier each. So now I’ve to explain to the 10 year old that she’s now in hospital after daddy ‘accidentally’ used a sword on a guy who was using explosives as cover. One more ‘pip’ of damage and I would be doing that parent thing where you secretly replace a dead pet with a replacement doppelganger, but with virtual soldiers.

    • Sorbicol says:

      That made me laugh so much. Thankfully my child is still too young for that sort of stuff so nothing for me to worry. War of the Chosen for me too over the weekend. Not got very far into it yet though.

      Finished Divinty: Original Sin last night – fantastic game, looking forward to Original Sin 2 in a couple of weeks. I’ll need to pound out this XCOM2 campaign as quick as I can then.

    • Rob Lang says:

      Made me chortle. I let my 7yo he’ll make decisions in civ. Not always a good idea.

    • Captain Yesterday says:

      Fun fact: in the alien language, “chosen” means “one who is absolutely enraptured by the sound of one’s own voice and never, ever shuts the hell up.”

      Really loving the game, but also loving the fact that my speakers have an external volume-control knob.

    • jssebastian says:

      Only XCOM 2 expansion I’ve bought so far is anarchy’s children, which allows my 6 year old to customize all my squad with face paint, mohawks, spiky hair and pigtails, voodoo hats and heart and emoji decorations on the guns.

      When my unlucky blue-haired brazilian specialist who’d already been left behind in a base defense and rescued in a VIP mission, was shot to death, she cried so I had to replay the mission. Of course, I probably could have gotten away with not telling her that particular toon was pushing up the daisies, but then I would have had no excuse to go back and avoid living with the consequences of my sloppy tactical command.

    • geldonyetich says:

      A fan must be careful not to let their headcanon sour their enjoyment of the IP.

      In terms of what’s actually said in the game lore, the Eternals basically have stolen and repurposed the DNA of all the aliens they’ve encountered, making entire races of pliable mental thralls that they can control via a psychic network.

      That’s not saying the aliens themselves are incapable of individuality, but rather they’re generally not given that privilege, born as little more than disposable thralls who serve the Eternals via conveniently installed genetic psychic back doors. The Eternals themselves are very much individuals. The psychic network can be described as kind of hive mind.

      The Chosen enter the picture as particularly empowered thralls, allowed greater measure of individuality and psionic power. Spoiled stepchildren of the Eternals. So yes, lacking the wisdom and responsibilities of their cantankerous sires, they’re actually able to smacktalk. Quite unable to stop, really.

  2. Fomorian1988 says:

    The latest episode of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which I hope is where things really pick up, as the game thus far is mostly okay.

    After that, I think I’ll start my two month long Pre-Halloween Early Fall Horror/Horror-Related Gaming and Movie Viewing Spooptacular, with The Charnel House Trilogy.

  3. FizicsMcmanus says:

    Still trying to beat Dead Cells, I should get back to Prey but after on and off playing Horizon: Zero Dawn it has really sank it’s metal teeth into me.

  4. Ghostwise says:

    Still binging over Path of Exile, but I’ve reached the “work to leave everything clearly organised and well-annotated for the next time I’m on a big PoE kick” stage.

  5. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    A variety, including the usual Devil Daggers and Dead Cells (just got to the wharf o_o), but now probably as much Lawbreakers as I have time for. The population grows ever lower, but the quick match queue is somehow still providing me with loads of fun games, so I’ll be getting as much as I can of that while the getting’s still good.

    On a related note, it’s been interesting to watch the tone of LB’s chat shift as the game peters out. Upon release, there was much in the way of token “gg”s in unbalanced matches and varying amounts of flaming of teammates. Nowadays, at least in my experience, there’s comparatively little negativity, and that which does appear is usually directed toward the game’s marketing and related support, rather than other players. There’s much praising of individual matches and pleas to spread good words about the game. Anyway, now that I’ve taken a look beyond a couple trailers and LPs, I’m inclined to agree. The Boss Key staff’s tweets have this weird and very off-putting tone of “adults in the ads business trying to appeal to kids, but in the nineties, but with 1337/esports(?) faux-cussing and Sonic the Hedgehog Attitude™”. The game is fun to play, but their support of their game is…off.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      *awkwardly inserts positive/amusing aspects of in-game chat in a race against the comment-edit clock*

  6. Chaoslord AJ says:

    I went back to Dragon’s Dogma. Grinding, loading times and backtracking irritated me last time but it’s nice enough with its blend of Skyrim, Dark Souls and weird pawn AI concept.

  7. Kefren says:

    I’m playing through all my installed games in preparation for my new PC and Oculus Rift next week. :-)

    Mostly Amiga games on my emulator, some Legend of Grimrock (much better than I expected), and a teeny bit of No Man’s Sky (as bad as I expected – the interface is hostile).

  8. Glacious says:

    A very variegated videogame venture for me for once. Polished of Kentucky Route Zero Act III on Friday night. Just cracked a beverage to accompany a relaxing run through Refunct to clear the mind before donning the diving suit to explore more of Bioshock 2.

  9. Puppaz says:

    Trying out a bit of Blood bowl 2 after I got the legendary edition.
    First experience online wasn’t so good, guy raging at me for playing undead instead of a mixed team, then rage quitting after I started to win.
    Since that a lot better, most people are just happy to give tips and enjoy the game. As I’m new they’re trying to let me know when I’m making silly mistakes (which is a lot!).

    Other than that, EVE because EVE. Might try starting something else as well. Coming to the end of a bout of manflu so plenty of free time at home.

  10. BaronKreight says:

    The Amazing Eternals. It entered closed beta stage a few days ago. The games a blast.

  11. Vandelay says:

    I picked up The Evil Within last week and been quite enjoying it. I was quite surprised from the early levels to find them to be quite open to approach, when I was expecting it to be much more of a standard corridor shooter. Although it is a single “corridor”, there are plenty of small buildings you can explore or not, as well as different ways to enter these buildings, and enemies that you can sneak around.

    Unfortunately, this has mostly faded away now that I am in the 6th or 7th chapter. The most open areas are now arenas where all enemies have to be defeated to progress. These are split up with corridors or the occasional little puzzle section. Still enjoying it, but it is a shame that the opening chapters showed something that might have been a little more interesting. I also find the design to be mostly grim and gory, without ever overly being disturbing or scary, which is a shame.

    Also tempted to pick up Lone Echo, but will likely wait until I have finished The Evil Within. Anyone know how well it plays on the Vive, particularly the controllers? I assume it is the same as Echo Arena, which is just okay.

    • malkav11 says:

      I would agree that the Evil Within’s vibe is much more grindhouse than genuinely scary to begin with but as it went on I found that it had some tricks up its sleeve that were actually really creepy. Hopefully you’ll feel the same.

  12. James says:

    Star Wars: Empire at War. It got a patch to re-enable multiplayer and adds official mod support!!!! It’s also on sale on Steam. Whether this will every come to the GoG version as well I don’t know, which is annoying because that’s the version I own. But hey, £7.50 is fine to replay one of my favourite RTS games with multiplayer – totally worth it.

  13. Morcane says:

    Path of Exile, rocking my spectral throw lady and a dagger with a modifier called ‘extra gore’, and that’s not a lie.

    I need help, this game is just so good. 4 years and counting of being played off and on.

    • Joriath says:

      I saw a video of a glacial cascade mine build earlier this week, so I thought I’d give that a try. I’m now level 51 and wondering where the week went.

  14. Avioto says:

    Mario Rabbids, Grim Dawn, Warriors All-Stars, X-Morph Defense.

    And I am putting my last hours into PES 2017 before the new one comes out. Still can’t believe the demo for 2018 is not on PC..

  15. NetharSpinos says:

    This week, I ‘ave been mostly playing on…Prey. I bought it recently as it was on sale, and I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen so far. It is very much a ‘Bioshock IN SPAAAACE’ experience, though with perhaps less emphasis on a simple shooter. I’ve managed to avoid using the magical powers up until now, but it makes the game a lot bloody harder so I might give up and go full Wizard soon.

    Also the nerf crossbow gun is the best.

    • jssebastian says:

      I don’t think prey is bioshock in space, at least in terms of gameplay. Bioshock was essentially a shooter with some cool powers, I have to admit I bored of it pretty quick, while prey is more an immersive sandbox game, has much wider options for interacting with the world and a stronger sense of navigating a real space.

  16. Ben King says:

    No Man’s Sky again for me, just re-established my base post 1.3, and am looking forward to building a new rover shortly. Getting currency for ship upgrades and even possibly a freighter still seems like a crazy grind, but knowing there must be an economy scanner out there has me optimistic about things as does earning decent money through exploration now. Maybe painting some D&D minis with 3/4 of our campaign group, and my GF backed a cute little board game last year called LARKLIGHT which arrived this week, so we’ll give that a go.

  17. Shinard says:

    Dishono(u)red 2. It took me a while to get back into the whole thing, but once it clicked that I could be non-lethal AND not perfectly stealthy, I had a much better time. Giving sword fighters a non-lethal option was a brilliant design decision, even if generally I think the sequel’s not quite as good as the first. And the movement system is a treat, as always – Blink/Far Reach is the best movement power in any video game. Yes, that’s right, even better than grappling hooks. Just finished the Clockwork Mansion and the Royal Conservatory – here’s hoping the rest of the game stand up to them!

    • jssebastian says:

      Mostly non-lethal and mostly stealthy is how I played dishonored 1. Was great fun especially when things went south and I had to make madcap escapes or accidentally kill someone. However, I did feel like I was missing out on the fun of some of the more destructive powers, so I tried a more violent second run but did not get far, replaying games just isn’t my thing.

      Will pick up dishonored 2 at some point too.

  18. kelmorg says:

    The excellent Xcom2:War of the Chosen. My only complaint so far is how lightly the new systems are explained(unless i’ve missed something) so playing through with a trial and error approach.

  19. Moth Bones says:

    To demonstrate that backlogs aren’t entirely pointless I’ve been enjoying Endless Space, which falls just on the right side of the point where my laptop pleads for mercy. I find it a pleasing Civ-lite in space, embellished with entertaining technobabble and cute touches like finding a desert planet with gigantic sandworms, and the movies of space combat are also fun.

  20. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Mario x Rabbids. I’ve only played about an hour or two but I have liked what I’ve seen so far. Just started unlocking the special abilities so it should start to really shine. I’m loving how many animations there are for each character. Really gives a lot of life to the characters. The music is great as well, they did an amazing job replicating the Nintendo sound. I also… I also kind of like the Rabbids… God help me.

    I’m also trying to finish off Breath of the Wild. I’ve explored most of the map so i just need one more Divine Beast and then it’s time to give Ganon the ol’ master sword middle finger.

    • malkav11 says:

      I really enjoy the Rabbids, personally. The idea of getting to use them in a game that’s a proper game and not just a collection of mostly terrible minigames is a real selling point for the Switch in my book. Though even so, two games I’m excited to try (the other being Breath of the Wild, of course) is not sufficient reason to buy a $400 console, much less whatever nonsensical price scalpers may be trying for.

      • Vandelay says:

        I was a little surprised to see that there is still quite limited number of games on the Switch. The excitement around it and that it was selling well indicated that there was more.

        My brother got one for his birthday, along with Mario Kart and Splatoon. Wanted to get him another game as a present, but my only real choice was basically just Zelda or Arms (went for Arms, as I know he has no interest in Zelda or open world games.)

        Wii U got a lot of shit for its launch line up, but it seems to have been much better than the Switch. There really isn’t much, particularly if you already have a Wii U with Zelda and Mario Kart.

        • malkav11 says:

          Honestly, I’ve never seen a console with a launch lineup I’d consider compelling. Occasionally one debuts with one really strong game (Breath of the Wild here, Halo for the Xbox – not that I personally like Halo, but people consider it a great launch title.). But that’s about it. Usually it’s very fillery stuff, seems like. In my experience it’s usually taken at least a couple years for any given console to have enough of a library to be worth the asking price (and by then that asking price may be lower, too). Longer now that so many of them share most of their library with PC.

        • jctraceyct says:

          If you have small children in the house, Scissorclips will have everyone laughing hysterically. Half the time you don’t even worry about the missions you’re so caught up with snipping the other person and giggling. Overcooked is great on the Switch too (not exclusive of course). The Rabbids game is fantastic. Disgaea 5 (sp?) I will simply say — is not for grownups ….. dood.

      • welverin says:

        While I obviously can’t speak for where you live, I do see a steady trickle of switches round about here. So, when you get serious about getting one, just keep checking stores and you can avoid the scalper mark up.

        As for Zelda, the Wii U version is perfectly good (it’s the version I have), so if you have that there’s no real reason to wait.

        • malkav11 says:

          I never hit the “this is worth buying” threshold on the WiiU. Frankly, I don’t expect I’ll ever play another console game – I haven’t touched the consoles I do own in years. I’m only considering the Switch because it’s also a handheld, and while I still prefer playing on my PC I do sometimes get some time in on my handhelds. Mostly my 3DS.

          • DelrueOfDetroit says:

            As a handheld, I am absolutely of the opinion that the Switch is the greatest handheld device ever made. I haven’t even taken the TV dock out of the box.

  21. drewski says:

    Spent today humming around in Euro Truck Sim 2 working through a podcast backlog. Now that’s finished back to Jade Empire, and maybe a campaign of Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol.

    Plus another hundred Desert Golfing holes I suppose.

  22. malkav11 says:

    1) Hex – draft, running the new Frost Ring Arena finally, maybe another campaign character or two.
    2) The Secret World Legends – finished up the Savage Coast last weekend, this one I’ll start Blue Mountain and hopefully try out the Darkness War dungeon.
    3) I should really play some FFXIV. I have friends I’m lagging way behind!
    4) I started The Fall (the game) last weekend and I should play more of that. Pretty cool so far.
    5) I just got done loading my New 3DS XL (recently obtained) full of games so I should probably play one or more of those, also. May just end up getting back to Apollo Justice as one step on the path to those two new Ace Attorney games on 3DS.

    I’d also like to veg with some TV and/or Let’s Plays. We’ll see how things go.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      The Fall is excellent. The whole idea of trying to find ways of overriding your AI’s limitations is one of the coolest puzzle conceits ever. Really looking forward to the sequel.

    • Vilos Cohaagen says:

      I loved The Fall and completed it which is not something I usually manage with adventure games. I just loved all the elements of the game and environment. Can’t wait for Part 2 should it ever appear.

      • malkav11 says:

        They are now advertising part 2 in the first game, so hopefully that means it’s coming soonish.

  23. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Mass Effect Andromeda. After last week’s endless die-repeat loop of the same 30 minute no-saves mission, I kinda like it again.

    Now, the almost total lack of save-points in story combat missions (and no manual saving!!) is a serious problem that EA needs to go back and fix if they value their reputation at all. I don’t care what they said about “no more singleplayer patches”. Also sometimes saving is straight up broken, changing the game state (adding or removing enemies on load). This is unacceptable.

    HOWEVER, when its not doing that, it’s a really good Mass Effect game. Exploring strange planets, driving through varied terrain and jumping off ramps with the Nomad, hopping around with your jet-pack, solving problems and making decisions, paving the way for settlements as you develop your skills… it’s a lot of fun. There are some great characters (Drack, Vetra & Jaal are current faves), good banter both on the ship (the Tempest!) and on the road and combat is a lot like ME3 with some new wrinkles (mobility and profiles).

    Remains to be seen where the story goes, and some missions are more interesting than others (the “Task” quests are mostly filler checklists, while others are more substantial) but overall it’s a good game held back by technical and polish issues that apparently EA is not interested in fixing. They really should be.

    • welverin says:

      The technical problems I suffered were random crashes that could be so bad that I’d have to manually power down my PC and when I say random, I mean random. They could happen after playing for a while or as soon as it loaded a save after launching the game. All of this regardless of the settings, and mind you the game ran just fine otherwise.

      Eventually I gave up and stopped playing, despite enjoying the game. I’ve gotten back to playing MP however, which is far more stable.

      • Premium User Badge

        Ninja Dodo says:

        Yikes. Was that after the last patch? I’ve not had any crashes or anything like that, just the save problems and occasional visual glitches. So maybe they fixed the worst of it. Still, it’s not enough.

        The fact that they just up and announced they are no longer going to patch it is just *baffling*. Launch issues: ok. It happens. Not continuing to patch a broken game: not ok.

        I can even understand cancelling story DLC if sales are really disappointing, but you CAN’T just leave the base game unfinished. This is not a Troika-type situation where the developer went under and there was just nothing more they could do. EA *chose* to disband Bioware Montreal and put them on other projects. It’s not like they can’t afford to keep a few more devs on fixing singleplayer, especially since they still have people working on multi!

        Unless they’re secretly working on a super-patch that fixes all major outstanding issues (but why would you lie about not doing that if you were) this is just the *dumbest* possible thing they could do PR-wise if they intend to continue the series (which they’ve said they do). NO ONE is going to trust them to adequately support their games in the future. Why would you do that to your own reputation?

        Meanwhile I’ll bet you no one is more frustrated about this than the actual developers who worked their asses off trying to make the best possible game with the time they had only to get shuffled onto other projects. Such a waste.

        • Premium User Badge

          Ninja Dodo says:

          Well, that was a rant-and-a-half. Anyway, it’s a good game with some fixable issues that may get in the way of enjoying it.

  24. Kitsunin says:

    I kinda became a traitor to the cause and got a PS4 last week. I’ve been playing Persona 5 and can still hardly believe I’m actually, y’know, playing freakin’ Persona 5! Persona 4 was my all-time favorite RPG so it’s a really big deal…

    And as I should be saying, on PC I’m playing Dead By Daylight and various Touhou games. I’d like to polish off Unidentified Fantastic Object on Hard so I can actually claim to have finished the entire series on Hard, but for some reason I can never quite beat that one. And give me a break, 1ccing Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom on Normal counts as Hard.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      Perfectly understandable! Playstation has a lot of great exclusives so it makes a good companion system to the PC. I personally also highly recommend getting The Last Guardian. It’s like if Ghibli made a game about a boy befriending a giant griffin cat.

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        OR it’s like an giant escort mission where you are the one being escorted. You will cheer when that big fluffball fucks up those statue’s day.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      “I’ve been playing Persona 5 and can still hardly believe I’m actually, y’know, playing freakin’ Persona 5!”

      You never saw it coming, eh?

      • Kitsunin says:

        At first I needed to Focus…but now I see it! I can feel it! Somewhere…

  25. Singular says:

    XCOM War of the Chosen.

    I’ve got a dilemma though. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet (ok, definitely wanting to brag) but I completed EU/EW on Impossible Ironman, all second wave options. Which burned me out badly. So I’m playing this on Commander Ironman, but I’ve got an annoying feeling that if I complete it, I won’t bother doing Legend, and will be letting my l33t skillz go to waste :)

    Should I just play it at the top level and spend the billion hours?

    • geldonyetich says:

      I’m looking at that problem from the flip side: if I complete the game on normal (veteran) difficulty, save-scumming all the way, I’ll let all the air of the ending of the game by completing it too easily.

      I couldn’t find the Ironman option the first time I started XCOM2:WotC. Turns out that having the tutorial enabled hides it. So I’ve started over again in Ironman mode on Veteran and plan to try to beat it at increasingly higher difficulties. That’s probably the best route to assure some longevity.

      As for your question, one thing about WotC that wasn’t the case in the original Firaxis reboot is that there’s a much bigger variety of systems. You probably won’t be able to do everything the first time! So you could get some retread out of the game by trying different approaches with your replays.

      Also, I think the introduction Chosen have legitimately made it much harder to complete on higher difficulties. From what I gather, the general tactic involved in winning Commander can be summarized as: do not allow multiple pods to be activated at all costs. Well, the Chosen warps in and it’s Pod #2, unavoidably. On top of that, if the Lost are around, you’ll have a Pod #3 as well. In short, nearly everything you once knew about winning at Commander difficulty may well be obsolete, so prepare to learn all over again.

  26. kyynis says:

    Binding of Isaac. I’m 2/3 done with a second full playthrough. Send help.

    Also The Flame in the Flood, which I’m finding utterly charming. Tiniest things make me appreciate the craft that’s went to it. Tone of the diegetic writing, mostly in conversations with the scarce NPC’s. How Scout’s backstory is casually revealed bit by bit, but mostly remains implied. Wordless interaction with the dog companion. As a dog owner myself, especially this animation of leaving the raft feels true and familiar.

    There’s a lot of nits to pick. On the harder difficulty RNG can seriously screw you over – if certain resources don’t spawn for extended period of time you are basically dead woman walking. Music is brilliant (I personally think that using vocal tracks is very inspired choice), but gets repetitive after a while. Controls simply refuse to work at times, at least on my gamepad. Left trigger seems to be the main cause of the moving problems.

    The game’s currently on the lowest tier of the newest Humble Bundle. For 1$ I’d recommend it, even if you just play it for a bit and don’t find it that appealing. It’s a singular experience that’s not for everyone. Fans of UnReal World might find it especially endearing.

  27. fish99 says:

    Playing the new Ragnarok map in ARK. Getting eaten a lot.

    Planning to play some Destiny later.

    • fish99 says:

      Man, Destiny is some fun shit. Just finished the base game campaign and started Taken King, and wow, that TK cinematic was epic! Still got half of House of Wolves, and the whole of Rise of Iron to do, plus I’ve barely touched the strikes. I’m even starting to like the characters and story.

      It’s just a great combo of satisfying gameplay and stunning sci-fi environments. If only our solar system was actually that interesting.

  28. Someoldguy says:

    Still playing EU IV that hooked me again a couple of weeks ago. Tempted to try and tick off a couple of Steam achievements for the hell of it.

  29. welverin says:

    I’m almost done with Zelda, so any extended play session should result in me finishing that, I think.

    Mix in some Mass Effect Andromeda MP and some weekly missions in Street Fighter 5.

  30. teije says:

    Long Dark survival mode obsession continues, with a bit of West of Loathing on the side. Nearly dogged it in TLD last night, got overconfident as everything was going so well – then ended up completely lost and hypothermic in a raging blizzard, in an area I should know very well. Only an emergency stim and a lot of luck saved me. Moments like that make it such a great game.

  31. jssebastian says:

    Wondering if I should head towards the end of my first XCOM 2 campaign before getting war of the chosen for my next one, or instead do that last or almost-last quest in witcher 3 blood and wine to finally wrap up that thread and say goodbye to Geralt and Touissant.

  32. melnificent says:

    This weekend is Beyond Earth, because Civ 6 still doesn’t have crossplay between Mac and Windows.

  33. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    Skyrim SE, again. Just wrapped up the vampire side of the Dawnguard questline, which cemented the fact that Auriel’s Bow is probably my favorite video game weapon ever. Shoot it directly into the sun to call down bolts of fiery light on your enemies, or do the same thing with bloodcursed arrows to blot out the light and run rampant in vampire form under under a sky that looks like this: link to i.imgur.com More games ought to have weapons that you can shoot into the sun, imo.

    Also dabbling in a bit of Battlefield 1, now that it’s on Origin Access. I am very, very bad at this game, but the pure spectacle of it is pretty incredible. Routinely catch myself leaning so far forward that my nose is nearly pressed to the screen during intense moments. Of course there’s also a lot of getting killed over and over again by enemies I can’t see (I swear my eyes are just defective when it comes to parsing these kinds of shooters), but I guess that comes with the territory.

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      Oh, cool! I only did the Dawnguard side of the quest, so I don’t think I ever got to see that sky. Auriel’s Bow is pretty great, yeah. Still my main bow (with the Sunhallowed arrows I need to replenish…) as I work through Dragonborn.

    • fish99 says:

      *minor spoilers*

      Dawnguard is actually my favourite quest-line in Skyrim, I even preferred it to Dragonborn. I’ve finished it both ways, and I wish you could do that with more quests in Skyrim. Serana is probably the best NPC in the game too. I also loved that after finishing Dawnguard you could go back into the Soul Cairn and rescue Serana’s mum, that was a great little detail they put in.

  34. Minglefingler says:

    Xcom 2, War of the Chosen is absolutely brilliant and it feels like a new game. I’m also dabbling in a bit of Stories Untold on the side and whilst I’m really enjoying it I’ve not been overly enamoured with how the two episodes I’ve played have ended.

  35. poliovaccine says:

    Been finishing a replay of Bioshock and stretching it out, I was underwhelmed in the past by this game but it’s totally grown on me this time. And I’ve got Bioshock 2 all ready and installed, since I missed that one before.

  36. tehfish says:

    A rather odd one, i watched a friend stream this odd little murder simulator (it really is! hehe) called Party Hard. Went out and brought it straight after.

    Turns out RPS had a review of it and i totally missed it somehow. Anyhow, enjoying it a lot. Epic soundtrack and an enjoyable game :D

    Bit odd to be playing a basic 2D pixel-art game with my newly upgraded GPU though.

  37. Viral Frog says:

    I was going to be playing Day Drinking and Prey. But I just found out that Raid has a closed beta available to all Payday 2 owners. I may start that and faff around. Although I’m hearing that it’s not very good. So maybe just sticking with Prey.

    Whatever I decide to play, day drinking is A Thing that I will absolutely be doing.

  38. AlphaW0lph says:

    XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and the Norsca faction in TW Warhammer

  39. AutonomyLost says:

    JFC, RPS, please get a new log-in system.

    Also, I’ll be playing Songbringer, Dark Souls III, and some Nier:Automata during my glorious and much-deserved three-day weekend.

    I am really smitten with Songbringer and have to send thanks out to John again for the review. I would never have given it a second look if it were not for the article on RPS! It’s really lovely.

  40. Gomer_Pyle says:

    Having recently picked it up in the Humble Jumbo Bundle, I’ll be giving WH: Vermintide a go, as well as my usual War thunder. I may also try a bit of PvP in Absolver, if the servers aren’t acting up.

  41. Jaykera says:

    I finally started Arkham knight. I stayed away from it because I was tired of the combat system but now that some time has passed, I’m having a blast. I’m particularly impressed by the direction. I really want to see where the story is going.

  42. tigershuffle says:

    Verdun and possibly American Truck Simulator.
    mmm Humble Bundle have done it again :)

  43. Captain Narol says:

    My usual digital CGGs for the daily quests, by order of preference :

    1. Eternal Card Game (good mechanisms close to Magic, and super generous in rewards)

    2. Magic Duels (which developpement has been shamelessly abandonned by WOTC/Hasbro, but I want to finish my collection)

    3. Hearthstone (fun to play but too light tactically and not very generous)

    Also, I found a new nice puzzle indie game called EXIT :

    link to store.steampowered.com

    They just released EXIT 2 and there is a nice discount on the bundle of both.

  44. Kerenn says:

    Wait, Alec has been fired ? When ? Why ? What happened ?

    • spamdangled says:

      I was wondering this too. Seems a little unprofessional to just throw it out like that.

    • Khalan says:

      It’s a joke. Someone is often fired in these articles.

  45. BrotherSurplice says:

    Ideally, a fair few things. Some friends and I talked about playing Wargame: AirLand Battle, but I haven’t heard anything more about it, so that’s a maybe. More of the delightful Tacoma, definitely. Bought that recently and indulged my inner voyeur as I read everyone’s emails and rummaged through their sock drawers. I’ll probably get some more Cold Waters in and send some innocent, idealistic young Soviets to perish cold and alone in the cruel seas, whilst I try to avoid that fate myself. Might indulge my inner rivet counter and sadomasochist by grinding out some more digital shooty boats in World of Warships. What I’d really like to do though, is put my new Steelseries Sensei 310 through its paces by playing some Wolfenstein: The New Order and FEAR. Bought Wolfenstein recently, bought FEAR a long while ago, have yet to actually play either. A busy schedule!

    • BrotherSurplice says:

      Oh Jesus Christ, did I just comment what I’ll be playing at the weekend on a month old article?